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Dying need not necessarily be an unfortunate event. It is, however, most of the times. This is because of a very poor and distorted view of its essence and meaning. We are strongly determined to see death as an enemy. But why should it be? This simple reflection may be sufficient and allow us to act wisely in such delicate circumstances

Precise is to have a more accurate perspective on these events. Learning how to properly take the dying process to enable a dignified death. Help the person into death as in life, gently, with the harmony and beauty of nature in its processes.

Certainly, death is more than the mere extinction of the vital signs in the physical body. That is the usual look with which we are identified. I want to show how a person lives that process. As is receiving death itself. In other words, how the existence dies and leaves the body and with it the phenomenal world. Because that's how a human dies. This is the real death.

Death will mean for the person having to rearrange the relationship with the world, trying to say goodbye to family and friends, reflect (each will make their own way) on the possible meaning of the passage through this life.  Moreover, ignorance of what may happen after death often causes intense fears. Sometimes fear to be alone. Dying is like being all alone, without any protection, like when we were kids.  Leaving, or rather let go of people and things you love  can be very painful and even distressing.

There are times when the person is prepared for this departure, but there is interference from a family member who does not want to accept that death. Although it can be amazing, sometimes, some people postpone their departure as giving  time to prepare that goodbye. That's a very touching situation. That's why family support is needed.

There has also been the same postponement for the arrival of a friend or relative. Sometimes the person feels that has not yet completed all activities in life, having too many outstanding things to do. This is common in young people.

In the first stadium, begins the crease of conscience that in medicine is called a state of coma. Here most of the time one prefers to remain silent and with the closed eyes. I believe in this moment an opening of the conscience begins to a dimension different from the reality. Of this first stadium the person returns several times spontaneously. If we are calm and without fear it is possible to get some comment of this experience with which we nourish our learning and our astonishment. With the running hours or days, according to the case, this situation is deepened until there comes a moment in which we feel clearly that we lost contact. There took place the clinical death, the entire and definitive abstraction.

The meaning of the death in the Tibetan educations is only another moment to practise the attention and it constitutes the most liberating of the meditations. The death is the moment of truth, when we face the reality. In the Tibet, dying is seen like a process of purification, is a returns to the clear light, to our natural and intrinsic state of luminosity, At the moment of the death, this clear light of the reality arises for all. In its radiant nature known sometimes like Rigpa, the illuminated awakening. Nevertheless to benefit of this moment of the truth, to obtain the liberation owes to be prepared. Otherwise, this moment will happen without to realize.

In other cultures they describe the death as a big orgasm where the borders of self are diluted and "inside" or "out" there are dimensions that stop existing. At that instant profound physiological and electrical changes occur accompanied by a burst of energy. The waves emitted by the brain are changed radically by placing the person in a true altered state of consciousness, the body releases a lot of endorphins that go directly to neurons and with this last breath is exhaled.



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Considered to be the wisest of the time King Solomon, son of King David made ​​Jerusalem the city of justice and peace. Its name reflects the original name of the city, Salem. Solomon is said that you were given "wisdom and knowledge", which usually means good governance, the ability to distinguish morally between good and evil, and a full understanding of the universe. "Behold, I have done according to your word, giving you a wise and understanding heart so that no one was like you before you, nor will there be another like you after you".
The legend tells us that when King David was on the threshold of death, called his son and successor, Solomon, to the final farewell. Solomon was young, inexperienced and was very concerned about the crown that would soon be his. He begged his father to let him something that might be of assistance in times of crisis. His father gave him a box containing a ring. "When you find yourself in trouble," said David, "opens this box and look at the inscription on the ring. But when you're on top of success, reopen it and then look at the inside of the ring. God be with you my son ". And he died.

The years passed and Solomon was beset by serious [poblems of all kinds. Even he was separated from his position as king for a while. He was dejected, then remembered his father's advice and opened the box. In the ring he read the Hebrew words Gam ze iaavor meaning  "This too shall pass".  He was deeply comforted by the message and returned to take control of their destiny with confidence and determination. Obstacles were overcome. the rebellion was dissipated

Then began an era of booming and flourishing increased their wealth and boasted of their wisdom. Having such power was another supreme achievement of Solomon enriched pride and increased his sense of being invincible he did not forget to open the jeweler, extract the ring, look at the inscription recorded in its interior and read: "Gam ze iaavor”, "This too shall pass." also wealth, fame, glory, pomp, all the luxury would . And in this way Salomon turned into the most wise human being of all times.

