The value of forgiveness


When we are forgiven and we forgive,
always our lives are transformed


All the knowledge of the world is worth nothing if our resentment continues growing more and more that the behavior of a stranger remembers us past non healed relationships. How does serves to know ourselves if we used that knowledge to intensify hatred and the culpability feeling inside us?, or despite all our efforts we are not able to be a better person.

The forgiveness supposes to really accept our own merit like human beings, to understand that the errors are opportunities to grow, to brings back consciousness and develop compassion, and to include and understand that the magnitude of love that we have for ourselves and for the others is the glue that maintains united the universe.

Forgiveness is a response, the implicit answer in our existence. Forgiveness means to repair what is broken. Take the broken heart and repairs it. It takes the trapped heart and releases it. Is take the heart stained by the shame and faults and bring it back to its immaculate state. The forgiveness restores the heart to the innocence that we had in another time, an innocence that allows us the freedom to love.

When we are forgiven and forgive, our lives. are always transformed. The sweet promises of forgiveness comes true and gives us a fresh start with ourselves and with the world. The concept of the forgive can bring us two things: either stop us, limiting our capacity for the clarity of mind and the joy, or to animate us, offering a way to let the past behind and be free to live with greater peace and happiness.

The forgiveness is not to justify negative or inadmissible behaviors ,our own or other people's. The mistreat, violence, aggression, treason and dishonesty is only some of the behaviors that can be totally unacceptable. To say to the person I forgive you, sometimes can be a important stage to forgive. The forgiveness only requires a change of perception, another way to consider the people and circumstances that we think that they have caused to pain and problems to us.

As all we know, the rage and the resentment are very strong emotions that wear away our energy of many ways. When we took off the layers, probably we are going to discover that the rage in fact is a superficial feeling. Not in the sense that is trivial or false, but only thevisible one of more dynamic feelings whic are below it. When we lose ourselves in the rage we became deaf to our deeper feelings. We have learned to listen only to those that shout more loud.

Many believe that remain angry, clinging to bitterness is synonymous to power, energy and being dominant. But in fact the unique thing they discovers are feelings of impotence, disappointment, insecurity, affliction or fear, behavior that is used frequently to replace the real personal power.

Sometimes is more comfortable to feel rage that to feel the fear and sadness. In fact, one reason why usually is difficult to forgive is bring out the truth from inside us and to accept what we really felt. This can be a painful revelation if we have learned to coexist with the negation and the repression. Nevertheless, we have to try to remember that to the other side of the pain is the lightening and a greater mental peace. When victims takes great part of their life feeling that way, perhaps they find an enormous resistance to forgive, because doing it they have to resign a good part of they identity. To forgive does not mean to deny that she/he has been a victim, means that the fact that feelings are no longer dominates the identity and the present emotional life.

As we worked with the feeling of forgive, it is important to take into account the thoughts that arise and the reactions. If appears fear, self-criticism or doubts is necessary to be kind with our self. These feelings are like a natural part of the process of changes. In fact, to be kind with our self is a great act of forgive toward us.

Besides the thoughts or feelings that arise, Be kind with our self does not meant not put effort and will to improve, nor justified thoughts or behaviors that are considered improper, but can be learned without been hard to oneself and in that way not feed a counter-productive cycle that take our power in favors of guilty feelings, lack of respect for ourselves and self-esteem.

Forgiveness is a decision, an attitude, a process and a form of life. It is something that we offer to other people and something that we accepted for us. The forgiveness is a decision, to see another person beyond the limits of the personality, fears, idiosyncrasies, neurosis and errors, the decision to see a pure essence, non conditional, and always worthy of respect and love.

Whenever a change becomes, we debilitated the monopoly of the ego in our perceptions and we became qualified to let the past go, release the pain and forget. The forgiveness usually is experienced like a feeling of happiness, peace, love and open heart, lightening, expansion, confidence, freedom, joy and a sensation to be doing the correct thing. The forgiveness is a form of life that turns us gradually from beeing a victim of our own circumstance in a powerfull creators of our more lovely reality. It supposes a commitment to live every moment like somewhat new , with clarity and without fear. It is the disappearance of the perceptions that prevent our capacity to love.

Forgiveness teaches us that we can disagree with someone without withdraw affection and respect. It takes us beyond the fears and mechanisms of survival in our lives, towards a brave vision of the truth that offers us a new field of choices and freedom, where we can rest all of our fights. It guide us to where The Peace is not unknown and gives us the opportunity to know which ones are our strengths.



In this new millenium the personality and philosophy of Buddha “The awakened one”, continued encouraging the wish of freedom of the human being. Today more than evert his doctrine centred on the cultivation of the knowledge and compassion is experiencing an expansion without precedents that serves at the same time to establish a connection like a bridge between two worlds (East and Occident) and a spiritual renaissance that rises from the moral and ethical crisis and of values that the excessive consumerism led.

This text has been taken of the capacity of Buddha. I hope will serve as an instrument of enlightenment about the nature and reality of self and the world. Enlightenment comes not through external intervention or mystical or supernatural forces, but through a critical examination of our lives, away from blind faith and devotion alone do not lead to freedom and enlightenment. With the illumination what is intended to achieve is to become more human with a clear awareness of the nature of reality, how things are and how they operate. Enlightenment is the end of ignorance.

* The pain is inevitable, but the suffering is optional.

* The extremes are like pitfalls or ambushes; remains in the middle, but do not even hold on to the middle.

* Even from the attachment to the Nirvana it is necessary to liberate.

* There are those who do not have eyes too blurred. These will be able to comprehend the truth.
* When you do not have anything important to say, keep the noble silence. If you it can not improve what others have said, keep the noble silence.

* Let each of you be your own refuge: what another refuge might be?

*Who cannot know what things attend and which to ignore, attend to what they have no importance and ignores the essentiaL.

* All adverse states have their roots in ignorance and converge in ignorance. By abolishing ignorance, all other harmful states will also be abolished.

* Who sheds the veil of obfuscation, is not obfuscate where there is confusion, scattered for sure all obfuscation, like the night dissipated.

* Clear mind, tender heart.

* The past is a dream, the future is a mirage, the present a passing cloud.

* Watch. Be attentive. Be disciplined. Gather your thoughts. Take care of your mind.

* A fool is known by his actions, and a wise too.

* There is an extremely dangerous attachment: attachment to opinions.

* In any battle both sides lose,the winners and the vanquished.

*Alert between distracted fully awake among the sleepers, the wise advances like a race horse and is ahead of the decrepit nags.

* Like a beautiful and bright color flower, but without perfume, sterile are the good words of one who does not put them into practice.

* All teaching is like a raft, made for a voyage, but that should not be tied.

* The truth is what produces results.

* As a solid rock does not move with the wind, so the wise remains impervious to slander and praise.

* Few among humans are those who cross to the other side (the wisdom). The majority only go up and down for the same shore.

* Greater than the conquest in battle a thousand times a thousand men is the conquest of self.

* If one perceives the world as a bubble and like a mirage, the god of death does not see that one.
* The only refuge of the mind is attention.



Victor Manuel Guzmán Villena

Nothing more beautiful than this communion of men of goodwill, conscious of their duties, faithful to their oaths, giving a brilliant example for those who needed stimulus to feel the shaking of asleep energies by deceptions and failures. In all of them spoke very high that virtue that they imposing freely to themselves and is called duty.

