Evolution of our being


This path of evolution will allow us to understand the basic
principles of the universe in a concrete wayVICTOR MANUEL GUZMAN VILLENA

Evolution means the progressive development of organizational complexity. This definition is an expression of the idea that the organism more capable of controlling the environment and all the living organisms is the most developed. "The survival of the strongest" means that the more evolved organism in an environment is the one that is located at the top of the food chain Therefore, and according to this definition, the body better able to ensure its own survival is the most evolved.

Our deep understanding tells us that a truly evolved being is one that appreciates himself, and values, love more than everything in the physical world. Our common understanding of the evolution reflects the stage that we are now. If we make a review of this understanding, we can perceive the extent to which we have evolved, and what we are about to leave behind. Reflecting an understanding of new developments and expansion, when we accept our deepest truths, we can see where we are going to evolve, and what that means for our experience, our values and how we act.

This path of evolution will allow us to understand the basic principles of the universe in a concrete manner. Thanks to our senses, we know that every action generate a cause, and that every cause has an effect. We know the results of our intentions. We know that fury kills. We know that goodness nourishes us. Besides experience our skills to improve knowledge. For example we know that a simple stick can serve as a tool when we choose to use it. The same hands that manufacture bombs can build schools.

We note also that when life activities are infused with respect, are filled with meaning and get good results. We also noticed when is no respect to the vital activities, the result is only one, cruelty, violence and loneliness. The physical arena is a magnificent learning environment. This is a school thanks to which, through experience, we come to understand what causes us to go to expansion or against, what makes us grow or, conversely, we choose what nourishes our souls and what exhaust it and works or does not.

When the means of life is through only the five senses, physical survival, it shows as the sole criteria of evolution, since it can not detect any other. Thus, the survival of the fittest appears to us as a synonym for evolution and the physical domain is apparently the main feature of evolutionary progress.

The need for physical domination produces a kind of competition that affects every aspect of our lives. Influences in relationships between lovers, and between superpowers, relatives, races, between social classes and sexes. Brakes the natural tendency towards harmony. The power to control and those in it, is a power on which we all know for experience, tested, seen or heard. This is an external power that can be won and lost, bought or sold, transferred or inherited. We think of it as something that can snatch or found somewhere. We see increasing power of one person, while the other loses.

The violence and destruction are the results of contemplating the power of this form. All our institutions, whether political, economic and social reflect this way of understanding power. Families as a cultures are patriarchal or matriarchal, something that children learn very quickly and mark their lives.

The police and military are the result of the perception of power as something external. The medals, boots, uniforms, ranks, communication equipment and weapons are symbols of fear.  The other fear is to the power they represent. Police and military in the same way that patriarchal or matriarchal families, have the perception of power as something external. As species and as individuals, we are the reflections of how we come to contemplate power.

The perception of power as something external has also marked economic systems, whose control is concentrated in only a few hands. We have created associations and unions to protect workers from these people. In order to safeguard the interests of the poor have organised defence systems. All this is a perfect reflection of how we have come to perceive power: as a possession belonging to a minority, while most fulfils the role of victims.

Money is a symbol of power. Those who possess more wealth have greater ability to control their environment and those who are in it, while those without it have less control of the environment and those who are in it. The money is acquired but also is lost, stolen, is inherited and fight for him. Education, social possession, fame and property owners that we are symbols of power externally. But in reality is an increase in our vulnerability. And this is a consequence of contemplating power as external element. From this perception, those who are on the pinnacle seem the most powerful and, hence, the most valuable and less vulnerable.

At the center of attaining power lies violence. power benefit from ideological, religious or personal conflicts. This perception of power makes big damage into psyche, whether the individual, community, nation or region. There is no difference between an acute schizophrenia and a world in war, between the agony of a shattered soul and a devastated nation. A couple face the same dynamics when one is afraid of the other one when humans are afraid of one race to another. Proceeding from this kind of dynamic, we had been forming our current understanding of evolution as a process of ever-increasing ability to dominate the middle and all that is in it.

But our deeper understanding leads us to seek another kind of power. A power that loves life in all its forms, but that does not judge, perceives these world its meaning and intentions until intimate details . In tune our thoughts and actions with the highest part of ourselves, fills us with enthusiasm, objectives and meaning. Life is rich and full, we forget to have spiteful thoughts and memories of fear. We are happy and committed to our world. This is the experience of real power. This real power is rooted in the deepest source of our being. The real power can not be bought or accumulate. A truly powerful person is incapable of converting another human being in a victim, is so strong such power that does not accept the idea of using force against other beings.

An understanding of the evolution is not appropriate when you do not have as the nucleus of the fact that we are undertaking a journey to the real power, and this is the end of our evolutionary process and purpose of our being. We evolved from a species that pursues exterior powers limited to five sense modality to another that seeks genuine power, and in this way we left behind the exploration of the physical world as the only means of evolution and welcome the knowledge that is the fruit of consciousness . These methods of exterior powers are no longer adequate to the world that we are obliged to be part of.

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