The message of the history is simple to understand: all the events of this world happen, what we feel good or bad it is ephemeral. The important thing is in not remaining flooded in the world of  sensations, in the fleeting twinkle of the pleasure or pain, the victory is seeing further away, in what it is eternal and not ephemeral, and concentrate on working to become the best person we can be.


In 1536, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent ordered extensive remodeling on the  Mount Temple, and the church became a mosque that had been built on Mount Zion in the days of the conquest of the Crusaders.

The symbol of the hexagram or star-shaped figure formed by two triangles, has many connotations, especially because it is inscribed in a circle, in many parts of the world, have been attributed to supernatural powers since ancient times ascribed to it in the past centuries, the abstract element of the figure that is connected to the celestial stars) and geometric integrity make him a universal symbol. Along with the five-pointed star or pentagram, which is much more ancient origin, the exagrana represents the development of mathematics and geometry by the Greeks and their successors in the entire Mediterranean area.

The Messianic consciousness of Sultan Suleiman led him to develop this bond of connection with King Solomon. On the walls he built around Jerusalem, there are stones decorated with two interlocking triangles. Star of David, that among Muslims are known by the name of Khatam Suleiman and, among the Jews as jatam.

Through geometry, in which Pythagoras and his followers saw cosmic symbolism, the hexagram and the pentagram became the expression of the sky and its reflection on earth. From the divine ,and its reflection in the creation as well as the connection between heaven and earth, the macrocosm and microcosm, spirit and matter.

Islamic civilization was a vibrant crossroads of cultures through whom the achievements of the ancient world were transferred to modern Europe transferred information from East to West and vice verse, different ethnic groups coexisted with different languages ​​and religions that contributed to the advancement of culture .

The Seal of Solomon combines the strength and beauty, symbolism and illustrative quality, all in a geometric figure, the most important characteristic motif of Islamic art. The Muslim artist's love for geometry, allows them to express the true essence of Solomon seal as a symbol of connection between the two worlds, in this context symbolizes the relationship between science, beauty and metaphysics, with elements of medicine and magic,

Symbols magical, religious and political astronomy and astrology, the art of irrigation and its influence on the garden, and the symbolic connection between the pleasure gardens and the garden of Eden, between heaven and architectural domes and between traditional cosmogony and its nexus with religion. Are also outlined in it all zodiacal measures, and the intimate relationship between the Zodiac and the invincible Central Sun. The Zodiac sexual genesis is represented in the Seal of Solomon.

Today, the hexagram is known as the "Star of David" and considered a symbol of Judaism: the term is used even in Islamic countries. There is some confusion about its origins, name and associations. In Europe, the pentagram is generally known as Solomon's Seal, while at hexagram is called Star of David, many times, it is assumed that always the case. However, there is evidence of a gradual evolution of the hexagram from a Roman cosmological symbol and magical religious symbol not linked to a religion or a particular people. And it's likely that both reasons were used by different religions and that the clearest meaning of the hexagram is associated with magical techniques to protect themselves from the forces of evil.

I therefore I can say that the hexagram is a universal symbol began as a symbol of the Jewish community. Then it moved to the Islamic countries and then spread to Europe and the Seal of Solomon was identified with the pentagram.


The Seal of Solomon is one of the most potent symbols ever made ​​esoteric thought. Contrary to what you might think, the seal was invented by Solomon, although it took its name, perhaps because of the importance of the symbol and to give it an old feature. In any case it is one of the most important and esoteric symbols is composed of two equilateral triangles with the vertex placed one up and the other with the apex downwards.