They feel the suggestive power of the ideal and they are going towards it, attracted by its mysterious enchantments, by its divine footpaths, their inexhaustible torrents of good, their fecund wisdom, its eternity, its infinite beauty.
The workers of the good in their multiple aspects accumulate molecule after molecule to raise that great construction that has its foundations on Earth, and its crowing in regions that are not known because they ignore the finish of the road, even if they imagine it perfect; because the progress is indefinite, but they work with the faith of the knowledge, with the faith of the wisdom, the confidence that the force gives, with the emotion that produces the beauty. The wisdom that takes them by hand following the subtle thread of the study in those mysterious cameras in which the old truths lies like virgins who wait for the fall of the veil of Isis to offering their collaboration to the laboratory of the life.

The Wisdom like a video tape discovers the mind, in incessant progression the wonderful secrets of the nature in its two aspects: psychic and physical, they are revealing to initiate them in the great mystery. The wisdom, unique light able to illuminate the footpath that through the cycles of evolution follows the ascending arc towards to the unknowable,towards the absolute, the non manifest. The wisdom, pious daughter of the sky that awards the day with the divine kiss that ignites the soul in the light of immortality. It is sustained in three pillars, they are:

The Force: That gives the faith in the power of the union of wills, aspiration towards the same ideal, that fortifies the principles that vitalize the convictions that feeds the love, that consecrates the sacrifice, image of the oneself in the world of the appearances, of the contrast, of the individualism.
The Beauty: Created for the delicate spirits brought by the Hellenic genius to initiate them in the indescribable aesthetics emotion of the pure souls that have a feeling of the perfect form of the archetype. The moral beauty that gives nobility to the dignify life of the soul, purifies the body and contributes the finest materials for the construction of the strong and healthful societies.

The duty it is the constant application of the will to the acts that we create consecrated to the common good, by virtue of a pact which we make between our conscience and the other consciences that are related to us in our life.
The wisdom that directs; the force that constructs; the beauty that gives form; the duty that forces the work. Here there are the four great powers that direct the human evolution. All are needed and all are complemented. The wisdom needs the beauty and force to pronounce itself . The force needs to be guide by wisdom to manifestitself beautifully . The beauty needs to cause emotion be directed by the wisdom, be sustains by the force . The duty requires all three to be logical.

With these three lights we go towards the attainment of our true purposes; because all human work that does not constitute by these four elements of immortality, is weak and it perishes.

But the good does not perish. Its passage by the Earth leaves the track of the step that non flock the furrows of the time. The good is wise, is strong, is beautiful because is the duty itself. Do the good to be wise, to be strong, to be beautiful. To fulfill the duty to feed the light that burns in our hearts, carry out the duty because it is the only channel through which flows that spark that makes us live; because it is the smooth murmur that incessantly sings to the ear inviting to the duty; it is the word that brought from India, that keeps the secret from the principle and the end; as brought from Rome the word of the law; from Persia the one of force; Greece the one of beauty; Egypt the one of religion, but above all has survived the one from India because it keeps the unique concept of duty, that is the reason of good. They passed Rome, ancient Egypt and ancient Greece; but ancient India, giving us the words of duty, the word of the good, in the Theosophy, the wisdom, sister of the masonry, that like white dove, symbol of Peace, overcame its flight and passed the Himalayas to bring to the West the word of duty, the word to go through the Gold Door. The great founders of religions, that although with different aspects present the truth and like one and indivisible, synthesized their doctrines in duty.
-Be good to others will be add to you, said by Jesus.
-Hatred does not stop with hatred, but with the love, Buddha says.
-Pure thoughts, pure words and pure works, pronounce Zarathustra.
-The ink of the wise is more worth than the blood of the martyr, affirms Mohamed.
-Thinks about me, trusts me, consecrate to me and gently come to me, is written in the Bhagavad-Gita.
-To the progress of the humanity, we dedicated our efforts and this is to workfor the glory of the Great Architect of the Universe, pointed the Masonry.

Fulfilled the duty, well-known that the duty is the good and that the wisdom, the force and the beauty are immortality What can stop us in our way? What philosophy?, what religion?, what school?, what conception of the life will be able to demolish the unique conception that admits a divine plan?.

There is much good to do in the world around us and for us preferably in the society that we belong. To fight by the formation of a fair government and given to the great majorities and not to the tiny groups of privilege. We must compel that their governance is efficient. To fight by the elimination of corruption in all areas of action, from the politic where they have become mercantilism with the pretext of guarding the interests of the country, they work in their own benefit and dishonor the robe that the people put on them.
We know that a great moral misfortune corrodes the foundations of our towns and threatens to destroy the conquests of the true democracy, because behind the decay are in necessity the hand of the demagogue and the religious brake that chains the thought.

But anyway, the voice of duty prevails and is calling to us still at the moments at which we give rest to the continuous struggle of the mind disturbed by the horrors of the world. It is necessary to activate the thought like cultural agent. We all recognize the capacity of the human being to assimilate knowledge. We must fill ourselves of possibilities to force them to give to us opportunities. But for these opportunities we must not wait for the governments neither of the politicians to give them to us, nor of the institutions whose action does not extend but through ourself, men and women given to the causes of the humanity.

We can penetrate with our thought in the office of the politician, of the bourgeois, in the cell of the high ecclesiastical authority, in the labyrinths of the public institutions, and after this laborious and devastating trip we will ask ourselves Where is the duty? The answer is in the few illuminated ones by the light of the path. The society as race needs illuminated human beings. They collected the initiatives from the poors of the unjust society and do the work of duty to our fellow human beings.

It is the work of duty?

The duty is persuasive because is useful, is noble because it has the delicate essence of the sublime, is wisdom because disciplined the soul; it is strong because convinces; is beautiful because dignified; heroic because is sacrificed and by all this is amiable.
But those are aspirations of great souls, and there are not many great souls in the social mass whose indiscipline and ignorance we deplored. It is necessary to work there; in the town, in the foundations, the base that supports the wealth, the luxury, the injustice, by virtue of its unconsciousness, as the root of the tree that ignores the splendorous of the crown.

To the work, illuminated, we did not need the politicians, nor the religions, we only need the force that has the wisdom, force, beauty and duty. The failure is no waited for us, because our work is spiritual and the spiritual takes us to the success that will shine when the law of the blow of mallet and says to the men of good will “Standing and to the order"



"Darius, king of kings, ruler of the country where they speak all languages, the son of Hystaspes, Achaemenid, built this house."

This is the inscription that is still read in the door leading to the ruins of Persepolis, the palace of the Sassanid, the most venerable ruin has bequeathed to us. Indeed, Persia, is the Iranian people, which flourished Ciros and Cambyses, they leave traces of its greatness, superior to Egypt and the whole series of civilizations that had its birth and its sphere in the East. Persia, then, is the true teacher and guide of humanity in the field of traditions and religious conceptions.

The oldest fraternity is the Magicians. The name was given to the priests, who were not just a sect or religion, but also a kind of governmental entity, referring to the sovereignty of science, giving place for the educated man between the real aristocracy. Its reign, according to some authors it is previous to the Middle Assyrian dynasties. Aristotle affirms that it was previous to the foundation of the empire of Egypt.

His founder, Zoroaster, was a great philosopher, whose doctrines demonstrate that he was an Iranian religious reformer, who lived about the year 2000 or 2200 before Jesus Christ, son of a priestly family who was exercising at the same time the functions of the judicature. His homeland was Bactriana, and there it was where he declared himself an enemy of the false gods and resolved to reform the Iranian religion. Of this one he preserved the geniuses or good spirits and tried to espiritualize and transform all the ancient gods in bad spirits. His teachings are the result of a deep study and meditation.

