The amphora of life

We develop spiritually by our own efforts, no one can do it for us. 


 The world is like as a large Amphora. Each community and each school, workshop, office, factory every home,town, city, nation and is in constant motion and eternal transformation. This agitated movement is similar as when a pot containing objects of the same species but of different sizes is moving, let's see how the Law of Gravitation move and place each object as it relates to their size, 

The same law that precipitated to the bottom the small objects and encumber up to the big.  Consciously or unconsciously affects each of us that is the goal of the great Amphora of Life. This Law of Moral Gravitation raises and maintains some beings above others and precipitates others and keep them low, It brings to each one to their own place equaling the respective moral size. 

The inert objects when they are in its site they do not move, there are left. Instead we can move ito a different place; no matter how low we born into the world: if we descend, the law of Gravitation will take you down, if we grow, we climb up. Is natural that the mankind has the tendency to ascend. but not all are willing to pay the price, not everyone wants to undergo as a prerequisite to grow spiritally, developing values, moral, intellectual and physical faculties; and becoming qualified to deserve the ascend. 

Some, thanks to the blind force of a disorder or for a favour encumbering themselves to achieve the greatest heigh,t but is not the real position for them. Having risen does not prevent the fall, sooner or later, down again, often in a sad form . 

Nobody can deceive the Amphora of the Life, their laws are blind and implacable for being  morals laws and therefore we cannot alter them like the written ones in the human statutes. Wherever we shall turn our sight we will see the amphora of Life, in agitation and classifying the mankind according to their moral size . We will see people going up and down. 

 Who are these that go step by step? Moving forward slowly but surely? The people that descend are distinguish between the believers of any power but themselves, the cowardly, vain, corrupt, those who want everything for nothing or assault; and the fatalistic, idolaters and fakers  But whatever the positions, if we want to stay there, we must maintain our moral size. If we become insufficient to occupy it, we will go down inexorably. 

There is some living being who can subsist and develop without nurtured? They do not stop growing, but only to conserve life, we have to compensate the losses by attrition. The attrition is natural in humanbeingsn as in things. The routine kkeps us for go ahead in life, we must do some different things every day, because if we are accommodated to our current state we go down.  If we continue fed with the same thoughts, doing things in the same way, the juice of our life evaporates. The routine in life needs a nutrient every day. 

The secret of perpetual backwardness of many individuals is their compliance with their state. All we have to improve because we can do it. The teacher, the worker, civil servant, the executive, the soldier, the priest, we all need to learn new things and seek new opportunities for advancement,  otherwise we fossilized. Overtaking in life means more than just more income or better position, more than just acquiring land and wealth. To acquire wealth is only a sign of our progress.

The real progress is not translatable into figures. With knowledge, skill, experience we can acquire material wealth, but with banknotes we can not buy the moral perfection. An unexpected event can suddenly bring to us a fortune, but we can never acquire suddenly a big moral, we have to work for our moral advancement, is a patient work for everyday. we can be better persons even without leaving the work which sustain us, even a modest one. That greatness is not measured in inches, money, votes or applause or any kind of measure. 

We can go from ignorance to knowledge; from twisted inclinations to good habits; from disorder to discipline; nonsense to discretion; diffidence and cowardice to courageous;  negligence to hard worker; insufficiency to the capacity; inconsistency to consistency; frivolity to the sanity;intolerance to the understanding;  egoism to the generosity;  moral servitude to the dominion of the passions; vice to the virtue; smallness to the greatness. We go above by our own effort, nobody can do it by us. 

Every era of our life is preparation. All learning is a set of principles rather than conclusions, and so we reached each summit is the beginning of the next ascent. In the upward path, the limit is infinity. There is no other goal. There is no fullness of perfection, grandeur or wisdom in one moment of any human life. Isaac Newton after giving to the world the new science of universal gravitation exclaimed: "It seems to me like I am a child who plays with a few pebbles on the seashore, while the great ocean of truth lies unexplored all before me." An expression pf the wisdom and internal evolution. 

 Do all we can go up? Some people have begun the life in the height, in comfort, privilege, in the shelter of the wealth, with a name or a position. Others however have begun very down, from the bottom, whith piles of misery and nothingness. Huge rocks are underpinning a mountain,  but there is a power of movement and change. Whatever the place where we are at we have a prerogative: grow, develop, move, that is raised. And with the incessant movement of the amphora, the world sees us climb. The large-scale is leading us to unlimited heights of perfection and progress, partly directly from the place where now are resting our feet. With the each step we can climb to the next. But we must give the first step now! 

Everyone wants to climb rapidly: the majority would like to raise in one swoop, ten or fifty steps at once. Recklessness caused the definitive failures. Many who have audacity to reckless leaps, usually are unable to climb patiently one by one, little steps. There are not resolved to climb this way they have a great leap and they fall badly. The higher the altitude, the more serious the fall. By the way it does not mean that a man does not have experienced failures in their attempts to climb. Some falls are beneficial, moreover, are necessary. We returned to our first step, climb the first step, make the first effort to resolve the difficulty, which may well be our own non-acceptance to undergo a discipline. 

We have to go to target by inch to an inch, step by step, and as we move ahead, we will discover the next step, with firmly feet and balance. As we face up and resolve the difficulties that arises, our burden will be lighter, more bearable and we have to continue living courageous, having in our favor a progress towards the ideal that illuminates our lives. As we become more engaged in our own skills and more capable, the obstacles are bailing, goes down, because we see them from above, with more comprehensive and accurate vision. And every day becomes more worthy of living, because our horizons widen as we climb

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