Way of life


Life has a way of doing things and each person must be able to perceive it. There are not rules to be applied to our path, but realize where leads us and let us be guided by it.


Close your eyes. Imagine the edge of the universe is at your feet. Inhale, relax and slowly incline forwards. Our centre of gravity is shifting, the laws of physics makes us lose our balance and we are throw to the emptiness. We have invaded the territory where there is nothing. It is indescribable, nor has its limits, but it is. In fact, we can not name it, because it is undetermined purity, but we find it more convenient to put a name to leave a blank space on paper. Neither we like to think about the idea of an empty concept in itself, which is not concept in the end.

Lost in eternity and emptiness, we have lost our lives and all circumstances that shape it. We are no longer people, because there is no other being with whom compare; we have no feelings, because there is nothing to project, we have no identity, because there is nobody who distinguish. Here there is no day or night, there is no way, no conscience, no body or mind, neither knowledge nor ignorance, only a continuous flow of nothing. We began to flow, we dissolve slowly and melt in it.

After all, if there is nothing, we are nobody. but we are not alone, we are the great loneliness. We are no longer in a emptiness ,we are the emptiness; went with it and nothing contingent makes sense for us. . Rather, it is indifferent. We do not judge, not cherish. In reality, there is nothing to judge and nothing to assess. There is nothing to suffer, only emptiness and we are just emptiness. It is non-ego experience, our personality has fallen.

It's curious but the emptiness have been stripped us from the covers in our lives, and the costumes that we had like the real essences. Each and every one of the things that we identified, linked and clung to the world, as falling petals of a rose, perishable in the end. Everything has gone but the occupied emptiness. This emptiness is still there, to be part of a greater emptiness, and waiting for a new guest to shape and makes to dream.

All things carry the germ of emptiness, then become a reality in the world and and part of the things conditioned by the experience. Taking account of all this is being illuminated by the truth. Getting to experience it is awakening of the great illusion of the purely phenomenal, which only fills the empty. We are our own dream, and when we awakened we disappear and the awakening itself loses its meaning.

Now that we know the big secret, we look at the world and see how people live a great common dream. By clinging to the world, suffering, they are unhappy and with unbalanced spirit. Losing the oneness with the essence. And not willingly. Unconsciously deepin innate ignorance, entangle i their own ideas about things, ideas that are more and more distant from the path of truth.

We know they have to return to their elemental simplicity, the primary reality ... but of course, how are we going to tell them?. You can not talk to someone of things, which is not ready to understand. Each person must go in their own way and in due course. Ours are not the solution, it's ours. It is better to remain silent and wait for things run their course and wait for the big truth opens for each person. We can only give advice and teach.

Life has way of doing things and each of us must be able to perceive. It is no question of our rules apply to the path, but realize where leads us and let us be guided by the road. Imagine that the road is a valley, this will be our middle path. For it life goes. While we continue for the deep area of the valley, remain in harmony with the universe and we are in balance. Here there is no place for contrary, everything remains in the elementary unity. However, if we deviate towards a hillside, leaving the bottom of the valley and began to climb toward the mountains. We deviate from the path and create an imbalance, immediately there is a counter-state and we are back to the initial situation.

Because of our departure, there will a deviation of equal magnitude, but on the other side of the valley. But the resulting balance will not be the primary balance but a remedy. the road, by itself, can not manifest contraries because they remain opposed to it in identity. Only walkers can create diverted being away of the middle path. Therefore only exist for oneself have no true nature. The Buddha when it reaches the other side and turns back, He realizes that everything has disappeared, rather, that really nothing existed there before, neither this nor the other shore, neither the river nor the boat, nor the good nor the evil, or suffering or happiness, or Samsara nor Nirvana. It is only Emptiness (by giving a name) . He alone can be capable of recognizing and integrating the truth by himself but the transfer is made from heart to heart.

The truth is flowing and if we let it penetrate us, we will have the truth built into us, or rather, we will welcome it. . It should be a transmission from heart to heart because the knoledge that we are going to achieve is not intellectually can not be explained with words, is intuitive, unconscious, has to be felt. It is "a transmission that is beyond doctrine" and "not even transmit by a teacher who would know the truth." . Any education is limited to indicating and guide to what is already in oneself without self knowledge.

We must follow the path to collect our small drop in the ocean and let to show us how it flow and then we are one, the universe, the great emptiness. Discover our essence is "looking at our own being."

And this will be the Great Awakening, which is stepping on the other side and look back. The human with sick spirits lives in a state of mind of involuntary ignorance; do not realize they moves in a world of mere conventions which determine their feelings. Theirs lives is an illusion that their ideas about things are the last reality.

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