The Seal of Solomon is one of the most potent symbols made ​​by esoteric thought. Contrary to what you might thinkthe seal was not invented by Solomon, although he took his name, perhaps because of the importance of the symbol and give it a more ancient trait. In any case it is one of the most important and esoteric symbols is composed of two equilateral triangles with the vertex placed one up and the other with the apex downwards/

The two triangles represent the four elements, the upward pointing triangle symbolizes fire and air, and the triangle facing down, water and land. When two triangles have a point in the center, symbolizing the quintessence, representing all elements of the cosmos.


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It is a set of practices and behaviors that lead the individual to experiencing the existence of a high and spiritual dimension that is beyond the common perception of the world. In its most advanced forms it can endure the shaken state of conscience that allows to the person to feel a direct experience of the supernatural presence.

The mysticism acquires different forms as the culture and the tradition of its dogmas, but it has points in common in all the beliefs. It gives another deep dimension to the rational and philosophical values of the human speculation.

The mystical experience is characterized by an individual aspect and experimental that shares few things with logical - deductive thought.


 The mystical experience can be of various types, and always be found in different beliefs. The first and foremost, is impossible to describe it in words and concepts, is an intimate experience lived almost in a trance.

Mystics in the most diverse traditions encounter the same communication failure. In Catholic mysticism, for example St Teresa of Jesus is forced to build an architectural structure to communicate to others the different phases or sequences of hers mystical journey. Always in the same tradition, St. John of the Cross shows a path followed as a material path to be undertaken, with a range of experiences of presence / absence of divinity, some of which are particularly dramatic.

Muslim mystics like Ibn Ata Allah o Rage, are disturbed by the total experience of the divine presence in their souls, to the point of being crazy in god, satisfied with their simple and private lives of any luxury, but rich in divine presence.

In many cases, experienced God's presence in the human psyche produces so much disruption in their communication skills that mystics are confused and considered heretics. The formula most frequently censored are the words "I am God" is not understood in its real sense of merging with the divine, and is considered madness.


Mystical experiences described by the Eastern monks and Western mystics are partly similar, but differ by the way the divinity are experienced. The Orientals especially Buddhists during meditation experience a religious dimension that precedes the presence of divinity. In contrast to the West and among Muslim mystics found in a common tradition of Judeo-Christian often experience a dimension that is characterized by the presence of a personal deity. Undoubtedly the cultural conditions have an influence, however, this approach is essential to define the differences between the traditions.

 Normally mystical experience does not occur without a complex preparation of the person who lives it. Even when it seems unexpected, it is always a result of various events in the life of the mystical person.



It is a movement that emerged in the early centuries of the Christian era which developed mostly within the Orthodox Christian Church. It's about reaching a state of tranquility of the soul by repeating the prayer. Normally recited in two phases. In the first stage corresponds when the person express the prayer, inhales the air up to reaching the biggest gap in the thorax or also the abdominal respiration is used up to the maximum expansion of the abdomen. Following a moment of pause, in which it retains the air, and then expelled, which comes to constitute the second stage. That is the first part is expansion, lifting and recognizes the divinity and greatness, and the second is contraction or decline showing the insignificance as sinners with the request for forgiveness. While reciting the prayer, who prays lower the chin toward the chest, gaze directed towards the abdomen and thinks about his own life and death.

Esicático Prayer has had final confirmation with the fundamental work of Gregory Palamas. This Byzantine theologian who lived in the fifteenth century, defended this form of mysticism initiated by the great fathers in the early centuries of Christianity and obtained official recognition from their positions by the Orthodox Church.


Meditation techniques in Buddhism are of various types. One of the most important is that which exists in the Zen tradition which can be done sitting, standing or moving. To meditate effectively are necessary position, respiration and correct mindset.

The lotus or sitting position is very important in Zen practice in Sotho tradition. Although sung reading of the classic texts of Buddhism is always important, partly because it significantly affects in the breathing, the practitioner finds the path for meditation by the balance between mental attitude, position and breathing.

During meditation are thoughts, worries, obsessions that are formed in the eyes of the mind as a movie. At this point, it interferes with a renewed focus by the breathing and posture. In this way, an intemperance of mind is corrected with the direct effect of the body (position and breathing). Then the thoughts become a sequence which assists unattended without attachment: everything goes and flows to our impassivity.