According to Zoroaster, everything that is offered to the observation of man must refer to two original forces as not produced are opposed to everything else produced, but that from the standpoint of activity, are diametrically opposed to one the other, they are to be or not to be,the beginning and end. Being is the life (ahu), reality, truth (asha) and the good, the death is not the falsehood (drukhs) and evil.The beginning of the good is Ormuz, while the principle of evil is Ahriman. These being are the most important personnels of the Zoroastrianism, religion that also has names of Magianism and Parseeism.

For the Zoroastro followers, the creation of the world should have begun by means of the emanation: the first emanation of the Eternal thing was the light, from which there went out the king of the light. Ormuz is a sacred and celestial being, the knowledge and the intelligence personified. Ormuz, the first-born of the time without limits, started by raising to his image and resemblance six geniuses or spirits called amshaspands, which surround his throne and are his messengers for the interior spirits and the men, being, models and copies of purity and perfection.

The second series of the creations of Ormuz was that of twenty-two izads, spirits that look over the innocence, the happiness and conservation of the world are models of virtue and the interpreters of the prayers of the men. The third host of pure spirits is more numerous and formed by the farohars, the thoughts of Ormuz, or the ideas conceived by him before proceeding to the creation of the things. No, only the farohars of the holy men and of the innocent infantes are in front of Ormuz, but this one they have also his farohar, or the personification of his knowledge and his ideas, his reason and his verb.

The triple creation of the good spirits was a necessary consequence of the simultaneous development of the beginning of the evil. The second son of the Eternal one, Ahrimán, came like Ormuz to the primitive light and it was pure like him, but for his ambition and pride he conceived the passion of envy and, to punish him, the Supreme Being condemned him to live for twelve thousand years in the region of the darkness, before a battle between the good and evil; but Ahrimán created in turn lots of bad spirits, which fill the ground of misery, discomfort and sin. The bad spirits are the impurity, the violence,  greed and cruelty; the demons of the cold, of the famine, of the poverty, of the sterility and ignorance and the most lazy of the whole Petash, the demon of  calumny.

Ormuz after a reign of three thousand years, created the material or physical world in six periods of time, giving six existence first to the earthly light, to the water, to the ground, to the plants, to the animals and to the man. Ahrimán was present at the creation of the earth and the water, because the darkness had these elements invaded; he took also active part in the creation and subsequent corruption and destruction of the man, whom Ormuz was creating for a simple act of will and for his word. Also, of the seed of this being, Ormuz extracted also the existence the first human couple, Meshia and Meshiana, but Ahrimán seduced the woman and later the male, taking them to the evil, making them ate of certain fruits, with which not only perverted the nature of the man, but also that of the animals like the insects, the snake, the wolves, etc. which were innocuous and became harmful, spreading the corruption for the whole surface of the earth. In punishment of his iniquity, Ahrimán and his perverses spirits were conquered and thrown out from all parts of the earth, but the just, good and prudent men do not have to be afraid because, as says Zoroaster, that was the work of the evil, and the good man always obeys the just judge, who cultivates assiduously the hearth and makes it produce good harvests and fruit-bearing trees in abundance.

After twelve thousand years, when the ground turns out to be already free of the evil spirits, then will go out three prophets who will be next to the men helping them with theirs power and science, returning the earth to its primitive beauty, judging the good and evil and giving each one what deserves: the good spirits will demolish to the region of the eternal good and unchangeable, while Ahrimán with all his demons and the men who have followed him will be thrown to a sea of melted metal and in the rottenness state and the law of Ormuz will reign everywhere.

Zoroaster taught that light was the first emanation of the Eternal life, so in the writings of Parsis, light, the eternal flame is a symbol of divinity or uncreated life, hence that the Parsis magicians were called fire-worshipers. This science of fire, which was the great arcane of the Magicians, refered in almost all the Assyrians's symbols, everywhere is the magician that hurts the lion and plays with snakes: the lion is the celestial fire, snakes are electric and magnetic currents of the earth. Patricius, as published philosophique magie collected from the books of the Platonists and others, the oracles of Zoroaster, which are the characteristic formula of the dogma of the fire. In all of them is possible seen the great spiritual force that is attributed to heat or light and identified with the force of human will.

The fire had its foundation magical initiation. The adept, having put his will in communication with that element, known to direct and manage, with the same skill the soldier with his weapon.

That force is represented by the blue lion. This is what the great Assyrian figures representing with lions tamed under the arm, such is the astral light, represented by giant sphinxes with lion body and head of the magician: the strength of spirit, suggestion, the rule of the will of others . So that we can observe a close relationship between the religion of Zoroaster and Magianism.

The Magicians were a caste. Were in charge of worship, of sacrifice and conservation of the sacred books.

The main acts of Mazdean worship were threefold: the preservation of the sacred fire, the prayers and invocations, the purification and penance. The sacred fire was kept at shrines, where the sacred element burned on a huge stone or copper urn, serving to feed the flames, the most precious woods. It was a crime to raise the voice, and in religious ceremonies were scattered soft perfumes. There were many invocations prescribed by the Mazdean ritual, the priests chanted them with sacred hymns at certain times of the day, dedicating them to various celestial spirits. During the recitation, the priest was lifting his left hand high beam, closely pressed, made of branches of palm, tamarind or pomegranate, these branches had to be cut and tied by a pristine Mazdean: out of the moment of the rite, the beam was rested on a firedog where the branches were ended in a shape of a crescent moon.

The sacrifices consisted of bloody immolation, hecatombs in which succumbed at one time one hundred horses, a thousand oxen or ten thousand head of cattle, but the Mazdean law foebade consumed any victim, based on the principle that only belonged to the gods the head of the immolated animals, and even only his right eye and his and tongue.

The offerings consisted of bread, meat, grains, fruits, flowers, perfumes and garments for the priests, one of the most typical offerings were branches of a tree called hôma, plant of knotty stem and yellow flower that grows in the mountains of Iran; their juice was extracted in the manner prescribed for the ceremonies by the law, was the most agreeable gift you could devote to the celestial spirits,to renew their strength and provide greater happiness.

The liturgical books for the implementation of their ceremonies were the Vespers, the Jeshts and Yacna. Of these, the most interesting was the third one, principal part of the Avesta, and was using for the most important ceremonies, and divided into three sections: the first included ritual of sacrifice Mazdean, the second ibcluded the Gathas old songs are the best exposition of the Zoroastrian ideas and a momuments of higth philosophy for that epoch. The third included dispersed fragments, which not very clear objective.

The candidate, before the initiation ib the fraternity, was subjected to numerous purifications by fire, water and honey, the number of probations was really long and ended with a fast of 50 days.

These tests were suffered by the candidate in underground caves in which he was condemned to perpetual silence and complete solitude. The one that was corresponding to the requirements fixed by the brotherhood had an option to the highest honors.

Passed the probationary period, the candidate was taken inside in the cave of the initiated, where he was armed with a harness or shield for their guidance, which was a representation of Simorgh, monstrous and important actor of the manipulations of Persian mythology, prividad with talismans to meet all the horrific encounters with monsters and evil spirits who they wanted to put in their path. Taked in Interior department was purified with fire and water and passed through seven degrees of initiation. 

