The power of the will


Everything subdue before a firm will, thanks to perseverance
nature reveals its secrets to the human will



The will is the power that the soul has to determine, with conscience and reflection, an act freely selected. This is precisely the art of educating the will: in knowing how to develop the faculty to direct its acts, restricting the sphere of the mechanical impulse and the empire of the whim, so that the soul is completely owner of all the energies. The human has more willpower when know how to evade the dominion of the external forces and govern vital impulses that stem from inside of their being. .

Difficult thing is to find a human beings completely owner of their will. The humans generally speaking are divided in two great groups: apathetic and violent. In apathetic the internal impulse is almost zero; the vital forces remain buried in inaction, and their activity so weak and inadequate that almost never get in line with what is required of them by duty. This languor of spirit, this discouragement to the effort is the disease of the will more universally extended and at the same time most dangerous

In the violent ones, which we all are in determined occasions under the influence of the passion, the impulse is on the contrary excessive and disorderly like an indomitable horse that does not obey to the brake. Neither one have dominion of their will. The owner of the will is the one who during hours of apathy knows how to wake up cushioned energies, using little force to determine the advisable impulse, at the moments of disorderly excitation, is able to calm and check his/her passions, then directing the soul when is overflowed in a way of having the fecund activities.

The true dignity

The first result of similar domain will be the manifestation and development of the personality, is possible to affirm, that barely exists one person between thousand human beings who is a person, is because, most instead of have their soul in their hands, they are being led by external influences for the blind exigencies of their sensitivity. The true dignity of the human is based on what they are and not in what they have. The mankind without willpower are not then such mankind , since neither of them are independent, nor productive, nor acquire. By the willpower people are going to get rid of his oppressors, they will become owners of themselves, recovering the freedom, consequently they are going to be moral people, rising from the state of degradation to the true greatness.

The conquest of our self demands major effort that the conquest of the others - which showed in the history of almost all great men-,the development of the personality involves the power of action and the empire of the influence on others. They will govern the world and they will own the Earth, those who have taken before possession of themselves and become owners of their actions.


Everything subdue before a firm will, even the inanimate beings and even brute force. Thanks to the perseverance at work and the tenacity in the projects, the nature disclose to the human will its secrets and their resources: therefore one has said that the genius is the undergone patience and perseverance, and is found out that the willpower does not have less importance than the talent in the most impressive discoveries and in conquerors of most adventures projects.

The intellectual value is, generally speaking result of the willpower. Two intelligences equal outcomes often get very different results, depending on the will that directs the talent in each case. The talent does not develop and invigorates but through continuous exercise. It found that in most cases,productivity in a wise person depends on the power of concentration and not having his mind divided into different things at once. put all the attention in one thing to analyze with depths thoughts give to the person more enrichment. But the constant attention is fatigues when is achieved with effort and struggle, but is the most advantageous result and perhaps the most accurate measure of willpower.

Nobody ignores that the talent depends to a large extent in the effort of the willpower; but also the organism keeps the same subordination. Therefore it cannot doubt that the will is tributary to the health, but the willpower influences as well in the health, since it regulates the organism, balances the feeding and the wearing down and tempers the excitations, which violence would be pernicious; its reach is still greater, because communicates to the organism strength, that why is justifies
the therapeutic benefit indicated to the willpower.

No 10 The insatiable thirst of desire

Emerging from Atlantis to the Sanctuary of the Spirits
Letter No. 10


There is an antidote for fierce thirst or desire, a single word: Wisdom


One reason for samples difficulties in life is the desire. The desire is a relentless thirst that never ends. Because we all ardently desire, we are hungry and thirsty from different experiences and different things, we continue to suffer. It is not that we have to deprive of the things we want. The objects are not the problem. It is our commitment, our identification with what we crave, which causes suffering. Therefore the problem are not foreign objects, which we are tangling. The difficulties are our internal attachments.

People misunderstood that if we do not have desires, will never again be able to love or live with passion. What is just the opposite. We will continue with our healthy desires, but are no longer contaminated and poorly directed by an insatiable thirst.

Therefore we must learn to cultivate love with kindness, empathy and integration. We should not take ownership of each other and we should not become so identified or attached to things (whether personal thoughts, feelings, professions, goals or material objects) that make us lose the vision of the reality, of the relativism of the changing nature of all things.

How many hours to the day we dedicated to the tireless activity to try to get what we desire ? At what moment those interminable hours becoming a obsession? How much of your mind and time is invests in fantasize about that desires? Is too easy to use the majority of the hours of our lives to remain under the turbulent obsession of the romance, career, money, lovers, the pastimes, sex or pleasures. Like a dark cloud, desire darkens the radiant and free spiritual nature.

Who in this culture can resist to an insatiable thirst of sensual pleasures, wealth or power? There is much publicity everywhere, so much propaganda, many shopping malls and stores, many places that capture our attention. Do not feel frequently hit by the breezes of "attractions" that cry out for attention? Every day we receive catalogs, the television and radio get to us, print media and the Internet shows us thousands of objects that in the beginning we did not desire , but we are encouraged to bring fantasy into ours lives in which we invest our time an uncertain future, waiting with hope to be taken and transported by a savior in a red expensive car.

