The power of the will


Everything subdue before a firm will, thanks to perseverance
nature reveals its secrets to the human will



The will is the power that the soul has to determine, with conscience and reflection, an act freely selected. This is precisely the art of educating the will: in knowing how to develop the faculty to direct its acts, restricting the sphere of the mechanical impulse and the empire of the whim, so that the soul is completely owner of all the energies. The human has more willpower when know how to evade the dominion of the external forces and govern vital impulses that stem from inside of their being. .

Difficult thing is to find a human beings completely owner of their will. The humans generally speaking are divided in two great groups: apathetic and violent. In apathetic the internal impulse is almost zero; the vital forces remain buried in inaction, and their activity so weak and inadequate that almost never get in line with what is required of them by duty. This languor of spirit, this discouragement to the effort is the disease of the will more universally extended and at the same time most dangerous

In the violent ones, which we all are in determined occasions under the influence of the passion, the impulse is on the contrary excessive and disorderly like an indomitable horse that does not obey to the brake. Neither one have dominion of their will. The owner of the will is the one who during hours of apathy knows how to wake up cushioned energies, using little force to determine the advisable impulse, at the moments of disorderly excitation, is able to calm and check his/her passions, then directing the soul when is overflowed in a way of having the fecund activities.

The true dignity

The first result of similar domain will be the manifestation and development of the personality, is possible to affirm, that barely exists one person between thousand human beings who is a person, is because, most instead of have their soul in their hands, they are being led by external influences for the blind exigencies of their sensitivity. The true dignity of the human is based on what they are and not in what they have. The mankind without willpower are not then such mankind , since neither of them are independent, nor productive, nor acquire. By the willpower people are going to get rid of his oppressors, they will become owners of themselves, recovering the freedom, consequently they are going to be moral people, rising from the state of degradation to the true greatness.

The conquest of our self demands major effort that the conquest of the others - which showed in the history of almost all great men-,the development of the personality involves the power of action and the empire of the influence on others. They will govern the world and they will own the Earth, those who have taken before possession of themselves and become owners of their actions.


Everything subdue before a firm will, even the inanimate beings and even brute force. Thanks to the perseverance at work and the tenacity in the projects, the nature disclose to the human will its secrets and their resources: therefore one has said that the genius is the undergone patience and perseverance, and is found out that the willpower does not have less importance than the talent in the most impressive discoveries and in conquerors of most adventures projects.

The intellectual value is, generally speaking result of the willpower. Two intelligences equal outcomes often get very different results, depending on the will that directs the talent in each case. The talent does not develop and invigorates but through continuous exercise. It found that in most cases,productivity in a wise person depends on the power of concentration and not having his mind divided into different things at once. put all the attention in one thing to analyze with depths thoughts give to the person more enrichment. But the constant attention is fatigues when is achieved with effort and struggle, but is the most advantageous result and perhaps the most accurate measure of willpower.

Nobody ignores that the talent depends to a large extent in the effort of the willpower; but also the organism keeps the same subordination. Therefore it cannot doubt that the will is tributary to the health, but the willpower influences as well in the health, since it regulates the organism, balances the feeding and the wearing down and tempers the excitations, which violence would be pernicious; its reach is still greater, because communicates to the organism strength, that why is justifies
the therapeutic benefit indicated to the willpower.

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