The first thing offered to his eyes was a deep and frightening vaulted cavern at the foot of which stood a huge cliff where he was to fall with a small false step, sinking into the "abyss of dreadful poverty." Then, moving through labyrinths of the dark cave, he perceived the sacred fire, whose flames were fanned intervals dim lighting his way, at the same time heard the distant cry of hungry beasts, the lion's roar, the howl of the wolf, fierce and terrible barking mastiff. His companion, keeping a deep silence, pushed him towards the place whence came the sounds and when he was not aware the door openedof to the hountt and he was in the middle of the animal, almost dark, with only the dim lamplight . Was immediately attacked by the initiates who dressed as lions, tigers, wolves and other monstrous animals, were poured over him, scarcely escaping their clutches unharmed. Went from there to another dark cavern, where terrible noise of the thunder hurts his ears and and the continuous lightning hurting his vision, with the sinister glare he was distinguishing the visajes of the avenging spirits that were celebrating with macabre satisfaction at the arrival of the initiated to their inhospitable caverns.

To relieve in some way the fatigue of the profane, someone led him to another place, where his ear was recreated by melodious strains of music and his smell with the aroma of the mos exquisite perfumes. To understand, shortly after, their willingness to practice the other ceremonies, his guide made a signal and they appeared three priests, one of whom threw to his chest a live snake, symbol of regeneration, and opening a door came through a real wave of sounds and guttural cries like lamentations and howls that stunned the spirit of the neophyte and plunged him into a new state of indescribable terror. Returning his gaze to the site where the screams originated came to his sighth a harrowing scene of the torture suffered by the damned in the underworld. Then he was pulled through labyrinths and ramifications of seven spacious vaults linked with winding galleries, each one with a stone gate where could be seeng a scene of dangerous adventures, until he was initiated at sacellum ( chapel) or Santa Santorum, that it was illuminated magnificently and whose walls and roofs were dismissing the reflexes of the most pure gold and the richest precious stones.

There was the Archmage or Supreme Master of the Fraternity, sitting on the east side, on a golden throne, crowned his head with rich crown of myrtle branches entwined, wearing a bright blue robe, surrounded by an assembly of ministers and stewards of the sacred mysteries. They received the neophyte with great warm welcome, and after they take oaths to keep secret the rites of Zoroaster, was entrusted with the sacred words. The first and most important was the Tetractys or the name of God. The Pythagorean Tetractys Teatragramaton was similar to the Jewish God or the name of five letters. The number four was taken by the most perfect, because in the four properties of nature includes everything else, plus the first four numbers added together form the decade (1 2 3 4 = 10), after which all is simple repetition.

Today in Iran there are only remnants of this ancient order Mazdean.



Consecrated writers of the classic antiquity such Herodotus, considered to be the father of the history; Plutarch, the teacher of the portrait and the biography and Pitágoras, of the mystery of the numbers, speak to us about Egypt like a highly advanced, wise culture and deeply initiated in the strict esoterism. And in the way of which like extract or sustratum there was the unsuspected world of the ritualistic sacred magic and that was not another thing than the intuitive process that it was leading to the different sciences and was starting from a fundamental statement where four existential levels were recognized in the human being: the animal body, the intellectual body, the astral or sublimated body and the vital essence.

Ancient Egypt

The history of ancient Egypt can be divided into three periods: Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom. To realize its historical importance and initiation, the Old Kingdom dates back to 5000 years BC and the sacred city of Memphis was the spiritual center.

The Middle Kingdom was its spiritual center in the city of Thebes and going from the XI to XXI dynasty, spanning 25 centuries and was destroyed by hordes of nomads, the famous Hittite.

The New Empire was centered spirituality in Sais, the famous city of palm trees, where stands the personality of the Pharaoh Ramses II and the dynasty of pharaoh Sesostris, who reconstructed and built the Egyptian power that endures over time in large monuments located on the banks of the Nile. Then came the ultimate demise of the occupation of Alexander the Great founded the city of Alexandria. After the death of Cleopatra, last queen of Egypt (XXXI Dynasty), the country was completely dominated by Rome.

Deep knowledge

The Egyptian civilization was not built haphazardly and without any archetype, quite the contrary all these sacred monuments testify deep knowledge of plane geometry, spatial conical geometry, physics angle and higher consciousness metaphysics.

The ancient Egyptians were a superior race unfolded powers which we now call them supernormal and is the hallmark of who bears the flamboyant star of a higher consciousness, and to give exact example we have the pyramids, whose construction could only make those learned and mastered the psychic power that came to know intimately linked to the dematerialization conical geometry of a space is not linear but spherical. And the same provision in the construction of the axes of these pyramids as unimpeachable witness over all, a profound knowledge of astronomy like advanced science of the Maya's culture.

The passage from the entrance to the burial chambers of the pyramids looked or were oriented toward the north star that occupied - by the time-a very different place like today, and if so imposed to accept that, they must know the retrograde motion of the equinoxes which implies that the North Star again match the same location after a period of 25,796 years, the exact duration of these cultures that we know the name of Atlantis and Lemuria and dividing the globe at that time in only two hemispheres and where in turn tells us - in the famous story of Plato, whose contents are full of mysticism and occult revelations such as Timaeus Dialogues, "that our planet was accompanied by two moons, a phenomenon that had much to do with the lengthy periods of time that arose the race of giants and of which the Bible itself refers to Samson, Goliath, Holofernes and few others

The Egyptians personified all the forces of nature. Educated people in initiation science or Theosophical revelation worshiped the god Ra, or solar power and deserves to know beforehand the esoteric prayer to Isis. Amon meant in his ideography the sun that was bringing to the mind the idea of the circle without beginning or end and that gave later beginning for the philosophical statements of the eternal comeback, philosophical idea of the German thinker Friedrich Nietzsche.

Sub was called the land, Nut was called celestial space, Un represents the water, next to the sacred crocodile Thipon meant sin. But all these elements were unified in a philosophical monotheism they called Amon Ra, means the sacred name of the sun divinity, the everlasting Light, the Fiat Lux that the Bible speaks, or mercury light, active in the process of medieval alchemy . Amon meant veiled or hidden from the simple profane curiosity the hidden splendor, visible only for the view of the mystics initiated of higher consciousness,to the mystics delegates heirs of Memphis, Heliopolis, Says and Elephantine.

Esoteric initiation

The secret science of Egyptian esoterism initiation is represented by a candle and a snake, these two symbols were significant reference feature, one to the magnetic force or vital fluid, and the other at the beginning of good or beginning of evil.

The snake was as misleading in biblical cosmogony is more noble and mysterious. The snake is hidden in the earth, man hiding in his own conscience, internalized, self-performing. The snake far from being sin or fall means the spirit of divine knowledge. Born in the egg and this allegory makes intimate relationship with a man born of an egg from the womb of his mother, his spirit can soar into the realm of the unknowable secret.

Moreover, the snake represents the man who is dragged into the misery of the carnal or material world, but who can raise his intuition to unsuspected levels if they wanted. The snake sheds its skin many times, almost in cycles and this is the most obvious fact that we have at hand to talk about the man like as the snake is a mutant in different degrees of awareness, meanwhile the flamboyant star keeps on illuminating the sixth chakra in the heart of man.

Finally the serpent divine animal for esoteric Egyptian religion, for its habit of winding itself tells us that what it finishes begins again, that is to say the axiom of the Catholic Church that in death life is culminated without validity. Death does not exist simply because the conscious life of man transform.

The sailing ships that is driven by the wind energy that is to say invisible energy but with visible material power, according to this, the magnetic force, electricity or electro plasma fluid takes shapes that are not seen, no physicality, no reality apparent physical, nevertheless their influence, their use is real and undeniable.

The sail, is the natural engine of sailing marine vessels symbolizes healing magnetism that had its origins in ancient Egypt and that there is more than the normal transposition of vital force or electro plasma fluid escaping from the hand and projected to the recipient. The magnetic head is considered the generator as the top coil of the human psyche, and here the Egyptians were undoubtedly deeply knowledgeable and scholars of different modalities presented by the magnetic force present in the egg electro human plasma, under the action of the counterforce of polarity.