But there is an antidote for a single word for that kind of thirst or desire: Wisdom. The wisdom of freedom of desires. We have the ability to discover or rediscover our innate wisdom, our conscience, our inner joy, through the questioning ourselves. The wisdom is the solution to get over obsessions and desires transforming a routine and monotonous existence in a beautiful and inspiring walk through a garden. That is true freedom.

Buddha speaking to his disciples told them: He who overcomes this fierce thirst, difficult to be conquered in this world, sufferings fall off from him, like water-drops from a lotus leaf"

Do we have freedom?


The freedom is not another thing that the necessary consequence of the combination of the will and intelligence


The Earth is not the center of the universe! To have managed to get the truth of this affirmation has been surprising the conquest of the freedom to the humanity . When Copernicus presented/displayed its revolutionary theory for the first time, that it affirmed that the Earth on the contrary turned around the sun , people thought tha he was crazy. In fact, when Galileo used a telescope to prove the heliocentric theory of Copernicus, was considered a heretic for defy the prevailing religious beliefs with its scientific conceptions; Galileo was processed and it was ordained to him that he has to resigned to his convictions. Before facing the torture, he resigned to his affirmations and it was put under house arrest, where he remained the last eight years of his life. One says that when he was on the brink of his death, their last words were: “it does not matter what they say, the Earth turns around the sun".

We accept that truth from Copernicus and Galileo, but exists until today beliefs that prevents to accept a scientific truth about the universe and to penetrate in the deepest meaning in which each of us is the center of our own universe, the impediment is not the mental capacity but the lost of freedom to think and to face those truths and concepts that underlie beyond our mind.

The true freedom is divided according to the philosophy, in external and internal. The external one is the faculty that we must to grow according to our will, given our position and those of the other humans in the world. The internal is the faculty to think, to appreciate the human beings and their acts according to the dictations of our consciousness. On this base of appreciation also we will divide the freedom in positive and natural.

We call positive to first freedom, because it is limited by the laws and customs that govern all the beings; and the second natural , because the national beings enjoy it in the sphere of their major or minor intellectual and moral development.

The positive freedom falls or tends to fall as the human being advances in his knowledge, because the complicated duties and rights that arise from the physical development, intellectual and moral of the world, recognize by limits and equal duties and rights, that there are to respect and that to demand of the others.

It will be possible to be enjoyed greater freedom than in a pure state! Certain, we must contemplate to the free world of illusion or distortion of the reality that surrounds to us, or the way we see our self; to see roses where there are roses, to see thorns where there are thorns. We will see that ample and limitless freedom in beings who know and who have developed the knowledge of the essence of the world surrounds them ,means to know what it is, to know how they operate the things and to know the inner self and the others. ; To show the contrary is when the spirit is lacking of light of the knowledge, the moral, the respect to the nature and this one being does not know the true freedom, if it does not think nor it is behave but in close circles of the material accumulations.

On the other hand, is indispensable to exercise that individual freedom, because is indispensable to know and understood ourselves. When we are aware to the wisdom, we are not forced to choose what we see, but see exactly what is. This can seem to us as a challenge, nevertheless, when we are separated from the fantasy and we see in truth the way of being of the things, we are freed of the illusion and can begin to live more according to the reality.

The freedom is not another thing that the necessary consequence of the combination of the will and the intelligence, directed in varied sense. It is an effect of the free will, innate in all human being, genuine effect and huge, because it is the most active and powerful coefficient of the progress, and as well, it gives birth to another coefficient of not less importance, is called moral responsibility. In summary: The freedom supposes a more or less clear knowledge of the acts that are executed and a will perfectly defined by the development of intelligence. If in the fact that is executed does not enter the will to act and not the knowledge about what we are doing, the freedom does not exist.

And there are human beings who fight these fundamental principles and the progress in all transcendental manifestations not only for the individual life but the development of the society as a whole that has arrived at a development degree and which has needed centuries to reach the goal of the human greatness and that in spite of the passed time still does not manage to take all secrets to the life and science.

All the great conquests of the human sort in which it goes to our time, are fought firmly by the ones that not believe in the equality of the beings, the tolerance and the reason. Nevertheless that the tolerance is the precursor and the eternal companion of the freedom, and the equality is the best conquest of the towns.

We are cosmic beings


The succession of the kingdoms mineral, vegetable and animal in the physical world becomes a symbol of the constant movement of involution and evolution of a being who has been divided in the complementary qualities of the spirit and the matter



The idea of the cosmic man is picked up by contemporary science in the concept of hologram that demonstrates that each fragment of a whole contains the components of the absolutely global structure. In old science, the metaphorical application of the notion of cosmos was the base of the astrological philosophy and that can also be found in the alchemy like search of the philosopher stone: that part that can be found the “whole”.

The first principle of this theory is that the mankind is not a simple component of the universe, but is rather simultaneously the end item summarized of the evolution and the potential original seed from which the universe germinated. We can use the analogy of the seed and the tree: the tree of the universe is the accomplishment of the potential of the seed that is the cosmic man. I use the word here man in relation to its Sanskrit root manas, that means “mind” , or it brings back to consciousness that it can reflect on itself.

The same image of the identity between the seed and the tree or the cosmic man and the transitory man in the tree of the evolution appears in the book of Genesis. In the chapter 1º, Adam is located in the garden with all the animal and plants already created. Adam is the summary or final stage of the evolutionary process. This coincides with the paradigm of the man as container and a synopsis of all the evolutionary unfolding that has preceded him.

