The value of forgiveness


When we are forgiven and we forgive,
always our lives are transformed


All the knowledge of the world is worth nothing if our resentment continues growing more and more that the behavior of a stranger remembers us past non healed relationships. How does serves to know ourselves if we used that knowledge to intensify hatred and the culpability feeling inside us?, or despite all our efforts we are not able to be a better person.

The forgiveness supposes to really accept our own merit like human beings, to understand that the errors are opportunities to grow, to brings back consciousness and develop compassion, and to include and understand that the magnitude of love that we have for ourselves and for the others is the glue that maintains united the universe.

Forgiveness is a response, the implicit answer in our existence. Forgiveness means to repair what is broken. Take the broken heart and repairs it. It takes the trapped heart and releases it. Is take the heart stained by the shame and faults and bring it back to its immaculate state. The forgiveness restores the heart to the innocence that we had in another time, an innocence that allows us the freedom to love.

When we are forgiven and forgive, our lives. are always transformed. The sweet promises of forgiveness comes true and gives us a fresh start with ourselves and with the world. The concept of the forgive can bring us two things: either stop us, limiting our capacity for the clarity of mind and the joy, or to animate us, offering a way to let the past behind and be free to live with greater peace and happiness.

The forgiveness is not to justify negative or inadmissible behaviors ,our own or other people's. The mistreat, violence, aggression, treason and dishonesty is only some of the behaviors that can be totally unacceptable. To say to the person I forgive you, sometimes can be a important stage to forgive. The forgiveness only requires a change of perception, another way to consider the people and circumstances that we think that they have caused to pain and problems to us.

As all we know, the rage and the resentment are very strong emotions that wear away our energy of many ways. When we took off the layers, probably we are going to discover that the rage in fact is a superficial feeling. Not in the sense that is trivial or false, but only thevisible one of more dynamic feelings whic are below it. When we lose ourselves in the rage we became deaf to our deeper feelings. We have learned to listen only to those that shout more loud.

Many believe that remain angry, clinging to bitterness is synonymous to power, energy and being dominant. But in fact the unique thing they discovers are feelings of impotence, disappointment, insecurity, affliction or fear, behavior that is used frequently to replace the real personal power.

Sometimes is more comfortable to feel rage that to feel the fear and sadness. In fact, one reason why usually is difficult to forgive is bring out the truth from inside us and to accept what we really felt. This can be a painful revelation if we have learned to coexist with the negation and the repression. Nevertheless, we have to try to remember that to the other side of the pain is the lightening and a greater mental peace. When victims takes great part of their life feeling that way, perhaps they find an enormous resistance to forgive, because doing it they have to resign a good part of they identity. To forgive does not mean to deny that she/he has been a victim, means that the fact that feelings are no longer dominates the identity and the present emotional life.

As we worked with the feeling of forgive, it is important to take into account the thoughts that arise and the reactions. If appears fear, self-criticism or doubts is necessary to be kind with our self. These feelings are like a natural part of the process of changes. In fact, to be kind with our self is a great act of forgive toward us.

Besides the thoughts or feelings that arise, Be kind with our self does not meant not put effort and will to improve, nor justified thoughts or behaviors that are considered improper, but can be learned without been hard to oneself and in that way not feed a counter-productive cycle that take our power in favors of guilty feelings, lack of respect for ourselves and self-esteem.

Forgiveness is a decision, an attitude, a process and a form of life. It is something that we offer to other people and something that we accepted for us. The forgiveness is a decision, to see another person beyond the limits of the personality, fears, idiosyncrasies, neurosis and errors, the decision to see a pure essence, non conditional, and always worthy of respect and love.

Whenever a change becomes, we debilitated the monopoly of the ego in our perceptions and we became qualified to let the past go, release the pain and forget. The forgiveness usually is experienced like a feeling of happiness, peace, love and open heart, lightening, expansion, confidence, freedom, joy and a sensation to be doing the correct thing. The forgiveness is a form of life that turns us gradually from beeing a victim of our own circumstance in a powerfull creators of our more lovely reality. It supposes a commitment to live every moment like somewhat new , with clarity and without fear. It is the disappearance of the perceptions that prevent our capacity to love.

Forgiveness teaches us that we can disagree with someone without withdraw affection and respect. It takes us beyond the fears and mechanisms of survival in our lives, towards a brave vision of the truth that offers us a new field of choices and freedom, where we can rest all of our fights. It guide us to where The Peace is not unknown and gives us the opportunity to know which ones are our strengths.



In this new millenium the personality and philosophy of Buddha “The awakened one”, continued encouraging the wish of freedom of the human being. Today more than evert his doctrine centred on the cultivation of the knowledge and compassion is experiencing an expansion without precedents that serves at the same time to establish a connection like a bridge between two worlds (East and Occident) and a spiritual renaissance that rises from the moral and ethical crisis and of values that the excessive consumerism led.

This text has been taken of the capacity of Buddha. I hope will serve as an instrument of enlightenment about the nature and reality of self and the world. Enlightenment comes not through external intervention or mystical or supernatural forces, but through a critical examination of our lives, away from blind faith and devotion alone do not lead to freedom and enlightenment. With the illumination what is intended to achieve is to become more human with a clear awareness of the nature of reality, how things are and how they operate. Enlightenment is the end of ignorance.

* The pain is inevitable, but the suffering is optional.

* The extremes are like pitfalls or ambushes; remains in the middle, but do not even hold on to the middle.

* Even from the attachment to the Nirvana it is necessary to liberate.

* There are those who do not have eyes too blurred. These will be able to comprehend the truth.
* When you do not have anything important to say, keep the noble silence. If you it can not improve what others have said, keep the noble silence.

* Let each of you be your own refuge: what another refuge might be?

*Who cannot know what things attend and which to ignore, attend to what they have no importance and ignores the essentiaL.

* All adverse states have their roots in ignorance and converge in ignorance. By abolishing ignorance, all other harmful states will also be abolished.

* Who sheds the veil of obfuscation, is not obfuscate where there is confusion, scattered for sure all obfuscation, like the night dissipated.

* Clear mind, tender heart.

* The past is a dream, the future is a mirage, the present a passing cloud.

* Watch. Be attentive. Be disciplined. Gather your thoughts. Take care of your mind.

* A fool is known by his actions, and a wise too.

* There is an extremely dangerous attachment: attachment to opinions.

* In any battle both sides lose,the winners and the vanquished.

*Alert between distracted fully awake among the sleepers, the wise advances like a race horse and is ahead of the decrepit nags.

* Like a beautiful and bright color flower, but without perfume, sterile are the good words of one who does not put them into practice.

* All teaching is like a raft, made for a voyage, but that should not be tied.

* The truth is what produces results.

* As a solid rock does not move with the wind, so the wise remains impervious to slander and praise.

* Few among humans are those who cross to the other side (the wisdom). The majority only go up and down for the same shore.

* Greater than the conquest in battle a thousand times a thousand men is the conquest of self.

* If one perceives the world as a bubble and like a mirage, the god of death does not see that one.
* The only refuge of the mind is attention.