What is this force of opposite polarity? It is the existence of the positive and negative forces; and if in this we refer ourselves to the Bible, the men on having been taken of the ground dust, means negative polarity and corresponds the right side of his body, while, the woman was taken of the first rib below the source of life that is the heart of the man, and belongs to the lefth side force of life, the divine spark, the positive pole; the distribution of the magnetic fluid, is not a simple hand imposition, every time, we must remember the ceremonial outfit of the Egyptian Pharaoh who had a helmet and who in his top part was projecting a figure as of snake, this way they appear before us these personages in the different museums and for the one who has the interior sight says that the head is a psychic energy accumulator that always transformed by the arm and the left hand.



What was strange and wonderful power possessing Orfeo?...With his lyre not only was achieving that the birds and animals were gathering around him, he was stopping the singings of the sirens with his own.

The fact is Orfeo had the magic power of the music, a power that produces effects in the human being, like changing our frame of mind, relaxing, entertain or touch us, making us think and also music can help us to remember and dream.


It is, an incontrovertible fact that the music affects the emotions, which in turn influence numerous corporal processes; it can change the metabolism, increase or diminish the blood pressure, affect to the muscular energy, to the digestion, to the internal secretions and to the respiration. Even the neuronales reds of the brain are sensitive to the harmonic principles.

In experiments carried out with animals it has been proved that certain types of music (The Blue Danube of Strauss, for example) it has a direct influence in the production of milk and eggs on the part of cows and hens. Something similar has been observed by the seeds of the plants stimulated musically that they had preserved the perfected characteristics of major size, major flowering and more leafs. The music changed the chromosomes of the plants.

Key to enter the superiors states

Is the music a way for the communication and the multiplication of the states of conscience? The ancient people believed that the use of the sound was the most powerful key to open the doors to the top conscience states and they were using the music as a vehicle for trips to other worlds because it was offering the revelation of the divine and cosmic laws.

The music is a knowledge, because it is the most direct and intense form of spiritual development that is known. Beethoven, for example, in his nine symphonies contains numerous topics and tonal references that belong to the footpath of the self transcendence. His last five quartets for the strings are considered to be the most mystical created music pieces ever.

Also in the works of J. Bach we find an eternal and unchangeable beauty, but this deep mystical feeling of life was completely natural in these two composers; it was not revealed them by any esoteric school. There exist on the other hand many musicians who have transmitted in their works infinite truths looking for inspiration in occultism themes.

Creativity source

Although not all the composers fit to the esoteric principle or they are not even capable of transmitting the same eternal truths, the true thing is that the metaphysics and the mysticism are an enormous source of creativity to the art of music. An art that, like Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner and other great musical geniuses have demonstrated, can move and transform the conscience more powerfully than no other art.

The idea of the power of music, especially the word intone, can influence the human destiny even in the order of the universe, it goes back to the music of Vedas. (Sanskrit वेद véd)

The Chinese philosopher Confucio believed that if the sublime and beautiful music was prevailing in a kingdom, this way the society was blooming in prosperity in the two areas, spiritual and material, but if the music was faltering, social changes happened.

For his part, Plato went so far as to say that the musical styles could not be altered without, as result the most important political institutions were collapsing.

Although it turns out to be paradoxical, the use of the military music also has exercised a fundamental influence during the historical events, because in last epochs it was used by the intention of provoking devastating results in the opposite field. So effective were the drums and trumpets in the battlefields, that the defeated armies were adopting often a similar or identical music used by the winners.

In other occasions, the influence of the music served to unify, serving to join entire nations. For example the War ofAmerican Secession was a musical revolution: it is a historical fact that the diffusion of patriotic songs of freedom was one of the most persuasive methods for which the Freemasons regrouped the American people.

The Libertarian Song turned into an obsession and it was sung everywhere: in the political declarations, in the patriotic celebrations, in all kinds of ceremonies. Such songs played a principal role in the formation of the sense of nationality of the North Americans.

The music also has application in the field of medicine. From the primitive societies until our days, the singings and ritual dances serve like a contribution in the illnesses like remedy, that is to say it has therapeutic purposes. Music as a therapy or as a way for the auto-transformation stood out in the modern society and it has been incorporated into the field of the medicine by its powerful curative effects.

Esoterism and music

Exists a musical esoteric tradition that is evident across groups Rosicrucian and cabala groups, Pythagorean and alchemists, that it flows from the Middle Age until our days. This narrow connection between esoterism and music seems inseparable, as if two fields were illuminated and were complementing between themselves.

Some examples:

Claude Debussy was a Big Teacher of the Secret Society the Priory of Zion, and he felt fascinated by the secret works of Edgar Allan Poe. Maurice Ravel was intrigued by many aspects of the occultism. Erik Satie was a member of the French Rosicrucian Order. W. Amadeus Mozart was a Freemason, and his operas and the instrumental works contain spiritualclues and expressive symbols of the ideals and Masonic rituals.

The whole of the finished works of Mozart is 626, between which there excel 18 operas, 20 masses and 49 symphonies. The most notable Masonic works that are known of this illustrious musical are: The Trip of the partner; For the closing of the Lodge; The happiness of the freemason; Small cantata francmasónica; Masonic funeral music; Andante Cantata maestoso; The magic flute, it was a work of Masonic simbología in its entirety; The praise of the friendship.

Webern studied between other things, cabalist numerology. The composition of Sibelius has a Masonic content stimulated for being a member of a Masonic Lodge of Helsinki. The ritual Masonic Sibelius musician was not known until the above mentioned music, in the shape of a manuscript was offered to the Big Lodge of New York by the Big Lodge of Finland, in proof of brotherhood, it had the Sibelius signature. This composition was executed for the first time in the United States in 1935, in the Lodge of American Investigation. The same year a checked edition of the same work was enriched by three additional pieces, including the topic of his famous composition Finland, which contain Masonic words.

Josef Hauer was an initiated Rosicrucian who saw every note of the scale like possessor of a specific spiritual effect. The same can be said about some contemporary musicians like Gustav Holts, whose profound astrology studies led him to composing his imperishable Suite of the Planets and of Norman Thomas Miller, whose tonal poems inside the music of the New Age, possess a deep meaning of the educations of the Big White Brotherhood.

In another more eclectic line there is Stockhausen, which not only tries to have reflected the Music of the Spheres proceeding from Syrian and from the cosmic beings who there live, but he affirms to come from a civilization from this star.



In spite of the antiquity of the esoteric rites, it is not easy to determine if these come from the Chaldean-Assyrian empire, culture that being based on ancient monuments, its origins are assign back up to forty centuries before Christ.

With regard to the religious principles that were forming the beliefs of the Chaldean-Assyrian culture, it is necessary to point out that the principal foundation of that religion was the astrology. His doctrine was settling, fundamentally, in the movement of five planets to which there were calling interpreters, between whom the principal one was Helios (the sun). They were observing the trajectory of the stars in the firmament, as well as the color of the same ones, and of these remarks they were deducing all kinds of climatological phenomena: atmospheric changes, thunderstorms, temperatures, rains, eclipses of moon and of the sun, appearance of comets, etc.

Those advanced astrologers were placing along with five planets thirty stars, which they called “gods advisers”. Of them, fifteen were inhabiting on the ground and others fifteen under it. For this method they could differentiate clearly, according to them, the celestial from human matters.

They were adding next, twelve lords of the gods, each of them entrusted to preside one month and one sign of the zodiac. They believed the moon was closer to the ground as a consequence of its weight; and also that its revolutions realized in less than those of the sun because the circle that it was describing was much minor.

