Some people are born within the framework of the world of causes, while others are born to the world of emotions. but a large majority are simple and indifferent spectators, frequent obstacles placed along the path of development and transformation, until the disappearance with the deadline given at the time corresponding to their lives, leaving the memory of the idea on a whim called destiny. That is why, since ancient times, humans themselves were classified into: ordinary mortals; intelligent and creative light.

At birth the spirit within the world of causes, born with a precursor with it, an immortality, all those participating in it are in a position that allows them to be incorporated into a single consciousness. However, with the birth of a spirit to the world of emotions, comes an ability that allows the identification the nature of the affections, with the nature of the causes, such identifications represent the links that make up the chain of  intellectual  development and emotional capacity, social-historical evolution and mental conditions but are for cultural development that enables the integration and location within the frames of the same universal civilization, as evidence of this ability is the inescapable awareness of the inner self, and the self and society, like a unit, and therefore the origin of justice and peace for peace, a condition which can not any people may waive, whose purposes are identified with the ideals of development and collective prosperity both material and spirit, which in turn, leads to the conviction of the necessity of the sovereignty of thought and through it the reason. Needless to say that where intelligence dies, dies justice, just as where justice dies, peace.dies.

From the moment the person sees the light begins to define his personality. Given that human beings have two antagonistic forces within. One is the false self, better known as ego or personality related to ignorance, thoughtlessness, selfishness, dissatisfaction and fear. The other is the true self, our true essence, which is connected with wisdom, consciousness, welfare and unconditional love. Any person who is not in touch with its essence is in the process of being dehumanized, it is slowly forgetting and marginalizing their true values​​, which affects the way you think, live and relate to others.
How to know that this personality can be identified with the ego? It's easy: first, despite doing a lot and have everything feels empty inside, as if it lacked something essential to live in peace, with  time the accumulated pain finally disconnects the person  from the own humanity. From the ego, people act driven by fear and the need for physical and emotional survival. Their goal is to make reality the desires  selfish needs and expectations, leading them to live a life marked by nonsense, discomfort and the constant need to escape and drugging themselves. This type of personality falls down very easily and is determined by false beliefs on whom they are and what its relation is with the world. Due to the ignorance its ego prevails,  there is a personality determined  in constructing a competitive, aggressive, avaricious, superficial, unsatisfied, empty and ambitious society.  Dissatisfied, empty and ambitious, which in turn continues to condition the new generations to preserve the imposed system. Here I mean in terms of society and where the world has become a business, where profit is the end, people are manipulated, they lose their personality, their affections.

From this arise large corporations that manage and control the monetary system. All institutions operate under the same principle for their own survival. At the level of governments, financial, businesses and religious institutions, which have much influence in society, are aimed at optimizing their resources to have the greatest possible profit. Most of them are not interested in the welfare of mankind and the environment because it is not profitable for them. Those with power are only interested in having it for the longest time possible, and for that they need to continue to enslave people through debt and banking interests that prevent mankind out of this vicious circle of crisis of values​​.

Under these conditions arise and transcend leaders to fulfill your purpose as your ideals. Whether you recognize them or not at the beginning or their trajectory. Consider that you, me, the air, a rock, nature, the cosmos. transcends this existence, constantly transforming. Although, of course, the human reason is the largest sample of known significance. And this transcendence is achieved with awareness.To achieve transcendence as a leader in your own life, you have to always be positive and everything that follows will be as a positive results, applying intelligence on your side and empathy in equal consideration. An example of this is always to motivate people around you, teaching what you want to accomplish with the example of your actions, to change habits, routines and attitudes. Leadership is a mirror cell with children, family, at work, they are a reflection of us. We are the role models and there we know we've had the opportunity to lead. The word indicates but the action commands.

A great leader who transcends empathy applies with no mistake their actions, and must have verbal and nonverbal communication, the most important is the nonverbal actions, that are visual. The results of a leader who transcends will be reflected in the common purpose that is happiness.  It is a path that must be reached, step by step, every day in your daily life. If you are positive in difficult times, they become easy. Leaders that transcends all their life are learning and teaching, always experimenting and improving, taking advantage of knowledge and communication. A leader always must motivate and teach you how to dream, dreams must be named and must be achievable according to your possibilities.

This is the way cultures transcended in history, which is the life of the people, is to say that it is much more than just a cyclic, duly recorded and inventoried. The story is light that points the way of the law, the gradual transition from one state to another immediately above, each time there is the phenomenon of retention is why the story means and imposes a perennial progressive valuation. The proposal is, a radical change in the process of human formation? Now egoic conditioning prevails, causing the man to remain a slave. In contrast, learning based on our true nature, enhances the development of our consciousness, which frees us from false beliefs accumulated by the ego and thus limit our existence. 

The economic crisis only highlights our crisis of conscience. It is an indicator that something is very wrong. All the great sages of mankind, like Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus Christ or Socrates, Plato, Hermes Trismegistus said the same thing: the meaning of life is to learn to transcend our selfishness and self-centeredness so that we see others and the environment surrounding environment as part of ourselves.

There is no fragmentation, only unity: we are all one. Seek truth involves analyzing the socio-cultural conditioning received to reconnect with our true nature. There is no sign of intelligence to adapt to a society like today, deeply sick. The leader they need to improve the reality should be, above all, conscious man, free spirit and wise. Transcendence is life itself. On a more personal level, transcend is fulfilling your purpose according to your own ideals. No matter whether you are or you are not recognize.

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