In the chapter 2º, Adam who is born first. In this chapter, that apparently contradicts the first chapter, Yahweh-God creates the animal and the showed them to Adam, and Adam is put under the test to have to name them all one by one. In this test, Adam recognizes each species like a branch of his own central trajectory. He can name them because he knows that they are part of him. Adam is the central trunk of the evolutionary tree. The animal species are relative and specialized lateral branches of the agitated center.

Adam when naming the different species, he recognizes them, or we will say, remembers his own embryonic past. But also he recognized himself like the ardent seed, the first model of all the organic process of the universal life . Adam, at that moment of the creation can declare: “I do not see anything that is not I; I do not see anything that is absolutely like I”. Therefore, Adam passes the test. It goes beyond his identification with the successive phases - mineral, vegetable and animal of the evolution, and at the same time identifies itself with the highest power in the organization of the cosmic energy. By means of his identification with his original universal nature Adam is ready to incarnate itself in Adam Caedmon, the incarnation of the cosmic or divine man.

The Veda's tradition transmits the same cosmic vision from a point of view more metaphysics. It says to us that God created the universe moved by desire to see himself and to adore himself. The being of this inconceivable God can consider himself like omniconscient, all-powerful, homogeneous and infinite an expansion of the pure spirit and without form. Its desire to see himself created an idea of himself, called in the Hindu thought the “real idea”. This divine mental perception of himself, the “creative word” of the judeochristiano thought, that event in itself is the cosmic man. And this cosmic man is what the present man calls the universe.

The cosmic philosophy represents the evolution like an interchange, an investment continues between the eternal cosmic man and the humanity in evolution. The universal being evolve until the dense form-seed of itself. In principle this is represented by the mineral kingdom, the extreme form of unconscious densification and fixes. This seed in involution soon brings about an opposed movement of evolution. It follows the vegetable kingdom then that rises upwards and towards outside; it animates, it releases and it incarnates the divine qualities that were locked up or surrounded in the mineral.

These divine qualities pronounce and clarify as functional principles and stages of growth in the vegetable kingdom - it is to say, root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit, seed that we can interpret like symbol-analogies of all the universal process of happening.

The animal kingdom appears then as an investment of the vegetable process and we can detect here a rate of rotation between involution and the evolution that gives rise to the succession of the kingdoms. The animal returns “to involution”. The vital principles, activities and functions that the plant “had evolved” or open, clarify and sustained. The animal secures through its involution the faculty of individual mobility that necessarily precedes to the individual will. Involution can be considered like the materialization of the spirit, and the evolution like the spiritualization of the matter.

Rudolf Steiner proposes an effective image of this process observing that the man in his animal body is not in fact another thing that a plant returned from the reverse. The respiratory function of the plant is the leaf. This function is realised open to the sun, to the external end of the ramification principle. In the man, the respiratory function is the lung: their ramifications are in the interior.Continuing the analogy we observed that the flower, that is the sexual organ of the plant, grows upwards and pushes the energy of the plant upwards, towards the light, whereas in the man and the animal the sexual organs are directed downwards and push the energies of the body downwards. The plant is taken root in the Earth; in the man, the function characteristic of the root is in the circumvolutions of the brain, that is taken root in the sky of the thought and the mental energies.

The mental process is a process of digestion, assimilation and transmutation that works in a higher frequency than the one of the intestinal and digestive process, although the internal also form circumvolutions. This way, the succession of the kingdoms mineral, vegetable and animal in the physical world become a symbol of the constant movement of involution and evolution of a being who has been divided in the complementary qualities of the spirit and the matter.

Within the logic of this vision of the evolution, the intention of the physical man is to transform that involution incarnation and animal into a light body, like it made the evolution of the plant with respect to the involution mineral kingdom. Through the vision of the man like the cosmos, geometry becomes cosmic that describes the drama of this divine birth. And in the course of all the times of construction of temples, the architecture based on geometry has been an open book that revealed that eternal drama.

In India still alive the Vastupurushamandala, the tradition of the design of the temples based on the cosmic man. Also it exists in the architectonic model of the great Gothic cathedrals was universal Christ-Man in the cross of the creation. In Egypt there is a great temple whose model is the human figure. It is the temple of Luxor that reproduces to the cosmic man in its architecture, as well as in the design of his ritual , in the birth process. Sutra architectonic Hindu says: “The universe is present in the temple by means of the proportion”.

Entrance to the Inner Self


The great mystery that surrounds to this mystical entrance is how it takes to a magical world in which exist a different dimension like the one we live

In the legend that composes the different towns of the world, one of the more interesting and mysterious is the image of the door or gate which introduce the central personage of the story in “another world”, in a magical world or in a different dimension from the being and it brings back to consciousness. A typical example is in the symbolism of the tarot, this gate is represented by the called card the Priestess; in the cards of Waite, shows the entrance to a temple, it hides by a veil, after which the priestess is sitting down with rolls of the Torah between hers hands.

In the majority of the great universal religions there is a reference to this “mystical gate”; Christ made reference to it in the Sermon of the Mountain when He said: "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it."
The great mystery that surrounds to this mystical entrance is how it takes to a magical world in which it governs a dimension different from the being. Where the secret of that resides?. “Open Sesame” In order to understand better what means this mystical door, is precise to define the nature of the masculine side and the feminine side, the fundamental opposed ones, since what open it is the mystery of an androgynous relation. But to appreciate opposite the fundamental ones in his archetype expression, is necessary to study his manifestations.