The Chaldean priests created the Zodiac and did the division of the sky in twelve equal parts, to which they called the “twelve zodiacal houses”.

This first house the life;
the second, the wealth;
the third, the brothers;
the fourth, the relatives;
the fifth, the children;
the sixth, the health;
the seventh, the marriage;
the eighth, the death;
the ninth, that of the religion;
the tenth, the dignities; l
the eleventh, the friendship; and,
the twelfth one the enmities.

The Sun for them was favorable and beneficial, and meant kings, princes, big judges, etc.

The melancholic and humid Moon. It was reigning on the actors, bartenders and all those works develop at night.

Dry and ardent Mars and it was dominating on the warriors, cooks, bakers, smelters, locksmiths and other offices that iron and fire were used.

Sad and cold Saturn. He was reigning on the old men, the ecclesiastics, monks, convents and in general on all those who find isolated of the society, in a contemplative life.

Moderate and benign Jupiter and its empire was spreading on wise, big philosophers, the magistrates, etc.

Mercury was variable and inconstant. It was influencing the astrologers, geometers, poets, historians, physicists, inventors and, in general those who were devoting themselves to the sciences and the arts.

Fecund and beneficial Venus had under its protection the loves, the weddings, musicians ,perfumeries, jewelers, , etc.

The signs were dividing in:

Positives: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
Negatives: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpion, Capricorn and Pisces.
Cardinal: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
Fixed: Taurus,Leo, Scorpion and Aquarius.
Mutable: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.
Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
Water: Cancer, Scorpion and Pisces.
Air: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Everything previous exposed belongs to the called Astrology Judiciary,it believes it founder was Hermes Trimegistro, who also practised other secret sciences that have received the name of “Hermeticism“, derived from the famous Egyptian.

There exists another type of astrology that is the so called Medical Astrology, is about the influence of the stars in the different parts of the body. Hippocrates supported the theory of which the stars were influencing straight the development and appearance of the illnesses.

Galeno had a special worry for the moon and he said that the keys days belonged to the different phases of the satellite of the earth. Also he admits the intervention of other stars and support the idea if these stars lack of influence, and the sun source of light, heat and life, is the only one that governs four seasons, these should be always identical, without offering any type of change, since the course of the sun does not change; therefore, it is necessary to find another cause that explains this absence of climatic uniformity.

For Paracelso, the stars come up to us corrupting the ambiance of the ether that wraps and protects all the beings. The effects of these influences change to the disposition of the good or bad disposition of the being on the one who acts, depending also on the nature of the star.

Hermes Trimegistro was affecting on the action of the planets on five orifices of the head. Newton and Mead refer to the influence of the moon on the tides, from which it is deduced that in the same way it can influence the body and its systems.

According to the general principles of the astrology:

The Sun governs the heart and the head. It dominates on the happiness, the hope and the profit.
The Moon governs the brain and right arm. It has domain over the sleep, the wounds and the thefts.
Jupiter governs the liver and the belly. It dominates on the honor, the wealths and the desires.
Venus protects the kidneys and the left arm. He reigns in the friends and the loves.
Saturn governs on the spleen and the left foot.
Mars governs the genital parts and the bile.
Mercury the lung and the right foot.

The orifices of Hermes to which earlier we allude, are ruled by means of the following influences:

Jupiter and Saturn, the ears
Mars and Venus the holes of the nose.
The Sun and the Moon, the eyes.
Mercury, the mouth

With regard to the zodiacal divisions, his influences on the parts of the body are:

Aries the head.
Taurus the neck.
Gemini arms back.
Cancer on the breast and the heart.
Leo the stomach.
Virgo the belly.
Libra kidneys and the buttocks.
Scorpion genital organs
Sagittarius on the thighs.
Capricorn in the knees.
Aquarius on the legs.
Pisces on the feet.

This art of reading the stars, went on straight from Egypt to Greece, where it acquired extraordinary heyday and where it named ASTROLOGY, which means: "science of the stars".

Homere speaks often about this science. Fell of Mileto, Pythagoras and Democritus spread it for the whole Greece. From Alejandro Magno, who in several occasions came to the horoscopes which predictions were fulfilled, the different branches of the Astrology melted together.

Also in Rome the astrology had very favorable acceptance; confirms the fact that all the patrician that were possessing fortune were financing the services of a particular astrologer, whom they were calling “the mathematician”.

During all the times, the astrology had big heyday and in the XVIth century following once again the ways planned by the ancient Egyptians and Caldeos, they did not exclude cabbala, magic, alchemy was continued and the knowledge of the astrology increased and the fact was that one of his followers Pecho Pomponazzi, Aristotle's supporter, who wrote his Treaty on the Immortality of the soul, where it supports that the reason itself is incapacitated to solve this question, which can only be revealed by means of revelation. The above mentioned it was burned by order of the inquisitors of Venice, going to increase the number of the works prohibited by order of the Council of Trent.

Following the course of the history we have another famous astrologer Miguel de Nostradamus. He was a master of the gift of the prediction; and each of the centuries into which the book was divided, it was considered to be an authentic oracle whose secret sense they were trying to find out.

The Nostradamus predictions were a matter of numerous publications and they were re-printed often. In Spanish diverse translations exist under the title of "The Lucky charm of the dreams" and "Night Visions".

It is said that Nostradamus that was not acting like most of the astrologers, but for his knowledge and his studies of the Egyptians and Persians he achieved big knowledge and was capable of formulating, not already by means of horoscopes or evocations of spirits, but simply for seeing a person.

And we come until our days and have the big astronomer Hawking with his History of the Time who points out that if the science manages to find a finished theory of the universe, “it would be the definitive victory of the human reason, because then we would know the God's thought”. and he keeps on saying in his theory that meanwhile the universe had a beginning, we might suppose that it had a creator.

But if the universe is really a suppressed in itself, if it does not have any border or rim would have not even beginning not end simply would be.

What place stays for a creator then?




We are an invention of love and therefore we have been created to love. We are conductive wires of the high tension current of love, that's why the pride must not exist in us, because the pride is an insulator of love; that's why we must love our neighbor as ourselves, because to love ourselves more than others humans is to interfere the love and to be selfish. The human being is the only creature that can love with sense in the whole universe. Every human-being is not a meaningless passion, but it is a passion which sense is other human.

With this brief introduction we can affirm that love is an events with a duality. It is temporary, because love goes away; happens for more or less passionate stages, the meetings, the breakups … But love supposes also a challenge to the eternity, because it wants to be lived to the margin of time, hoping that it should be absolute, definitive, for ever.

This way, whenever we love, we slink of the time to penetrate into a possible eternity. Love and passion ignore the time. The person in love lives bringing together a rabid present and an unconscious eternity. If we speak about the passion, all these characteristics sharpen. The lost love creates an eternity that tends to the past. That moment provokes, an escape of temporal flowing, where the events that happen to rest in the past, cut themselves off of the actuality and tend to the disintegration, to forget. The human memory fights to avoid this opaqueness of the lived that is not there anymore.

To rescue the past to give its intensity to the present has been a constant effort of the human beings. If this idea limits itself to a personal ambience, let's admit that the mere actuality can be lived in a disinterested way. The future, undecipherable one, does not penetrate us. The past, on the other hand, is a well-known but still fecund region and, for the proper investigatory nature of the human being, never left.

In order that it is possible to live of love, is necessary to provoke an escape of the time . Isolated of his context crystallized by the powerful flow of the event that is already not part only part of the past. This one is constituted like a germ of what happens contemporary and give complete sense to the life. This way, the past is already not "the past", because it loses its ghostly appearance and claims its actuality. Extracted from this forgotten panorama.

