How does the thought work?


We must begin to live positively attracting the positive, attracting goodness and growth then we are feeding an internal magnet which the subconscious mind is in charge


First, we have to think what means action into the conscious mind. People imagine and create. This is the first power we have awakened, this process is the first experienced by scientists in his mind. To implement a project first was the dream; second, feel the emotion of of creation, and third idealizes and then give it form. That means first is necessary to think, feel the dream to live it, meaning the imagination is an important part in our creative process that has no limits and we must give to it all the characteristics to begin to live.

The visualization

Taking like example the health. We must visualize us healthy, happy, with energy to allow us to act. Our subconscious mind begins to work in that sense, the people who have recorded in the subconscious mind positive messages are people who live positively, because the power of the conscious mind is acting, is directing their subconscious mind and it is executing.

Within this process, for example, we imagined something positive but we have an ingredient to add, that is love, we wrapped the person in that sensation of belongs to me because I love him/her. And if I love and need something and I want that realised, this intentions must affect another human being, then we are growing positively, we are doing the correct thing. Here we speak to insert the positive; but the question is how to erase the negative?

We located first it within our mind what is bad or negative and we erased it from our minds through a process of denial. For example: if I am a person that I have lived in the pain, first what I am going to do is to say, does not exist pain in my life, in my interior I can see that I am living peaceful, happy and thus I am leaving aside that reality that accompanied me until now, that is the pain, but is necessary to take into account that the internal problem is easier to solve because it is inside us, whereas the one that is outside tends to be more difficult because it has interference of those around us.

Here I potentially the source of pleasing, to work, since the happiness can be defined as to go towards known goals over obstacles not unknown. The pleasure is a positive exchange. It is the enjoyment of the work, is the contemplation of works well done, is a good book or a good friend; is adventure, hope, enthusiasm. Is what the human being does, who enjoys doing; is what the mankind does and enjoys contemplating; is what the mankind does and enjoys remembering; and can be a simple conversation on things that he/she knows that never will do.

To overcome the fear

But to overcome the bad thing it is necessary to overcome many obstacles.

First the fear of change, to the new thing ,to face the unknown, and the vast majority of human beings are stopped by the fear, since a change indicates to recognize all our system, all our negativity and positivity components to do an examination of conscience and see us as the way we are, is like stopping in front to a mirror and undressing us on the inside, but the majority of people wants to continue being blind, because they are convinced that they are in the correct path being elevated in a species of managers of the world: “I do, I think, I say, I create, and determine and the others are an error, are mistaken” and is there when we must imbued with faith in ourselves and not in those outside, that is the essence of the reality of our lives and there is the clash between those who seek the truth and those that prevent us to develop.

Everything is positive

Also it is important to feed the magnet in all of us. We attract positive and negative things. We must begin to live positively attracting the positive, attracting well-being and much growth, we are feeding the magnet that handles the subconscious mind. An exercise to feed the magnet can be in the morning when we awake to look in contemplation the outer physical surroundings and say how beautiful is that day.
To affirm that we will fulfill the objectives proposed, that the relations with the others is superb and that the people who surround me are good, that is to positively feed the magnet and work with the subconscious mind.

The allowed and the objective

This evolutionary growth in the first place alters our every day life, the familiar surroundings and friendship, since the evolutionary factor does not determine life from the point of view material objective, but rather goes to there, to a dimension that deepens and that nobody realizes that we are growing to a greater relation with ourselves, but at some time will see the results, and those are excellent, and is more we see the result in gradual form, in that one “crazy person” who gives a good concept, saying the precise word so that one feels calm, and this is common to observe in the work, and at school where governs the established discipline then is more notorious the appearance of the “crazy person” is more well-known who thinks different, wants to live to his way, in form different from the common denominator and breaks the imposed schemes and by the lack of internal growth of professors, authorities and parents of family they label that person “rebellious without cause”, without knowledge is generated that is a spiritual growth that the young person has begun to experiment.

At this point it is necessary to note the difference between what is allowed and not allowed , seeing it from the point of objectivity in judging. The Romans liked pleasure, but for Christians was a strenuous frivolity when Christians toppled the pagan state, the old Roman order took the role of villain.

Therefore, everything Roman was bad. This came to extremes so remarkable that the Romans's love for the bath made of bathing something immoral Europeans remained unclean for thousand five hundred years. The Roman rule had become a source of general pain, that everything Roman was malignant and malignant remained long after the empire was defeated.

In fact, because a set of rules can be imposed to the mankind, by our condition of thinking and for the capacity of reacting we can oppose and eliminate the prohibited in life and live to our way.

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