It is essential that the body can intervene in the mind, use continuing this technique creates the conditions for a transformation of character, which, little by little, get to live everyday with the same detachment of thoughts during meditation. Over time this work forged steel character that can face life without violence, giving a clear mind to distinctive events. Based on this technique have been trained generations of samurai and monks who have exercised the body and mind through the valuable psycho-physics discipline.

Instead standing meditation, which the Japanese call kinin, is done keeping the chest straight, putting one foot before the other, following the sequence-plant-tip heel with the left fist into his right hand, at the height of pit of stomach, and breathing with the abdomen. Normally used in moments of pause of sitting meditation. During meditation Buddhist sutras are read, some of them sung, causing a beneficial effect on breathing.

In Zen Rizai is very important to resolution via intuitive, logically unsolvable problems, in the form of short questions, which have the function of reacting to the logical-deductive to favor intuition and meditation.


Sufi mysticism, mainstream Islamic mysticism, has always played a marginal role in Islam, even in the moments of greatest diffusion has often been considered heretical movement.

The best known form of Sufi meditation is the dance of the dervishes. These monks carried out a rotary motion that spins them faster and faster on themselves, to lose consciousness of his own person. It is a dance directly related to the rotational motion of the planets and the connection with the Supreme Being.

Sufism is a Islamic religious movement that represents the mystical path to God. This fraternity is compared often with Christian mysticism and Zen meditation forms, although the differences are notable: the ultimate experience is the intuitive ability to grasp intellectually the existence of God, as the only true reality, minimizing the individuality, which resemble other similar religious experiences.

Sufi Teaching aims to achieve a high level of human knowledge, and the cosmos, giving the individual more objectivity and improving the evolutionary path, as well as the rediscovery of an ancient wisdom which fragments are found in all cultures. For this purpose use various techniques, from the dance of the dervishes to the stories and anecdotes, partially recalling anecdotes of Buddhism.

The key element is the teacher-student interaction. The first one does not aspire to a dominant position or prestige. Characters like Gurgani and Rumi were respected for his great modesty, the cult of personality in Sufism is forbidden, as evidenced by the fact that most major Sufis have remained anonymous.

In conclusion mystical spiritual life shows that the union with a supreme expression requires a life intimately connected with the foundation that sustains all existence. Mysticism cries out because in the depths of the heart there is room for the riches of the spiritual order. At the same time provide a cure for major damage of our time: the materialistic mentality and boundless dedication to the outside world consumption and degradation by the excesses.

Simultaneously mystical beings has deep links with the destinies of the world and the moral influence of humans with harmonica interiority, which contributes to the clarification and reconciliation of spirits, showing the way to an era ruled by their standards, full inspiration in the good to serve as a model and guide.


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The magician has superior knowledge of the laws of the universe and creation. Knowing the way that creation works, he can modify things and events.

Magic is the use of the natural energies and the positive visualization to create changes in our lives. We all are magicians, simply because we are surrounded with energy. We have the power to bring the good in our lives or also to use it to attract negative attitude. The ground is full of living marvels, and using its energies we can create magic that can be used in the everyday life as helps us in the visualization of our needs.

A positive thought can be projected to the universe and turn into a beautiful psychological transformation. For example, the prayers, chants, spoken meditations and mantras are forms of magic,  many make it daily and almost mechanically, but they do not know of its power, since it is an energy sent to the universe in a positive way and with the time it is reflected. A lot of dreams and desires have been fulfilled across a humble and fervent entreaty.
The Magic was the science of Abraham, Orfeo, Confucius, Zoroastro, Buddha, Jesus, Enoch, HermesTrismegisto, Mahoma, Paramahansa Yogananda. Theirs births endure a drastic change in our lives, and their magic doctrines have lasted in the time because they have come to a perfect mastery of themselves. Cradle purified them and removed the veil: this is the sense of the word to "reveal".