The route of the memory turns into the instrument to create the erotic of time, a recovery of past sensations, which does not claim only recreation, but it tries to do that pleasure and memory are equal. An example of it is the invocation of a past sensation, which must wake up the memory of the body, the lips, the skin … those that we can remember. The body seems to have cognitive capacity, at least in the indelible sensual sphere. The body feels, but also thinks, remembers … the body knows. We find equivalences where the memory monopolizes the most splendid erotica of our being, and this way we are giving a new draft in the lucubration for the time and the memory or for the Life, memory and pleasure unite in a whole. The pleasure is the memory and the memory the authentic life of all.

Sometimes, the memory does not need a catalog of finished experiences. The ephemeral, creates the whole universe of sensations. It is enough a minimal moment, perhaps furtive and fast to remain patented in our lives. The attraction does not need any other stimulus. The look only needs the confrontation with the beautiful, despite the temporary moderation of the meeting.for one hour. I ask for the eternity that lasts what the passion. This eternity is created by the stimuli of the memory and the quantity of sensations that never exhausts its renewal.

Let's point out that before the dashing and uneases of time we have left only the memory. The pain and the old age disappear, even if it is only for a moment, but the exhaustion that is the life can only be supported if we approach what it overcomes us. I invite you to exceed the limits of the knowledge, establishing new orders between words and things, using the multiple variety of tools that provides the human experience, as they are to live on small moments, glances, solitary digressions. This way we will obtain that past and present, confused in our bodies exceeding the time.

Why suffer if everything is relative?

"To be happy means to be able to perceive ourselves without fear.”
(Paul Klee, German Painter)


Everything changes. Nothing remains immovable, everything is in constant vibration that is express by the hermetic philosophy, which has arrived to us from old Egypt. If everything is in movement and nothing remains the same, why to become distressed?. Of what has been said: if we lose a beloved one, that day will be very painful and an abyss by the death of the relative is open before us. The days go by and our soul suffer the absence. The months go by and the person begin to tranquilize. A year goes by, and the memory of the dear one began to disappear. After about three years, everything is vanished, the absence, suffers, memories, everything faded. What means that everything is relative.

Another example, you are an outstanding person. The impression that exists is you are irreplaceable in the family, in the pubic area. And when arrived the hour in which you have to leave this world. People repeat the usual phrase: is an irreparable loss. In the few weeks, all the emptiness that you left are covered. Everything continues working as if nothing had happened. When the newspaper at dawns arrives, you open the newspaper and you are overwhelmed by the news of the events of your city, country and of the world. On the following day, you feel again shaken by the series of the fatalistic news. The news of the previous day no longer impress you. To the third day, the press gives account of new horrors that impact you deeply. The news of both previous days already disappeared. Nobody remembers them. And thus day after day. Everything flows, like waters of a river; that they flow and does not return.

We verified time and time again that everything is so relative. Therefore What is the sense of suffer today by something that tomorrow it will not be? People suffer because of her myopia, or better said, because they are slept. Applies this reflection to your familiar life, and we will see that one tremendous familiar crisis of the past month already belongs to history; and the scare that today dominates you, a month after will only be a memory. Seated in front of the television we depressed ourselves by the political events, the championships, competitions, the red chronicle and the misinformation. While we are watching the news our mood raises or falls as if at every moment our eternal destiny was in play. But there is no such: everything is ephemeral like the dew in the morning. Nothing remains, all happens, then, Why to become distressed? Everything is unconscious, momentary. Therefore the secret is to reduce everything to its objective dimension.

Everything what happens in the world and around us is marked with the sign of the transitory. In history, everything seems, shines and disappears, is born and dies, comes and it goes away. The illusions of self and external senses give us as real, which in fact is fictitious. It is necessary to leave the error and the sadness: the error of thinking that the appearance is the reality, and of the sadness that the human experiments when feeling and to verify that what believed was not but one empty shade. It is necessary to take back consciousness of relativity and thus to save energies to take flight and to rise over the frightening emergencies, and to settle ourselves in the immutable presence of being, the self control and serenity; and, from this position, to balance the painful weight of the existence, the ties of the time and the space, the threat of the death, the impacts that come to human being from far or from close. We must be free of tension and bathed of serenity. So whenever you are dominated by the anguishes, put to work this means: to relativize.


It is an ambiguous word. Many have this idea, when we are relativizing, we were concealing or disguising something. They think that it is like to wear blue spectacles to seeing in blue. Exactly is to do quite the opposite: to take off the spectacles and the masks to see the things as they are, to reduce them to its exact dimensions and to accept them as they are; to sum relativize is as valuable as to be objective; and is one of the most effective ways to alleviate the suffering. And this suffering is because the human mind has the tendency to mark with absolute value what happens to us at the moment, due to the nature of the human mind, and by the way to undergo the reality. The way to undergo the things is the following one: To feel an emotion, when “living” a fact is the identification that occurs between that experience and the person, that identification absorbs the person in such a way that the person has the impression that at this moment there was not more reality than that experience.

And as the person lacks distance or perspective to appreciate objectively the dimension where is living, because the experience is too immediate and it surrounds him/her completely, and for that reason is absolute, the sensation of what is happening at that moment, has the excessive entity, and of the lack of comparison terms, of which the world will be reduced to this and that it seem will always be this way. That is why the person is flooded whith anguish and felt entirely dominated by that feeling.

Therefore it is necessary to relativize, since nothing is absolute and permanent, always in change

Harmony of the natural forces


Literally, the science of wind and water, Feng Shui, is the Chinese geomantic practice of locating or creating suitable places to live, work or even die. As Eitel wrote, a nineteenth century Christian missionary, "the Chinese contemplate the nature not as an inanimate tissue, nor dead, but as a living organism that breathes."

For them, the concept of terrestial force was very important. They believed that it circulated through channels in the soil, known as Mei Lug "dragon paths" and divided them into two categories, "Yang and Ying, male and female, symbolized by a blue dragon and a white tiger.

Temples, houses, tombs and government offices were built in accordance with guidelines and principles unchanged since it was vital to build sacred imperial buildings in places that have an appropriate balance between two principles, manifested in the Ch'i , "cosmic breath" which is also in Chinese acupuncture.

Its origins date back to 3000 years of our Era, when it began to set up maps or graphs that explained the relationship of the earth, the cosmos and its cycles. For the 200th Year of our Era, were common practitioners of Feng Shui in China, who gave great importance to the orientation of graves. In the IX and XVI are the greatest teachers, who wrote treatises on the foundations of this science. Concepts such as the Lo Shu, the trigrams, Ba Gua, the manage of this power are add to the interpretations of the holy book I Ching, to form one theory and practice that comes to be Chinese geomancy. The Chinese calendar, the sequence of the five elements and the use of magnetic compass complete the tools of this discipline.

The beauty and order of traditional Chinese landscapes are not the result of chance. Its old city were surrounded by walls to defender of the invaders and of evil influences. Stone lions and dragons of clay placed on lintels and eaves allow a balanced flow of positive and negative forces.

High pagodas were built in geomantic places acupuncture needles to pierce the most sensitive points of the landscape and thus neutralizing the sha ch'i, "the breath of misfortune." According to these principles was planned imperial Forbidden City in Beijing and the Hollow Hill, the focal point of China's sacred geometry. Experts like John Michell suggests that all the lands south of the Great Wall formed a single drawing, resulting in thousands of years of geomantic practices whose origins are attributed to the legendary Emperor Yu.

