Why suffer if everything is relative?

"To be happy means to be able to perceive ourselves without fear.”
(Paul Klee, German Painter)


Everything changes. Nothing remains immovable, everything is in constant vibration that is express by the hermetic philosophy, which has arrived to us from old Egypt. If everything is in movement and nothing remains the same, why to become distressed?. Of what has been said: if we lose a beloved one, that day will be very painful and an abyss by the death of the relative is open before us. The days go by and our soul suffer the absence. The months go by and the person begin to tranquilize. A year goes by, and the memory of the dear one began to disappear. After about three years, everything is vanished, the absence, suffers, memories, everything faded. What means that everything is relative.

Another example, you are an outstanding person. The impression that exists is you are irreplaceable in the family, in the pubic area. And when arrived the hour in which you have to leave this world. People repeat the usual phrase: is an irreparable loss. In the few weeks, all the emptiness that you left are covered. Everything continues working as if nothing had happened. When the newspaper at dawns arrives, you open the newspaper and you are overwhelmed by the news of the events of your city, country and of the world. On the following day, you feel again shaken by the series of the fatalistic news. The news of the previous day no longer impress you. To the third day, the press gives account of new horrors that impact you deeply. The news of both previous days already disappeared. Nobody remembers them. And thus day after day. Everything flows, like waters of a river; that they flow and does not return.

We verified time and time again that everything is so relative. Therefore What is the sense of suffer today by something that tomorrow it will not be? People suffer because of her myopia, or better said, because they are slept. Applies this reflection to your familiar life, and we will see that one tremendous familiar crisis of the past month already belongs to history; and the scare that today dominates you, a month after will only be a memory. Seated in front of the television we depressed ourselves by the political events, the championships, competitions, the red chronicle and the misinformation. While we are watching the news our mood raises or falls as if at every moment our eternal destiny was in play. But there is no such: everything is ephemeral like the dew in the morning. Nothing remains, all happens, then, Why to become distressed? Everything is unconscious, momentary. Therefore the secret is to reduce everything to its objective dimension.

Everything what happens in the world and around us is marked with the sign of the transitory. In history, everything seems, shines and disappears, is born and dies, comes and it goes away. The illusions of self and external senses give us as real, which in fact is fictitious. It is necessary to leave the error and the sadness: the error of thinking that the appearance is the reality, and of the sadness that the human experiments when feeling and to verify that what believed was not but one empty shade. It is necessary to take back consciousness of relativity and thus to save energies to take flight and to rise over the frightening emergencies, and to settle ourselves in the immutable presence of being, the self control and serenity; and, from this position, to balance the painful weight of the existence, the ties of the time and the space, the threat of the death, the impacts that come to human being from far or from close. We must be free of tension and bathed of serenity. So whenever you are dominated by the anguishes, put to work this means: to relativize.


It is an ambiguous word. Many have this idea, when we are relativizing, we were concealing or disguising something. They think that it is like to wear blue spectacles to seeing in blue. Exactly is to do quite the opposite: to take off the spectacles and the masks to see the things as they are, to reduce them to its exact dimensions and to accept them as they are; to sum relativize is as valuable as to be objective; and is one of the most effective ways to alleviate the suffering. And this suffering is because the human mind has the tendency to mark with absolute value what happens to us at the moment, due to the nature of the human mind, and by the way to undergo the reality. The way to undergo the things is the following one: To feel an emotion, when “living” a fact is the identification that occurs between that experience and the person, that identification absorbs the person in such a way that the person has the impression that at this moment there was not more reality than that experience.

And as the person lacks distance or perspective to appreciate objectively the dimension where is living, because the experience is too immediate and it surrounds him/her completely, and for that reason is absolute, the sensation of what is happening at that moment, has the excessive entity, and of the lack of comparison terms, of which the world will be reduced to this and that it seem will always be this way. That is why the person is flooded whith anguish and felt entirely dominated by that feeling.

Therefore it is necessary to relativize, since nothing is absolute and permanent, always in change

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