Everything is pronounced under the duality form, a stress ratio between the soul and God; or between teacher and disciple, two people in love according to theirs beliefs. This basic duality of the fundamental opposed ones - or it is that we consider like the duality of creator and creation, spirit and matter, time and space, sky and earth or darkness and light, the duality is very next to the same heart of the existence. Said opposed they acquire numerous forms without stopping being in essence the same. We must review those forms to include better its essential nature; and for it the best thing will be to soon consider the place that fulfills first of all, in the great macro cosmos of the nature and within the individual microcosm.

In the majority of the initiatory schools, secret religions and societies appears similar concepts or ideas. Carl Jung denominated these expressions " the archetypes," coming from a collective psychological foundation. One of the tie preponderant subjects with the creation and structure of its cosmology, that is to say of the separation of the pro creators of the world. Generally this separation in two opposed than originally was a unit it express in the separation between sky and earth.

Sky and earth are the first expression of the fundamental opposed ones. In Greek mythology they assumed the form of Gaea or mother earth and Uranus, the crowned star sky. Therefore the first ancestors of the world are not only the sky and the Earth, but the father-sky and the mother-earth, opposed archetypes of the principles creative and receptive that express like father and mother, male and female. Charles Ponce, in its work Alchemy: tests for an extreme metaphysics, mention two Greek myths illustrate that it. First it is the birth of Athena or Athenian, that does the times of the Greek mystery of waking up. This to wake up mystical one takes place when the seed of the life is germinated by the lightning that explode between the pituitary one and the pineal. This sparkle shakes the receptive and reflective aspect of the conscious mind, thinking and constantly creative, and as so it represents the part of the androgynous equation in which “the masculine thing becomes feminine”.

This image of the reflexive feminine and imprisoned by the masculine thing, absorbed and limited , occurs in one of myths of Zeus. that the daughter of the Ocean, Metis, who had been taken like lover for Zeus, one day she would have a son (or some other thing) more powerful than its lightning, Zeus, eager to escape to this destiny, swallowed to Metis to lock up it in its stomach. But he ignored that she was a pregnant woman, and the pressure that the fruit of its union made inside him to be born produced to Zeus terrible pains in the head. In order to procure lightening the pain he divided the skull with an enormous axe , and from the interior Athena was born, with the shining armor like thousands of suns.

Ponce suggests this birth of Athena represents “the consummation of brings back to consciousness androgynous”; I believe, rather, it was only the beginning, of the first passage in the profit of happiness brings back to consciousness. The partition of the skull of Zeus with the axe and the later liberation of Athena, the “feminine reflexive”, of the prison of inner self, is the experience of the inner sparkle, and is equivalent to run the veil of the negative existence, which confers to the subject the perception of the eternal life.

In the towns of Mesopotamia the productive Earth power had given rise, to a divinity in which the feminine element predominated. When in the agricultural communities as the one of the valley of Tigris and the Euphrates the cult to the birth tied with the cycle of the stations and the ritual of the vegetation, earth like the generating power of the nature was conceived to the goddess as a whole; it happened to be the cause of the periodic renovation of the life. It simultaneously assumed then the multi face form of mother and fiancee. The Mesopotamian mother-earth was inexhaustible source of a new life. Consequently the power indicated in the fertility, under all the forms of personified in this goddess.

Also it happened with the indoamericans cultures, where the symbolism of the solicitous celebrations transient in the mysterious sun represents the masculine paper like light source, of heat and life. The sun (to be fecund father) illuminates the Earth (to be receptive mother), the fecund one and vivifies. For that reason they considered king of the creation, like the best one of its Gods.

Not only in Greek mythology, Mesopotamian and Hindu American were expressed the opposites but in all the cultures that have colonised the planet. It is possible to be interpreted that when the normally creative mind learns to being its receptive opposing, and the “sleepy goddess” normally receptive of Kundaline learns to being its creative opposing, experience the androgynous mystery of the divine one, guides of the pilgrim once transposes the Mystical Gate and enters the inner temple.

In this sense we can see “with other eyes” the representation celebrates more of this Vestibule, the traditional symbol of the Tao, the circle divided in a white zone and another black. The target and the black represent both opposite fundamental of the nature, yin and yang, the Yin receptive feminine principle and yang creative masculine principle. But it matters to observe that within each of these principles opposite one is contained its, appeared by the small circles of opposite color: the white seed within yin black and the black seed within yang white. These “seeds” symbolize of each opposite fundamental one. When these seeds fructify, when yang creative becomes the “feminine thing released” in the receptive sense, and yin receptive becomes “masculine resurrects” in the creative sense, is born androgynous the divine one, the Mystical Gate is open and the pilgrim can enter in the mystery “another inner world” of the soul.