The new disguise that drank to them was Cabbala: exclusive heredity of Israel and inviolable secret of the priests. The mysteries of Eleusis and Tebas were preserved between the gentiles by its symbols, but in degraded form, and the mystical key got lost in the middle of the device of a superstition in constant growth, in spite of it, the lost words has come up to our times and recovered and transmitted. in the temples of the secret associations of Rosicrucian, Illuminati and Freemasons, and that meaning happens in theirs rites, with more or less conventional signs, and gives a justification to theirs belief, as a key to  power.

It is important also to do a distinction between magic and witchcraft, although both interact with the magic world, specifically with the invisible one, are practice  in different forms.

The Shaman is the succubus in the spirit world, are the means by which information passes from one world to another, to ours. They are in contact with other dimensions, in trance they described what they see, as useful information. Sometimes, while visiting the world of another dimension, encounters beings, shapes, colors that are not ours. When he comes to himself tries to represent the visions he has had, in a reproduction of images and figures that necessarily force our cognitive capacities because they refer to a reality that is not to ours. bizarre images, dreamlike, representing creatures that can be part human and part animal or demonic. Before and today that is recovering the value of past cultures, which were crushed and altered by the invaders, the Shaman is the one who is related to other dimensions practicing a set of behaviors, mental attitudes and beliefs through which they can contact with the world of spirits, receive your messages or teachings and be the bridge between the other dimension and ours.

 Shamanism is present in a lot of towns and in all ages, with common characteristics but also specific tradition. Examples are the Indians who inhabit America, who have a wealth of information provided on shamanic techniques. The figure of the shaman is a doctor that uses useful energy channels through which flows the power of healing. He is a catalyst and directs all the power necessary for healing or spells. I just very simple action such as taking in his hands some pebbles picked from the bed of a river, as the water-purifies and charged with energy as the intention of the work. The stones become powerful totems, amulets allies of the shaman. This, after having accumulated inside the meaning and the energetic charge of intent, transforms the object that has come into contact in a radiant energetic field that continue to emanate energy information until reality has changed With his power, or energy charge, the shaman can change people's energy. The shaman can remove the blockage of the chakras that cause disease or discomfort.

According to the importance of action to take the shaman will connect with the power of creation, requiring the power of plants, animals, the earth or the universe. Gets the maximum power required of all creation visible or invisible. Draws power from all cardinal directions including lower and upper center placed in the named medicine wheel, a circle in which there are all points where the shaman invokes energy and power visible and invisible is manifested by the force shapes the energy field.

Visible and invisible are two sides of the same coin, as night and day, like life and death. The one does not end with the other, but that comes before your arrival. The reality is lived in a circular, because at each end, each death corresponds always a revival, in an eternal cycle depicting the life breath of the universe.


From the Greek magicians, meaning consecrated man. This name was given to the priestly caste to which Zoroaster entrusted the care of the cult, the interpretation of the movements of the stars and the fire custody. This science of the Zoroastrian religion, is celebrated in antiquity because it participates in the study of knowledge of medicine, natural science and occult science.

The magician has very different characteristics to the shaman. It is not necessary that the magician has a special sensitivity, does not act passively with the other dimension, but studies the cosmos and their reactions. Imposes his will, from their superior knowledge of the world and the universe, through rituals, formulas, little known energy and, above all, the knowledge and use of cosmic regression.

 The magic is based on the law of universal sympathy, in which everything is connected to everything. Through a subtle fluid that unites all things, any movement in the different dimensions of the cosmos is transmitted to all other things, preferably something that has the ability to resonate. Once you know the exact direction you can influence anything, because there are no areas of discontinuity as modern science believes.

This process of resonance is particularly true for humans, is a microcosm that fully reflects the macrocosm of creation. Indeed, man is composed of the same elements found in the universe, the same substance, the same processes, the same imbalances that we all who inhabit the earth (microcosm) and also in the macrocosm that govern the universe forces


According to the ancient conception, a magician could not intervene significantly in the course of events if he does not know to work with cosmic regression. To understand what is and how this concept works we must know how creation works, because, in fact, the cosmic regression is a way to reconnect with the creation of the universe and imitate the action of the gods. The ancient Hermetic philosophers, thinkers and magicians of the Greek world, Egyptian and Chaldean, who lived between the second century BC and the first centuries of this era. theirs thoughts were that there is a center that creates energy that diffuses around, as this decays away from the center up to a freezing point of matter.


