Victor Manuel Guzmán Villena

Nothing more beautiful than this communion of men of goodwill, conscious of their duties, faithful to their oaths, giving a brilliant example for those who needed stimulus to feel the shaking of asleep energies by deceptions and failures. In all of them spoke very high that virtue that they imposing freely to themselves and is called duty.

They feel the suggestive power of the ideal and they are going towards it, attracted by its mysterious enchantments, by its divine footpaths, their inexhaustible torrents of good, their fecund wisdom, its eternity, its infinite beauty.
The workers of the good in their multiple aspects accumulate molecule after molecule to raise that great construction that has its foundations on Earth, and its crowing in regions that are not known because they ignore the finish of the road, even if they imagine it perfect; because the progress is indefinite, but they work with the faith of the knowledge, with the faith of the wisdom, the confidence that the force gives, with the emotion that produces the beauty. The wisdom that takes them by hand following the subtle thread of the study in those mysterious cameras in which the old truths lies like virgins who wait for the fall of the veil of Isis to offering their collaboration to the laboratory of the life.

The Wisdom like a video tape discovers the mind, in incessant progression the wonderful secrets of the nature in its two aspects: psychic and physical, they are revealing to initiate them in the great mystery. The wisdom, unique light able to illuminate the footpath that through the cycles of evolution follows the ascending arc towards to the unknowable,towards the absolute, the non manifest. The wisdom, pious daughter of the sky that awards the day with the divine kiss that ignites the soul in the light of immortality. It is sustained in three pillars, they are:

The Force: That gives the faith in the power of the union of wills, aspiration towards the same ideal, that fortifies the principles that vitalize the convictions that feeds the love, that consecrates the sacrifice, image of the oneself in the world of the appearances, of the contrast, of the individualism.
The Beauty: Created for the delicate spirits brought by the Hellenic genius to initiate them in the indescribable aesthetics emotion of the pure souls that have a feeling of the perfect form of the archetype. The moral beauty that gives nobility to the dignify life of the soul, purifies the body and contributes the finest materials for the construction of the strong and healthful societies.

The duty it is the constant application of the will to the acts that we create consecrated to the common good, by virtue of a pact which we make between our conscience and the other consciences that are related to us in our life.
The wisdom that directs; the force that constructs; the beauty that gives form; the duty that forces the work. Here there are the four great powers that direct the human evolution. All are needed and all are complemented. The wisdom needs the beauty and force to pronounce itself . The force needs to be guide by wisdom to manifestitself beautifully . The beauty needs to cause emotion be directed by the wisdom, be sustains by the force . The duty requires all three to be logical.

With these three lights we go towards the attainment of our true purposes; because all human work that does not constitute by these four elements of immortality, is weak and it perishes.

But the good does not perish. Its passage by the Earth leaves the track of the step that non flock the furrows of the time. The good is wise, is strong, is beautiful because is the duty itself. Do the good to be wise, to be strong, to be beautiful. To fulfill the duty to feed the light that burns in our hearts, carry out the duty because it is the only channel through which flows that spark that makes us live; because it is the smooth murmur that incessantly sings to the ear inviting to the duty; it is the word that brought from India, that keeps the secret from the principle and the end; as brought from Rome the word of the law; from Persia the one of force; Greece the one of beauty; Egypt the one of religion, but above all has survived the one from India because it keeps the unique concept of duty, that is the reason of good. They passed Rome, ancient Egypt and ancient Greece; but ancient India, giving us the words of duty, the word of the good, in the Theosophy, the wisdom, sister of the masonry, that like white dove, symbol of Peace, overcame its flight and passed the Himalayas to bring to the West the word of duty, the word to go through the Gold Door. The great founders of religions, that although with different aspects present the truth and like one and indivisible, synthesized their doctrines in duty.
-Be good to others will be add to you, said by Jesus.
-Hatred does not stop with hatred, but with the love, Buddha says.
-Pure thoughts, pure words and pure works, pronounce Zarathustra.
-The ink of the wise is more worth than the blood of the martyr, affirms Mohamed.
-Thinks about me, trusts me, consecrate to me and gently come to me, is written in the Bhagavad-Gita.
-To the progress of the humanity, we dedicated our efforts and this is to workfor the glory of the Great Architect of the Universe, pointed the Masonry.

Fulfilled the duty, well-known that the duty is the good and that the wisdom, the force and the beauty are immortality What can stop us in our way? What philosophy?, what religion?, what school?, what conception of the life will be able to demolish the unique conception that admits a divine plan?.

There is much good to do in the world around us and for us preferably in the society that we belong. To fight by the formation of a fair government and given to the great majorities and not to the tiny groups of privilege. We must compel that their governance is efficient. To fight by the elimination of corruption in all areas of action, from the politic where they have become mercantilism with the pretext of guarding the interests of the country, they work in their own benefit and dishonor the robe that the people put on them.
We know that a great moral misfortune corrodes the foundations of our towns and threatens to destroy the conquests of the true democracy, because behind the decay are in necessity the hand of the demagogue and the religious brake that chains the thought.

But anyway, the voice of duty prevails and is calling to us still at the moments at which we give rest to the continuous struggle of the mind disturbed by the horrors of the world. It is necessary to activate the thought like cultural agent. We all recognize the capacity of the human being to assimilate knowledge. We must fill ourselves of possibilities to force them to give to us opportunities. But for these opportunities we must not wait for the governments neither of the politicians to give them to us, nor of the institutions whose action does not extend but through ourself, men and women given to the causes of the humanity.

We can penetrate with our thought in the office of the politician, of the bourgeois, in the cell of the high ecclesiastical authority, in the labyrinths of the public institutions, and after this laborious and devastating trip we will ask ourselves Where is the duty? The answer is in the few illuminated ones by the light of the path. The society as race needs illuminated human beings. They collected the initiatives from the poors of the unjust society and do the work of duty to our fellow human beings.

It is the work of duty?

The duty is persuasive because is useful, is noble because it has the delicate essence of the sublime, is wisdom because disciplined the soul; it is strong because convinces; is beautiful because dignified; heroic because is sacrificed and by all this is amiable.
But those are aspirations of great souls, and there are not many great souls in the social mass whose indiscipline and ignorance we deplored. It is necessary to work there; in the town, in the foundations, the base that supports the wealth, the luxury, the injustice, by virtue of its unconsciousness, as the root of the tree that ignores the splendorous of the crown.

To the work, illuminated, we did not need the politicians, nor the religions, we only need the force that has the wisdom, force, beauty and duty. The failure is no waited for us, because our work is spiritual and the spiritual takes us to the success that will shine when the law of the blow of mallet and says to the men of good will “Standing and to the order"

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