And this principle of yin and yang is represented in the pavement of mosaic of the Masonic temples, interpreted by squaring black and white that means duality and opposite like its acceptance through the tolerance and free will. This pavement is constituted by the opposed pairs of that are like faces of a currency, one next to the other like the day and night, the dream and the watch, the pain and the pleasure, honour and the calumny, the success and the failure, the happiness and the misfortune, the egoism and the altruism to conceive the positive and the negative. But in spite of existing the irremovable principle of duality it is possible to add that those rigid principles do not exist, because the man is a mixture of positive and negative, there is no a totally good man and that there is no a complete bad man . Then what exists is the polarity, they are tendencies or approaches towards the positive or the negative, which causes that a person inclines more towards a positive virtue or a negative defect, but without this means that the positive not excludes the negative or vice verse.

But it matters to observe that all the mysteries have a main purpose for this initiatory experience, androgynous waking up of the divine one, carried out by the magical initiation, to be on towards the interior the immortal aware of the man, raising its power of perception until they were able to receive the message of a higher degree of reality.

The Gate leads to the sanctuary of the inner temple. It is the entrance to “a sacred place”, where the entrance to a temple non constructed by hands nor by human tools; the entrance to the “closed garden” where once occurs to the hidden and secret encounter between the spirit and the external being. It is also the beginning of the great trip that crosses the rainbow, arrives at the magical Earth of Oz, that leaves in search of the Grail, back leaves the city of the destruction and transposing the threshold of the gate it initiates his peregrination towards a celestial city. Once open the Gate, clear path extends and the old way in front of the investigator. From inside it summons the admonition: “You enter by the narrow gate…” And few are those that find it.

Do you believe in luck?


We are lucky primarily when the events are favourable to us unexpectedly and without having planned anything about it

Victor Manuel Guzman Villena

Hopefully we find ourselves in a situation where the result of all our intents and purposes depends on chance. For example, the bank robber, which is recognized by a security guard who just started a new job at that bank, and already knew the thief because he had previously seen his action in another branch, the robber had no luck.

While the good luck is usually related with the events that are favorable (adverse if they fail) so unexpected, "by chance", "likely". In my youth I played Russian roulette and I am alive to tell you. I was lucky despite the fact the revolver was loaded with only one bullet so that the odds favored my survival. It was only "by chance" that I leave the game well and alive. Someone who comes out unscathed from a serious accident are lucky, even if in the accident were more people involved, and most of them managed to survive (for example, in this case survive was a probability).

We would say I had luck since was only by chance that been a survivor among the few fortunates and not among the unfortunate. Indeed, when the number of probability is very high and what it is left to chance is minimal, would be more accurate to speak of fortune rather than luck. (Whoever wins the lottery are lucky, the one who has not won, has been unfortunate)

The fate interrupts the normal evolution of events. Accordingly, we have certainly not right to expect that "the fate is with us ". It is precisely because we live in a world where things do not go well for what we normally we tend to think that when developments are favorable to us is something special, and is why we say "we have had a lucky break." Having "a streak of good luck" is more unusual and therefore worth to celebrate the good fortune.

We are lucky primarily when the events are favourable to us unexpectedly and without having planned anything about it, and we are very lucky when something happens against all odds. If you lose a needle in a haystack and find it in the first pile of grass you're looking at that event like been lucky. To speak of chance an event has to happen against all odds trustworthy.

Whoever wins the bingo is lucky, but whoever loses, knowing the low probability of winning, has no right to say is bad luck, despite the fact that in a sense has been unfortunate. "You should have seen it coming" because this was something highly probable; Predictably and should not be surprised at all. According to statistics, a person would fly daily over 4,000 years to expect that an accident occurred (and even in this case would have a chance of surviving). So we can not talk about lucky if we reach our destination safely, although it is true, of course we would have bad luck if we suffer a setback.

According to this, the fate involves the impossibility of predicting. But an analysis that determines when an event can be described as lucky must choose between one of the following alternatives: (1) that is rationally unpredictable, (2) it is indeed unexpected for the affected individuals, and (3) under normal circumstances That is rationally unpredictable for beneficiaries, but in principle can be predictable by others on their behalf.; We are not going to choose the first option, when a person with an unknown rich uncle gets a big present in his birthday, that is not luck . It is also ruled out the second option to who wins the lottery because they had a blind trust (but absurd). The complex combination that works in the third case shows the right path to follow in such circumstances.

A decision united with the ability, talent, intuition and effort takes away the fate of the scene. The things that go wrong given the lack of diligence, effort and skills can not be properly attributed to bad luck. That person who goes all wrong for being an incompetent is unfortunate, but we can not say he(she) does not have luck as the result of their actions, the result is absolutely "expected". But if we consider the case of tourist who is in the middle of a catastrophe from which he is not responsible, we must admit that this man had no luck. However, there are also more complex cases. The reckless driver who has an accident in circumstances where usually nothing happens, apart from not having luck is unfortunate. where things go either purely accidental, given the inadequacy of the information is handled, you can still say you've been lucky.

The fact attributed the good fortune may be inappropriate to demonstrate that there is nothing important at stake, (that the outcome of events is neither good nor bad, but absolutely indifferent), or to prove that what apparently was not unpredictable was real in the sense that the person concerned had good reason to expect a particular result (for example, as the logical outcome after having made certain efforts).