The creative act just described is a procedure used by a traditional discipline next to Magic: the alchemy.  The alchemical transformation can not take place if the materials which it works are not carried before a pure state, understood as the original cosmic substance from which everything comes.

 Frst alchemist transforms its material elements, or is not able to join the creative process of the origins, for example, can not turn lead into gold.

The alchemist, like the magician, should be identified with the forces of the universe in order to enter a dimension that allows interfering in nature. The imitation of the organization of the cosmos is fundamentally important to understand the psychological state that must be the magician and alchemist to find psychoenergetical load necessary to enable magical and alchemical operations.


Magic also has a process of identification with divinity: follow the same path as the divinity in order to become able to shape events. This is a conviction which has strong roots in magical thinking,be in commands of nature. 

We find an example of this identification in the Heptameron, attributed to Pietro of Abano, is the general Exorcism spirits of the air,the magician acts hooking to the attributes of power and creation of God, absorbs power from other entities, and once assumed the power of imposition of divinity,end speaks in the third person as if God, and His will is that must be obeyed.


After analyzing the literature magic of the past we can conclude that,for the magic to work, it must meet four conditions:

 * Living things must be able to receive and transmit any type of energy, known or unknown. 

 * Must be a carrier capable of transmitting at high speed these radiations in the distance 

 * The human being must be able to resonate with other human beings. 

 * The magical ritual and symbolism have to activate some kind of energy fields led by the magician's will. 

The first point is very important. According to traditional thinking, anything is bound and resonates with any other, in compliance with the concept of universal sympathy. For this reason there is nothing strange in the fact that the magician can act at a distance about something or someone. 

The second point has to do with the existence of a bearer capable of transmitting relations in the nature. Since the magic act shows without problems of space the action of the magician who will be able to be transported in the distance in very brief times across the ether, which is the omnipresent fluid that joins all the things of the universe, since there are particles faster than the light.

In the third point it is necessary to refer to the experiments realized by the Italian investigator Alberto Tedeschi on the interaction of the cerebral waves. 

One of his experiments took as an object to study the electroencephalograms of patients and the therapist, if some interaction was registering between the cerebral waves during the meeting. And it was seen that, at first two persons had different frequencies, as the appointment was advancing there was taking place an approach of the frequencies up to ending being identical. 

In the second series of experiments it was observed that when the therapist was a few meters of distance concentrating the attention on some organs of the patient,  was registering changes of its specific frequency, influenced by the mental activity of the therapist. There are diversity of studies that demonstrate the existence of a process of interaction and resonance between the human beings. 

The fourth and final point may be explained by what has become known as waveform. Geometric figures under certain conditions emit subtle energies that may be positive or negative for human beings.

Knowing these forces, the magician can cause, with simple hieroglyphic drawings or ritual movements waves produced by the dynamic forms that are issued through dance movements or gestures, rituals, a number of effects on both biological beings as on the subject. 

But almost all the magical power has been lost in the sands of time, used only for earthly purposes, ended or diluted and powerless. 


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The internal and external music can guide the soul to the real kingdoms of the earth. The music can put us on the road, join us on the journey, and to be there at the end of the trip. From beyond the times it has been used in the field of psychological changes, as it produces emotion. Music as a means of initiation, leads to attitudes of ecstasy then accompanied with metaphysical knowledge leads to new states of consciousness. We could say that we can feel drunkenness in which knowledge is not absent.

The beauty of music leads to new cosmic and metaphysical realities, especially the instrumental performance serving as host of the soul, where you will hear and feel the indescribable beauty that exists in timeless forces beyond human experience.

