It says that while there beside me anyone who suffers; I have no right to think of my own happiness. These words sound good, but are fallacious. They look real, but deep down, are wrong. The first observation of the human mystery, jump to our eyes like a series of evidence as these: the beloved feel love, only beloved can love. The beloved can not stop loving.

Instead, people that are suffering make others suffer. The failures need bother and throw their darts at those who succeed. The spiteful people flood their vital environment with bitter resentment. Only feel happy when they can see that everything goes wrong, then we all losers. The failure of others is their relief for own failures, and are compensated for their frustrations with the defeats of others, and  they scattering to the four winds negative news often distorted and magnified. A frustrated person is truly frightening.

The people who are controversial in the family or at work, being perpetually a thorn and fire for the others, are so because they are in eternal conflict with themselves. They do not accept anybody because are not accepted by their own self. They sow divisions and hate around them because they hated themselves. We will make the others happy to the extent that we are happy. The only way to truly love your neighbor is reconciling with yourself, accepting and loving serenely what you are.

The prescript “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” Constitutes a high ideal, and is necessary to start for loving ourselves.  On this matter some may argue that is being selfish. To affirm this, without major nuances, remains as superficiality. Indeed find ourselves without another purpose than to be happy, would be equivalent to be enclosed in a narrow circle of a maternal womb. If someone looks wildly for his own happiness, making it the last purpose of their existence, is fatally destined to death, like Narcissus; and death means solitude, sterility, emptiness, sadness. In its last instances, the egoism advances always accompanied and illuminated for tragic resplendence; selfishness is equal to death, that is to say, the egoism always finishes in desolation.

To be happy means, specifically to suffer less. As the suffering sources dry off, the heart begins to fill with pleasure and freedom. And to feel alive constitutes already, without much ado, a small inebriation; but the suffering ends up by blocking this inebriation.  After all, there is no other choice but this: suffer or live. The suffering makes the human suffer an agony. Eliminating suffering,the human being the human being, automatically recommences to live, to enjoy that happiness that we call life. As we manage to pull up the roots of the sorrow and pains, it raises the thermometer of the inebriation and of the vital pleasure. To live, without much ado, is already to be happy.

And if we achieve that people can live, the expansive force of this vital pleasure will release joy to the fellow men/woman with spring resplendence and concrete commitments, and this way we are managing the new man, reconciling with the suffering, unite with the pain, pilgrim towards freedom and love.