No15 Mental Alchemy

Emerging from the Atlantis to the Sanctuary of the Spiritus
Letter Nº 15
The happy solution of the present is the prelude of a victorious future
Víctor Manuel Guzmán Villena

For the study the intelligence grown. For education shapes the soul, creates mental habits, discipline, sense of duty and responsibility; develops the spirit of observation, the judgment,the willpower. By the education learn to govern their feelings. The mankind are guided in life, rather than intelligence, by feelings from which derives their character. How can someone govern a nation, a city, directing armies or modest factory or lead a group if ignores the art of managing human emotions and passions? How can someone handle others people's feelings if they do not know the art of managing theirs own?.
From the moment of ours awaking to life, we attended the contemplation of its phenomena and the experimentation of what happen within us. Live teach us the art of handle feelings; our first learning is entirely experimental and often painful. The boy who attracted by the brightness of a flame tries to touch it and feels the pain of the burn, he learns to govern his impulses, to dominate his feelings.

Contemplation and experimentation of the life phenomena are recording psychological characters inside us and later translating in habits, if we assimilate good and imitate perfection, we are exclude the inner being of innate deformations and primitive accessories as useless ballast and we are contouring the personality with adaptable characteristics to the best fulfillment of a destiny in life and to get the happiness, supreme goal of all the human acts.

Past and Present

The current physiological phenomenon, the bodies with the organs in physical function, with the breath of life, with the faculty of movement and perception by the senses, the psychological phenomenon, that it to say, the soul in operation, with the power of knowledge, reason, intellect and imagination, with the faculty of love, desire and reject, when relationship between the inner world and its domains and the outside world and its realities, constitutes the present, the absolute thing of life, in time.

The present is not subject to measure, is a continuity, a perennial link between what was and what will be, between what happened and what will come; has the value of life itself, and this is the only thing that really interest to people at the time. The past does not exist, the future is a consequences of the present.

The present time is the most important in life is the unique thing that interests, is what we are thinking right now, is what we do now, what matters. Either your study, work, rest, and how you recreate, each one of your occupations, take care of your spirit or your body, must determine a successful solution to the present. The solution demands a happy moment of gathering forces to focus with vigor in the faculties of a momentary living.

The happy solution of the present is the prelude of a victorious future. if you are sure you are giving to the present whatever you are able to give, do not fear the future, wait with confident and optimistic. But you do not return to the past, if is not for applying in favor of the present the behavior that end in good experiences . You do not return to the ungrateful things from the past, you have to buried them definitively in non existing time. Do not obstruct the course of momentary living, do not prevent the today possible happiness, living in yesterday, regretting the errors and lost time thinking in errors that you committed, do not be sad for what could be and it was not, for what you could do and you did not do. If you feed yourself with the past, your face turns grim, your character turns angry and reserved, you will not inspire sympathy, you will not be able to gain friends nor to prosper in life.

After eliminate the memories of the past and the fears of tomorrow, the mind by means of the faculty of the imagination is more powerful than the willpower. We prove the assertion: In the insomnia, while greater it is the effort to sleep, major is the excitation and the sleeplessness. In the laughter, the more will you put to stop the uncontrollable laughter becomes more unstoppable. In the fear, for example,the cyclist, the more attempts to evade a danger that appears right towards him. But the individual that is kept awake, leaves the imagination free of dreams in being sleeping, soon falls asleep. If it is attacked of laughter, thinks about a sad event, at some point dominates the laughter. If the cyclist who sees approach the danger, imagines overcomes that , surely recovers the cold blood necessary to save it. The imagination get what is not get for the effort of the willpower.

We are really powerless to dominate with only the will the feelings of sadness, envy, greed, revenge, jealousy, frustration, etc.. those eat away our consciousness and become stronger with spontaneous rapidity once they invaded us, if the mind does not go in immediate aid of the will, opposing with the most effective reaction, which are contrary thoughts, generous, cheerful, optimistic, which is also called reflection.

The mankind is able to dominate their conscience, when we are used to govern our mind. When we are accustom to noble and pleasant thoughts, giving to our character beautiful qualities, in our face we are going to reflect equal beautiful qualities from our behavior is therefore a faithful derivation of those ideas. If it is customary to remain calm and owner of ourselves, we are going to get a ductile temperament and yet firm, which was not demoralized or disturb to the major contradictions that surprised us, nor small inconvenience and inevitable setbacks of daily life.

Many of those who believe they are unfortunate and losers of life, they got so sad condition for having made a habit of always thinking in misfortune. This unhealthy habit makes them lose accurate picture of things and the concept of proportion and thus more harmless objects taken fierce attitudes, innocent events acquire more aggressive contours and we become victims and executioners of ourselves.

The unfortunate habit of complaining, cursing our fate, believing that some invisible pursues us spoiling and ruining all attempts, is the worst ghost that can be pursued to torment our life and bitter to those around us. Here is the daily remedy to have serenity in your mind, which is faith in life and in yourself, you should always prepare for the day with the warm disposition of that goes to a celebration without preventions, misgivings, or precautions. With the intelligence open to all understanding with the memory closed to all ungrateful memories, with the will prompt to follow the good suggestions from your spirit. Through the imagination you can place yourself in the most favorable mental, moral and physical provisions. The free will means you choose the kind of thoughts that live in your mind and emotions that vibrate in your spirit. It is the secret of the mental alchemy.

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