Good luck requires that the favourable outcome is not the result of normal course of things, nor the result of a plan or forecast, but "by mistake", for reasons totally unrelated to us or as the Lexicon Philosophicum of Goclenius of 1613 " other than the result of hard work, intuition, or the sagacity of a man, but totally hidden causes. " In such a way that the fate of the contest makes the outcome depend on what happens by chance and not what has been previously planned. Whenever we talk about luck, the risk comes into play, so unpredictable, leaving space for a surprise. Being reasonable we can not expect to collect apples from a pear tree. If everything is in our side the events are favourable and they are the fruit of the effort, and if we have adverse circumstances caused by mistakes or failures or irresponsibility, that is, when the chance is not involved, we can not talk about luck.

A person who allows an individual that ends with the savings of a lifetime is unfortunate, but properly speaking, we can not say that person do not get luck. Yes we could talk about luck, however, if they lose all these savings in a promising financial adventure . (In the event that the individual in question had chosen his victim among a group at random, it could be said that besides unfortunate, also had bad luck).

Evolution of our being


This path of evolution will allow us to understand the basic
principles of the universe in a concrete wayVICTOR MANUEL GUZMAN VILLENA

Evolution means the progressive development of organizational complexity. This definition is an expression of the idea that the organism more capable of controlling the environment and all the living organisms is the most developed. "The survival of the strongest" means that the more evolved organism in an environment is the one that is located at the top of the food chain Therefore, and according to this definition, the body better able to ensure its own survival is the most evolved.

Our deep understanding tells us that a truly evolved being is one that appreciates himself, and values, love more than everything in the physical world. Our common understanding of the evolution reflects the stage that we are now. If we make a review of this understanding, we can perceive the extent to which we have evolved, and what we are about to leave behind. Reflecting an understanding of new developments and expansion, when we accept our deepest truths, we can see where we are going to evolve, and what that means for our experience, our values and how we act.

This path of evolution will allow us to understand the basic principles of the universe in a concrete manner. Thanks to our senses, we know that every action generate a cause, and that every cause has an effect. We know the results of our intentions. We know that fury kills. We know that goodness nourishes us. Besides experience our skills to improve knowledge. For example we know that a simple stick can serve as a tool when we choose to use it. The same hands that manufacture bombs can build schools.

We note also that when life activities are infused with respect, are filled with meaning and get good results. We also noticed when is no respect to the vital activities, the result is only one, cruelty, violence and loneliness. The physical arena is a magnificent learning environment. This is a school thanks to which, through experience, we come to understand what causes us to go to expansion or against, what makes us grow or, conversely, we choose what nourishes our souls and what exhaust it and works or does not.

When the means of life is through only the five senses, physical survival, it shows as the sole criteria of evolution, since it can not detect any other. Thus, the survival of the fittest appears to us as a synonym for evolution and the physical domain is apparently the main feature of evolutionary progress.

The need for physical domination produces a kind of competition that affects every aspect of our lives. Influences in relationships between lovers, and between superpowers, relatives, races, between social classes and sexes. Brakes the natural tendency towards harmony. The power to control and those in it, is a power on which we all know for experience, tested, seen or heard. This is an external power that can be won and lost, bought or sold, transferred or inherited. We think of it as something that can snatch or found somewhere. We see increasing power of one person, while the other loses.

The violence and destruction are the results of contemplating the power of this form. All our institutions, whether political, economic and social reflect this way of understanding power. Families as a cultures are patriarchal or matriarchal, something that children learn very quickly and mark their lives.

The police and military are the result of the perception of power as something external. The medals, boots, uniforms, ranks, communication equipment and weapons are symbols of fear.  The other fear is to the power they represent. Police and military in the same way that patriarchal or matriarchal families, have the perception of power as something external. As species and as individuals, we are the reflections of how we come to contemplate power.

The perception of power as something external has also marked economic systems, whose control is concentrated in only a few hands. We have created associations and unions to protect workers from these people. In order to safeguard the interests of the poor have organised defence systems. All this is a perfect reflection of how we have come to perceive power: as a possession belonging to a minority, while most fulfils the role of victims.

Money is a symbol of power. Those who possess more wealth have greater ability to control their environment and those who are in it, while those without it have less control of the environment and those who are in it. The money is acquired but also is lost, stolen, is inherited and fight for him. Education, social possession, fame and property owners that we are symbols of power externally. But in reality is an increase in our vulnerability. And this is a consequence of contemplating power as external element. From this perception, those who are on the pinnacle seem the most powerful and, hence, the most valuable and less vulnerable.

At the center of attaining power lies violence. power benefit from ideological, religious or personal conflicts. This perception of power makes big damage into psyche, whether the individual, community, nation or region. There is no difference between an acute schizophrenia and a world in war, between the agony of a shattered soul and a devastated nation. A couple face the same dynamics when one is afraid of the other one when humans are afraid of one race to another. Proceeding from this kind of dynamic, we had been forming our current understanding of evolution as a process of ever-increasing ability to dominate the middle and all that is in it.

But our deeper understanding leads us to seek another kind of power. A power that loves life in all its forms, but that does not judge, perceives these world its meaning and intentions until intimate details . In tune our thoughts and actions with the highest part of ourselves, fills us with enthusiasm, objectives and meaning. Life is rich and full, we forget to have spiteful thoughts and memories of fear. We are happy and committed to our world. This is the experience of real power. This real power is rooted in the deepest source of our being. The real power can not be bought or accumulate. A truly powerful person is incapable of converting another human being in a victim, is so strong such power that does not accept the idea of using force against other beings.

