In this new millenium the personality and philosophy of Buddha “The awakened one”, continued encouraging the wish of freedom of the human being. Today more than evert his doctrine centred on the cultivation of the knowledge and compassion is experiencing an expansion without precedents that serves at the same time to establish a connection like a bridge between two worlds (East and Occident) and a spiritual renaissance that rises from the moral and ethical crisis and of values that the excessive consumerism led.

This text has been taken of the capacity of Buddha. I hope will serve as an instrument of enlightenment about the nature and reality of self and the world. Enlightenment comes not through external intervention or mystical or supernatural forces, but through a critical examination of our lives, away from blind faith and devotion alone do not lead to freedom and enlightenment. With the illumination what is intended to achieve is to become more human with a clear awareness of the nature of reality, how things are and how they operate. Enlightenment is the end of ignorance.

* The pain is inevitable, but the suffering is optional.

* The extremes are like pitfalls or ambushes; remains in the middle, but do not even hold on to the middle.

* Even from the attachment to the Nirvana it is necessary to liberate.

* There are those who do not have eyes too blurred. These will be able to comprehend the truth.
* When you do not have anything important to say, keep the noble silence. If you it can not improve what others have said, keep the noble silence.

* Let each of you be your own refuge: what another refuge might be?

*Who cannot know what things attend and which to ignore, attend to what they have no importance and ignores the essentiaL.

* All adverse states have their roots in ignorance and converge in ignorance. By abolishing ignorance, all other harmful states will also be abolished.

* Who sheds the veil of obfuscation, is not obfuscate where there is confusion, scattered for sure all obfuscation, like the night dissipated.

* Clear mind, tender heart.

* The past is a dream, the future is a mirage, the present a passing cloud.

* Watch. Be attentive. Be disciplined. Gather your thoughts. Take care of your mind.

* A fool is known by his actions, and a wise too.

* There is an extremely dangerous attachment: attachment to opinions.

* In any battle both sides lose,the winners and the vanquished.

*Alert between distracted fully awake among the sleepers, the wise advances like a race horse and is ahead of the decrepit nags.

* Like a beautiful and bright color flower, but without perfume, sterile are the good words of one who does not put them into practice.

* All teaching is like a raft, made for a voyage, but that should not be tied.

* The truth is what produces results.

* As a solid rock does not move with the wind, so the wise remains impervious to slander and praise.

* Few among humans are those who cross to the other side (the wisdom). The majority only go up and down for the same shore.

* Greater than the conquest in battle a thousand times a thousand men is the conquest of self.

* If one perceives the world as a bubble and like a mirage, the god of death does not see that one.
* The only refuge of the mind is attention.


Richard said...


These are all clear-as-day insights to anyone who's done the work. The real
meaning of it all is just matter-of-fact common sense, is it not?

One can write thousands of pages stating the obvious, and the ignorant will
ignore it all anyways.

Stuck by the words, and their interpretations of the meanings of those same
words, people get stuck in da rut!

Instead of a book of thoúsands of words of common sense, in a perfect world only
a leaflet of say five pages would suffice; one that gives the instructions of
proper meditation, breathing, and concentration.

For it lies in our very DNA to be as our Creator, doesn't it?! In fact it is
hard to avoid it, although the present guardians of the threshold have managed
well to keep it hidden, hence occult.

Ahhh, to live in a world where mushrooms are celebrated, and killing isn't.

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