If the favor of the Ch'i was the purpose of Feng Shui to achieve harmony of all elements of the landscape was the work of Geomant. This brought together characteristics of philosopher, physician, geologist, architect and deep knowledge of the laws of the Tao. His mission was to harmonize the natural forces that come from heaven and earth to ensure the prosperity of the whole community.

This was using a complicated set of rules that determine how these factors influence, and an instrument almost magical: the geomantic compass, Luo p'an, a magnetic needle suspended at the center of a disc divided into more than 30 rings locked all the elements of Chinese cosmology: the cardinal points, the five elements, the solar and lunar calendars, the zodiac, planets, numerological systems, and even the I Ching hexagrams. Everything was important since, once chosen a site, the fate of their occupants was bound to it forever.

The Feng Shui was officially banished from China, but continued to practice in Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, Singapore, Unites Stated and with the opening of knowledge and the advent of the Aquarian Age, Eastern philosophies have been imposed in the West , helping the man to "survive" in the daily chaos, and it's the turn of to the architecture to connect of ancient strategies as a discipline of seeing the world, having the perfect and eternal order of the universe.
It is a philosophy that leads us from the particular to the general of all things. We can verify it in our body, our home and workplace, even in our town, country. And in developed countries almost no companies and individuals who contract the services of Geomantes to ensure good fortune and external and internal harmony.

There are several trends in the practice of Feng Shui: Call School Forms is based on environment of the site, shape of the house and decorative objects. Buddhist School takes the driveway as a guide and aid the interpretation of Ba Gua chart for analysis. The School of the eight predictions using the compass and may or may not use the five elements. The School of the 24 stars using the compass, the environment, the construction date and the five elements, being probably the most sophisticated school.

With the help of Feng Shui is possible to design a habitat or a workplace balanced and harmonious taking into account different variables that lacks the conventional architecture. An architect or designer can use Feng Shui in conjunction with traditional design capacity, is like looking through different eyes their creation. One technique support to the other, enriches and complements. On what has been designed using "remedies" such as the placement of mirrors, mobile audio, plants, pets and management of the four elements of nature: water, fire, air and earth. Produce beneficial changes for people who occupy these spaces.

If you continue doing what it always has been in the past, the future will still get the same results. Something must change in the present, and with this tool is able to interact with the outside world as if it were a reflection of your mind.

Interpretation of the Cosmos

Whether the product of Eastern culture or the West, the circular mandala or sacred diagram is a familiar and pervasive throughout the history of art.

India, Tibet, Islam and medieval Europe have produced it all in abundance, and much of the tribal cultures also used it, either in the form of paintings, buildings or dances.

Such diagrams are usually based on the division of the circle into four quarters, and all parts implaid elements are interrelated in a unified design. Most of the time are somewhat cosmological, that is to say, a symbol representing what is considered to be the essential structure of the universe: for example, the four spatial directions, the four elements, four seasons, twelve signs of the zodiac,different deities,and often the man himself.

One of the most striking applications of the mandala appears in the architecture of the domes, both Islamic and Christian. The square represents the earth, covered in a fourfold embrace the circular dome of heaven, and therefore subject to the wheel of time in constant motion.

When the incessant movement of the universe, represented by the circle, gives way to comprehensible order the square appears. The square presupposes the circle and is therefore a result of it. The relationship between form and movement, space and time, is evoked in the mandala. But the most notable and constant in this form of diagram is that it expresses the notion of the cosmos, the reality conceived as an organized and unified.
The Gothic cathedrals with their rosettes created one of the most developed expression of the mandala, on having combined and turned into unit the light, color and form. This, however, ended the cycle of evolution of the mandala on the continent. We see that the arts are disappearing first, and then of conscience. Gradually saving holistic thinking, is being displaced by the interpretation of analytical-rational world and intellectual. From Occident the decadence of the mandala radiates throughout the world, we can see precisely how this mentality has led us to the brink of destruction of the mandala-earth.

In itself these cycles are not wrong, however, nothing that we should fight, but simply expressions of the rotation of the mandala. The same we find clearly symbolized in the mandala of the tenth Tarot card, the "Wheel of Fortune", which often also seen in the doorways and the windows of some churches. This coincidence between a source from the deck, which comes from a deep root esoteric and other of the Roman Catholic Church, perhaps initially surprising, but there are many coincidences.

What does the wheel of fortune? Do not say ...? That what goes up must come down again, and what is down will go up. This is an ancient esoteric law, or at best timeless, applicable to both cultures as historical eras, art forms, nations, individuals, economic trends, current fashion trends and taste . So the mandala shows us the movement of history and that of their own destiny through time.

After meeting its climax with the great cathedrals and large rosettes, began the destruction of the mandala, and with it the holistic cultures, characterized by "the sacrum. The Spanish began when they destroyed the cultures of Mesoamerica and typically did so because they sought gold, but only in external appearance and materials.

They stole the gold from the Aztecs, Mayas and the Incas who knew how to value the inner side of gold, the noblest metal of all, who symbolized for them the Sun God is therefore not surprising that the Spanish did not find never "El Dorado", the legendary gold-rich country, because it has no physical existence. Only one who finds his inner Dorado get it externally. Similar and equally doomed to failure in the criteria by which modern chemistry work and the desire of the alchemists in their quest for the "fabrication of gold."

In the concept of conquest agreed all Westerners. Several European nations have been taking turns in the destruction of entire cultures outstanding living mandala. Or in other words, the left cerebral hemisphere declared war on the right and defeat the latter has apparently been completed. But only in appearance! This is declared by the timeless symbol of T'ai chi.

Indian cultures of North America, with its sand mandalas succumbed to the Europeans commanded by the English. By then the Europeans also were enemies to each other but were in agreement as to the direction of thrust against holistic cultures of the two Americas. In another continent, "sacred" cultures nor had the opportunity to address the new way of thinking and acting. Mandala also perished in India, where it had determined the entireG life. And the symbol of liberation in our century has been precisely the wheel again, the spinning wheel that Manhatma Gandhi turned to remind fellow compatriots their roots. That the Indians returned to spin the thread that bound them to the roots of their traditions.
In the destruction of the cultures of the Mandala, there was a sort of climax when Tibet was taken over by the Chinese government and Tibetan culture shaped by Taoism and ancient symbol of T'ai chi, in turn was displaced by a new mentality. Mandalas in Tibet played a major role controlling its entire existence.

In the whole world the cathedrals degenerated into mere tourist attractions which charge for entry. However mandalas never died at all. They survived in the shadows, in the ruins, imagination, the art,but Mandalas are not perish while surviving a single individual of the human species. And while one half (of the brain or the symbol of tai chi) prevails, at its heart always survives the opposite pole (the black dot on white field).

This unilateral evolution is neither good nor bad: it is. It is implicit in the Mandala itself, and also the Mandalas's cultures foresaw it (there serve of example the predictions of the American Indian clairvoyant Black Deer, who predicted the via crucis from the Indian nations up to the decline, and also the visions of the Hopi).

Today we have reached a point of inflection, the point that marks the rediscovery of our roots, of ours interns Mandalas. Little by little, and not by chance, we are attending a renaissance of Mandalas in the external life: in the arts and in the meditative traditions now reborn. This process we could read it in any Mandala ; it is a natural law and it is fulfilled. Let's recover now our shade, and it turns into our mission: the search that had precipitated us completely towards the external thing, ending in obsession and desperation clogged in the polarity, turns again towards the center, towards the meditation.

The Mandala circle has closed again, and we know that it will be open again, it will close, it will be open...