The resonances of musical performance have a beneficial effect on the body and psyche: quiet, gives solemnity and harmony. But there is more: it is a vehicle that can lift us up where we are able to do so, in identifying with our inner melody, we allow access to walk the road that will lead us to our spiritual temple, where you will find peace, harmony and full happiness. And therein contemplate our lives and if we can transform the rhythm of the seven musical notes that are the basis of the composition of our melody, which is understanding, wisdom and contribution to others. This action symphonic composition deserves to be transported on a journey into the universe to witness sight or hearing of our own mystical experiences which we participate, being encouraged to contribute to new knowledge and perceptions of the top music .. There we can transcend, and enter this wholeness, as the pleroma, or the ratio of full compliance, common element in many Gnostic doctrines, that means finding the real world of harmony, unity and light as opposed to darkness. The plainchant, as a religious mystery, a mantra, or a mystical dance, offers each what it is capable of receiving.

How often have we shaken to hear a musical performance where the word does not intervene. It is in this ecstasy where we can appreciate the best picture of the secret harmonies and mysticism individual and collective work of lifting. The melodies without words are eternal and wandering wings that carry the soul to higher realms, in the task of redeeming what we destroy, helping not only to renew and enhance the inner spark, but also all the other innumerable sparks trapped in the manifest world. Music allows us to hear a faint echo of those sweet modulations ear ordinary mortals can not grasp. We awake the high memory of what we hear in a previous life. We can lead a passionate love and desire to sail the cosmos in search of answers to our questions, we are free of our mud wrap. Of all the instruments, the experts say, that the seven-stringed lyre is most apt to remind men of the great concert eternal cosmic symphony, calls the soul to rise to make this ascent and insufflate of wisdom finding new sources of expertise.

Interpreting in some cases, and in others hear the music of spiritual world  prove to us that the cosmos has its own melody, and that it existed before humans were in the history on earth. These interpretations have lasted all eternity and have been able to transform the soul of who wants to listen and achieve change in the reaction.

In the world of the senses, the music makes us see visions of the world perceived by the eye and the inner ear, until archetypal images in a wonderful way, so that citizens celestial praise through their sounds and claim and represent the voice of a crowd full of spirituality and connected to the temple virtuoso and harmonies. These voices as water, wind, fire, trees, flowers, rocks, feel the charm of the full life of solitude and the states of consciousness of those who are on their side and we transmit a music that never ceases: is music you hear everywhere but is nowhere, sometimes a whisper, sometimes a mortal ear thinks he hears a divine harmony, whose variations are terrestrial and swimming in the middle region of the air. The voices, the modulations bright, suddenly burst forth from the depths of heavenly forest and then dispersed by the breath of our spirits; these sounds seem to have expired. But soon, a confusing melody revives the distance, singing on the banks of the river of life, immersing us in a great fantasy of the magical universe.

These regions in our lives are never illuminated by daylight but a soft glow that falls quietly on mystical regions of our soul that invade us like snow in winter, then enters all sensitivities, softly radiant with beautiful light and casts a perfect beauty to the beholder. The air you breathe is love; air like some kind of melody that fills all visible white plains of souls with equal splendor and harmony.



Some people are born within the framework of the world of causes, while others are born to the world of emotions. but a large majority are simple and indifferent spectators, frequent obstacles placed along the path of development and transformation, until the disappearance with the deadline given at the time corresponding to their lives, leaving the memory of the idea on a whim called destiny. That is why, since ancient times, humans themselves were classified into: ordinary mortals; intelligent and creative light.

At birth the spirit within the world of causes, born with a precursor with it, an immortality, all those participating in it are in a position that allows them to be incorporated into a single consciousness. However, with the birth of a spirit to the world of emotions, comes an ability that allows the identification the nature of the affections, with the nature of the causes, such identifications represent the links that make up the chain of  intellectual  development and emotional capacity, social-historical evolution and mental conditions but are for cultural development that enables the integration and location within the frames of the same universal civilization, as evidence of this ability is the inescapable awareness of the inner self, and the self and society, like a unit, and therefore the origin of justice and peace for peace, a condition which can not any people may waive, whose purposes are identified with the ideals of development and collective prosperity both material and spirit, which in turn, leads to the conviction of the necessity of the sovereignty of thought and through it the reason. Needless to say that where intelligence dies, dies justice, just as where justice dies, peace.dies.

