Entrance to the Inner Self


The great mystery that surrounds to this mystical entrance is how it takes to a magical world in which exist a different dimension like the one we live

In the legend that composes the different towns of the world, one of the more interesting and mysterious is the image of the door or gate which introduce the central personage of the story in “another world”, in a magical world or in a different dimension from the being and it brings back to consciousness. A typical example is in the symbolism of the tarot, this gate is represented by the called card the Priestess; in the cards of Waite, shows the entrance to a temple, it hides by a veil, after which the priestess is sitting down with rolls of the Torah between hers hands.

In the majority of the great universal religions there is a reference to this “mystical gate”; Christ made reference to it in the Sermon of the Mountain when He said: "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it."
The great mystery that surrounds to this mystical entrance is how it takes to a magical world in which it governs a dimension different from the being. Where the secret of that resides?. “Open Sesame” In order to understand better what means this mystical door, is precise to define the nature of the masculine side and the feminine side, the fundamental opposed ones, since what open it is the mystery of an androgynous relation. But to appreciate opposite the fundamental ones in his archetype expression, is necessary to study his manifestations.

Everything is pronounced under the duality form, a stress ratio between the soul and God; or between teacher and disciple, two people in love according to theirs beliefs. This basic duality of the fundamental opposed ones - or it is that we consider like the duality of creator and creation, spirit and matter, time and space, sky and earth or darkness and light, the duality is very next to the same heart of the existence. Said opposed they acquire numerous forms without stopping being in essence the same. We must review those forms to include better its essential nature; and for it the best thing will be to soon consider the place that fulfills first of all, in the great macro cosmos of the nature and within the individual microcosm.

In the majority of the initiatory schools, secret religions and societies appears similar concepts or ideas. Carl Jung denominated these expressions " the archetypes," coming from a collective psychological foundation. One of the tie preponderant subjects with the creation and structure of its cosmology, that is to say of the separation of the pro creators of the world. Generally this separation in two opposed than originally was a unit it express in the separation between sky and earth.

Sky and earth are the first expression of the fundamental opposed ones. In Greek mythology they assumed the form of Gaea or mother earth and Uranus, the crowned star sky. Therefore the first ancestors of the world are not only the sky and the Earth, but the father-sky and the mother-earth, opposed archetypes of the principles creative and receptive that express like father and mother, male and female. Charles Ponce, in its work Alchemy: tests for an extreme metaphysics, mention two Greek myths illustrate that it. First it is the birth of Athena or Athenian, that does the times of the Greek mystery of waking up. This to wake up mystical one takes place when the seed of the life is germinated by the lightning that explode between the pituitary one and the pineal. This sparkle shakes the receptive and reflective aspect of the conscious mind, thinking and constantly creative, and as so it represents the part of the androgynous equation in which “the masculine thing becomes feminine”.

This image of the reflexive feminine and imprisoned by the masculine thing, absorbed and limited , occurs in one of myths of Zeus. that the daughter of the Ocean, Metis, who had been taken like lover for Zeus, one day she would have a son (or some other thing) more powerful than its lightning, Zeus, eager to escape to this destiny, swallowed to Metis to lock up it in its stomach. But he ignored that she was a pregnant woman, and the pressure that the fruit of its union made inside him to be born produced to Zeus terrible pains in the head. In order to procure lightening the pain he divided the skull with an enormous axe , and from the interior Athena was born, with the shining armor like thousands of suns.

Ponce suggests this birth of Athena represents “the consummation of brings back to consciousness androgynous”; I believe, rather, it was only the beginning, of the first passage in the profit of happiness brings back to consciousness. The partition of the skull of Zeus with the axe and the later liberation of Athena, the “feminine reflexive”, of the prison of inner self, is the experience of the inner sparkle, and is equivalent to run the veil of the negative existence, which confers to the subject the perception of the eternal life.

In the towns of Mesopotamia the productive Earth power had given rise, to a divinity in which the feminine element predominated. When in the agricultural communities as the one of the valley of Tigris and the Euphrates the cult to the birth tied with the cycle of the stations and the ritual of the vegetation, earth like the generating power of the nature was conceived to the goddess as a whole; it happened to be the cause of the periodic renovation of the life. It simultaneously assumed then the multi face form of mother and fiancee. The Mesopotamian mother-earth was inexhaustible source of a new life. Consequently the power indicated in the fertility, under all the forms of personified in this goddess.

Also it happened with the indoamericans cultures, where the symbolism of the solicitous celebrations transient in the mysterious sun represents the masculine paper like light source, of heat and life. The sun (to be fecund father) illuminates the Earth (to be receptive mother), the fecund one and vivifies. For that reason they considered king of the creation, like the best one of its Gods.

Not only in Greek mythology, Mesopotamian and Hindu American were expressed the opposites but in all the cultures that have colonised the planet. It is possible to be interpreted that when the normally creative mind learns to being its receptive opposing, and the “sleepy goddess” normally receptive of Kundaline learns to being its creative opposing, experience the androgynous mystery of the divine one, guides of the pilgrim once transposes the Mystical Gate and enters the inner temple.

In this sense we can see “with other eyes” the representation celebrates more of this Vestibule, the traditional symbol of the Tao, the circle divided in a white zone and another black. The target and the black represent both opposite fundamental of the nature, yin and yang, the Yin receptive feminine principle and yang creative masculine principle. But it matters to observe that within each of these principles opposite one is contained its, appeared by the small circles of opposite color: the white seed within yin black and the black seed within yang white. These “seeds” symbolize of each opposite fundamental one. When these seeds fructify, when yang creative becomes the “feminine thing released” in the receptive sense, and yin receptive becomes “masculine resurrects” in the creative sense, is born androgynous the divine one, the Mystical Gate is open and the pilgrim can enter in the mystery “another inner world” of the soul.

And this principle of yin and yang is represented in the pavement of mosaic of the Masonic temples, interpreted by squaring black and white that means duality and opposite like its acceptance through the tolerance and free will. This pavement is constituted by the opposed pairs of that are like faces of a currency, one next to the other like the day and night, the dream and the watch, the pain and the pleasure, honour and the calumny, the success and the failure, the happiness and the misfortune, the egoism and the altruism to conceive the positive and the negative. But in spite of existing the irremovable principle of duality it is possible to add that those rigid principles do not exist, because the man is a mixture of positive and negative, there is no a totally good man and that there is no a complete bad man . Then what exists is the polarity, they are tendencies or approaches towards the positive or the negative, which causes that a person inclines more towards a positive virtue or a negative defect, but without this means that the positive not excludes the negative or vice verse.

But it matters to observe that all the mysteries have a main purpose for this initiatory experience, androgynous waking up of the divine one, carried out by the magical initiation, to be on towards the interior the immortal aware of the man, raising its power of perception until they were able to receive the message of a higher degree of reality.

The Gate leads to the sanctuary of the inner temple. It is the entrance to “a sacred place”, where the entrance to a temple non constructed by hands nor by human tools; the entrance to the “closed garden” where once occurs to the hidden and secret encounter between the spirit and the external being. It is also the beginning of the great trip that crosses the rainbow, arrives at the magical Earth of Oz, that leaves in search of the Grail, back leaves the city of the destruction and transposing the threshold of the gate it initiates his peregrination towards a celestial city. Once open the Gate, clear path extends and the old way in front of the investigator. From inside it summons the admonition: “You enter by the narrow gate…” And few are those that find it.

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