An understanding of the evolution is not appropriate when you do not have as the nucleus of the fact that we are undertaking a journey to the real power, and this is the end of our evolutionary process and purpose of our being. We evolved from a species that pursues exterior powers limited to five sense modality to another that seeks genuine power, and in this way we left behind the exploration of the physical world as the only means of evolution and welcome the knowledge that is the fruit of consciousness . These methods of exterior powers are no longer adequate to the world that we are obliged to be part of.

Way of life


Life has a way of doing things and each person must be able to perceive it. There are not rules to be applied to our path, but realize where leads us and let us be guided by it.


Close your eyes. Imagine the edge of the universe is at your feet. Inhale, relax and slowly incline forwards. Our centre of gravity is shifting, the laws of physics makes us lose our balance and we are throw to the emptiness. We have invaded the territory where there is nothing. It is indescribable, nor has its limits, but it is. In fact, we can not name it, because it is undetermined purity, but we find it more convenient to put a name to leave a blank space on paper. Neither we like to think about the idea of an empty concept in itself, which is not concept in the end.

Lost in eternity and emptiness, we have lost our lives and all circumstances that shape it. We are no longer people, because there is no other being with whom compare; we have no feelings, because there is nothing to project, we have no identity, because there is nobody who distinguish. Here there is no day or night, there is no way, no conscience, no body or mind, neither knowledge nor ignorance, only a continuous flow of nothing. We began to flow, we dissolve slowly and melt in it.

After all, if there is nothing, we are nobody. but we are not alone, we are the great loneliness. We are no longer in a emptiness ,we are the emptiness; went with it and nothing contingent makes sense for us. . Rather, it is indifferent. We do not judge, not cherish. In reality, there is nothing to judge and nothing to assess. There is nothing to suffer, only emptiness and we are just emptiness. It is non-ego experience, our personality has fallen.

It's curious but the emptiness have been stripped us from the covers in our lives, and the costumes that we had like the real essences. Each and every one of the things that we identified, linked and clung to the world, as falling petals of a rose, perishable in the end. Everything has gone but the occupied emptiness. This emptiness is still there, to be part of a greater emptiness, and waiting for a new guest to shape and makes to dream.

All things carry the germ of emptiness, then become a reality in the world and and part of the things conditioned by the experience. Taking account of all this is being illuminated by the truth. Getting to experience it is awakening of the great illusion of the purely phenomenal, which only fills the empty. We are our own dream, and when we awakened we disappear and the awakening itself loses its meaning.

Now that we know the big secret, we look at the world and see how people live a great common dream. By clinging to the world, suffering, they are unhappy and with unbalanced spirit. Losing the oneness with the essence. And not willingly. Unconsciously deepin innate ignorance, entangle i their own ideas about things, ideas that are more and more distant from the path of truth.

We know they have to return to their elemental simplicity, the primary reality ... but of course, how are we going to tell them?. You can not talk to someone of things, which is not ready to understand. Each person must go in their own way and in due course. Ours are not the solution, it's ours. It is better to remain silent and wait for things run their course and wait for the big truth opens for each person. We can only give advice and teach.

Life has way of doing things and each of us must be able to perceive. It is no question of our rules apply to the path, but realize where leads us and let us be guided by the road. Imagine that the road is a valley, this will be our middle path. For it life goes. While we continue for the deep area of the valley, remain in harmony with the universe and we are in balance. Here there is no place for contrary, everything remains in the elementary unity. However, if we deviate towards a hillside, leaving the bottom of the valley and began to climb toward the mountains. We deviate from the path and create an imbalance, immediately there is a counter-state and we are back to the initial situation.

Because of our departure, there will a deviation of equal magnitude, but on the other side of the valley. But the resulting balance will not be the primary balance but a remedy. the road, by itself, can not manifest contraries because they remain opposed to it in identity. Only walkers can create diverted being away of the middle path. Therefore only exist for oneself have no true nature. The Buddha when it reaches the other side and turns back, He realizes that everything has disappeared, rather, that really nothing existed there before, neither this nor the other shore, neither the river nor the boat, nor the good nor the evil, or suffering or happiness, or Samsara nor Nirvana. It is only Emptiness (by giving a name) . He alone can be capable of recognizing and integrating the truth by himself but the transfer is made from heart to heart.

The truth is flowing and if we let it penetrate us, we will have the truth built into us, or rather, we will welcome it. . It should be a transmission from heart to heart because the knoledge that we are going to achieve is not intellectually can not be explained with words, is intuitive, unconscious, has to be felt. It is "a transmission that is beyond doctrine" and "not even transmit by a teacher who would know the truth." . Any education is limited to indicating and guide to what is already in oneself without self knowledge.

We must follow the path to collect our small drop in the ocean and let to show us how it flow and then we are one, the universe, the great emptiness. Discover our essence is "looking at our own being."

And this will be the Great Awakening, which is stepping on the other side and look back. The human with sick spirits lives in a state of mind of involuntary ignorance; do not realize they moves in a world of mere conventions which determine their feelings. Theirs lives is an illusion that their ideas about things are the last reality.

The amphora of life

We develop spiritually by our own efforts, no one can do it for us. 