From the moment the person sees the light begins to define his personality. Given that human beings have two antagonistic forces within. One is the false self, better known as ego or personality related to ignorance, thoughtlessness, selfishness, dissatisfaction and fear. The other is the true self, our true essence, which is connected with wisdom, consciousness, welfare and unconditional love. Any person who is not in touch with its essence is in the process of being dehumanized, it is slowly forgetting and marginalizing their true values​​, which affects the way you think, live and relate to others.
How to know that this personality can be identified with the ego? It's easy: first, despite doing a lot and have everything feels empty inside, as if it lacked something essential to live in peace, with  time the accumulated pain finally disconnects the person  from the own humanity. From the ego, people act driven by fear and the need for physical and emotional survival. Their goal is to make reality the desires  selfish needs and expectations, leading them to live a life marked by nonsense, discomfort and the constant need to escape and drugging themselves. This type of personality falls down very easily and is determined by false beliefs on whom they are and what its relation is with the world. Due to the ignorance its ego prevails,  there is a personality determined  in constructing a competitive, aggressive, avaricious, superficial, unsatisfied, empty and ambitious society.  Dissatisfied, empty and ambitious, which in turn continues to condition the new generations to preserve the imposed system. Here I mean in terms of society and where the world has become a business, where profit is the end, people are manipulated, they lose their personality, their affections.

From this arise large corporations that manage and control the monetary system. All institutions operate under the same principle for their own survival. At the level of governments, financial, businesses and religious institutions, which have much influence in society, are aimed at optimizing their resources to have the greatest possible profit. Most of them are not interested in the welfare of mankind and the environment because it is not profitable for them. Those with power are only interested in having it for the longest time possible, and for that they need to continue to enslave people through debt and banking interests that prevent mankind out of this vicious circle of crisis of values​​.

Under these conditions arise and transcend leaders to fulfill your purpose as your ideals. Whether you recognize them or not at the beginning or their trajectory. Consider that you, me, the air, a rock, nature, the cosmos. transcends this existence, constantly transforming. Although, of course, the human reason is the largest sample of known significance. And this transcendence is achieved with awareness.To achieve transcendence as a leader in your own life, you have to always be positive and everything that follows will be as a positive results, applying intelligence on your side and empathy in equal consideration. An example of this is always to motivate people around you, teaching what you want to accomplish with the example of your actions, to change habits, routines and attitudes. Leadership is a mirror cell with children, family, at work, they are a reflection of us. We are the role models and there we know we've had the opportunity to lead. The word indicates but the action commands.

A great leader who transcends empathy applies with no mistake their actions, and must have verbal and nonverbal communication, the most important is the nonverbal actions, that are visual. The results of a leader who transcends will be reflected in the common purpose that is happiness.  It is a path that must be reached, step by step, every day in your daily life. If you are positive in difficult times, they become easy. Leaders that transcends all their life are learning and teaching, always experimenting and improving, taking advantage of knowledge and communication. A leader always must motivate and teach you how to dream, dreams must be named and must be achievable according to your possibilities.

This is the way cultures transcended in history, which is the life of the people, is to say that it is much more than just a cyclic, duly recorded and inventoried. The story is light that points the way of the law, the gradual transition from one state to another immediately above, each time there is the phenomenon of retention is why the story means and imposes a perennial progressive valuation. The proposal is, a radical change in the process of human formation? Now egoic conditioning prevails, causing the man to remain a slave. In contrast, learning based on our true nature, enhances the development of our consciousness, which frees us from false beliefs accumulated by the ego and thus limit our existence. 

The economic crisis only highlights our crisis of conscience. It is an indicator that something is very wrong. All the great sages of mankind, like Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus Christ or Socrates, Plato, Hermes Trismegistus said the same thing: the meaning of life is to learn to transcend our selfishness and self-centeredness so that we see others and the environment surrounding environment as part of ourselves.

There is no fragmentation, only unity: we are all one. Seek truth involves analyzing the socio-cultural conditioning received to reconnect with our true nature. There is no sign of intelligence to adapt to a society like today, deeply sick. The leader they need to improve the reality should be, above all, conscious man, free spirit and wise. Transcendence is life itself. On a more personal level, transcend is fulfilling your purpose according to your own ideals. No matter whether you are or you are not recognize.