 The world is like as a large Amphora. Each community and each school, workshop, office, factory every home,town, city, nation and is in constant motion and eternal transformation. This agitated movement is similar as when a pot containing objects of the same species but of different sizes is moving, let's see how the Law of Gravitation move and place each object as it relates to their size, 

The same law that precipitated to the bottom the small objects and encumber up to the big.  Consciously or unconsciously affects each of us that is the goal of the great Amphora of Life. This Law of Moral Gravitation raises and maintains some beings above others and precipitates others and keep them low, It brings to each one to their own place equaling the respective moral size. 

The inert objects when they are in its site they do not move, there are left. Instead we can move ito a different place; no matter how low we born into the world: if we descend, the law of Gravitation will take you down, if we grow, we climb up. Is natural that the mankind has the tendency to ascend. but not all are willing to pay the price, not everyone wants to undergo as a prerequisite to grow spiritally, developing values, moral, intellectual and physical faculties; and becoming qualified to deserve the ascend. 

Some, thanks to the blind force of a disorder or for a favour encumbering themselves to achieve the greatest heigh,t but is not the real position for them. Having risen does not prevent the fall, sooner or later, down again, often in a sad form . 

Nobody can deceive the Amphora of the Life, their laws are blind and implacable for being  morals laws and therefore we cannot alter them like the written ones in the human statutes. Wherever we shall turn our sight we will see the amphora of Life, in agitation and classifying the mankind according to their moral size . We will see people going up and down. 

 Who are these that go step by step? Moving forward slowly but surely? The people that descend are distinguish between the believers of any power but themselves, the cowardly, vain, corrupt, those who want everything for nothing or assault; and the fatalistic, idolaters and fakers  But whatever the positions, if we want to stay there, we must maintain our moral size. If we become insufficient to occupy it, we will go down inexorably. 

There is some living being who can subsist and develop without nurtured? They do not stop growing, but only to conserve life, we have to compensate the losses by attrition. The attrition is natural in humanbeingsn as in things. The routine kkeps us for go ahead in life, we must do some different things every day, because if we are accommodated to our current state we go down.  If we continue fed with the same thoughts, doing things in the same way, the juice of our life evaporates. The routine in life needs a nutrient every day. 

The secret of perpetual backwardness of many individuals is their compliance with their state. All we have to improve because we can do it. The teacher, the worker, civil servant, the executive, the soldier, the priest, we all need to learn new things and seek new opportunities for advancement,  otherwise we fossilized. Overtaking in life means more than just more income or better position, more than just acquiring land and wealth. To acquire wealth is only a sign of our progress.

The real progress is not translatable into figures. With knowledge, skill, experience we can acquire material wealth, but with banknotes we can not buy the moral perfection. An unexpected event can suddenly bring to us a fortune, but we can never acquire suddenly a big moral, we have to work for our moral advancement, is a patient work for everyday. we can be better persons even without leaving the work which sustain us, even a modest one. That greatness is not measured in inches, money, votes or applause or any kind of measure. 

We can go from ignorance to knowledge; from twisted inclinations to good habits; from disorder to discipline; nonsense to discretion; diffidence and cowardice to courageous;  negligence to hard worker; insufficiency to the capacity; inconsistency to consistency; frivolity to the sanity;intolerance to the understanding;  egoism to the generosity;  moral servitude to the dominion of the passions; vice to the virtue; smallness to the greatness. We go above by our own effort, nobody can do it by us. 

Every era of our life is preparation. All learning is a set of principles rather than conclusions, and so we reached each summit is the beginning of the next ascent. In the upward path, the limit is infinity. There is no other goal. There is no fullness of perfection, grandeur or wisdom in one moment of any human life. Isaac Newton after giving to the world the new science of universal gravitation exclaimed: "It seems to me like I am a child who plays with a few pebbles on the seashore, while the great ocean of truth lies unexplored all before me." An expression pf the wisdom and internal evolution. 

 Do all we can go up? Some people have begun the life in the height, in comfort, privilege, in the shelter of the wealth, with a name or a position. Others however have begun very down, from the bottom, whith piles of misery and nothingness. Huge rocks are underpinning a mountain,  but there is a power of movement and change. Whatever the place where we are at we have a prerogative: grow, develop, move, that is raised. And with the incessant movement of the amphora, the world sees us climb. The large-scale is leading us to unlimited heights of perfection and progress, partly directly from the place where now are resting our feet. With the each step we can climb to the next. But we must give the first step now! 

Everyone wants to climb rapidly: the majority would like to raise in one swoop, ten or fifty steps at once. Recklessness caused the definitive failures. Many who have audacity to reckless leaps, usually are unable to climb patiently one by one, little steps. There are not resolved to climb this way they have a great leap and they fall badly. The higher the altitude, the more serious the fall. By the way it does not mean that a man does not have experienced failures in their attempts to climb. Some falls are beneficial, moreover, are necessary. We returned to our first step, climb the first step, make the first effort to resolve the difficulty, which may well be our own non-acceptance to undergo a discipline. 

We have to go to target by inch to an inch, step by step, and as we move ahead, we will discover the next step, with firmly feet and balance. As we face up and resolve the difficulties that arises, our burden will be lighter, more bearable and we have to continue living courageous, having in our favor a progress towards the ideal that illuminates our lives. As we become more engaged in our own skills and more capable, the obstacles are bailing, goes down, because we see them from above, with more comprehensive and accurate vision. And every day becomes more worthy of living, because our horizons widen as we climb