No 10 The insatiable thirst of desire

Emerging from Atlantis to the Sanctuary of the Spirits
Letter No. 10


There is an antidote for fierce thirst or desire, a single word: Wisdom


One reason for samples difficulties in life is the desire. The desire is a relentless thirst that never ends. Because we all ardently desire, we are hungry and thirsty from different experiences and different things, we continue to suffer. It is not that we have to deprive of the things we want. The objects are not the problem. It is our commitment, our identification with what we crave, which causes suffering. Therefore the problem are not foreign objects, which we are tangling. The difficulties are our internal attachments.

People misunderstood that if we do not have desires, will never again be able to love or live with passion. What is just the opposite. We will continue with our healthy desires, but are no longer contaminated and poorly directed by an insatiable thirst.

Therefore we must learn to cultivate love with kindness, empathy and integration. We should not take ownership of each other and we should not become so identified or attached to things (whether personal thoughts, feelings, professions, goals or material objects) that make us lose the vision of the reality, of the relativism of the changing nature of all things.

How many hours to the day we dedicated to the tireless activity to try to get what we desire ? At what moment those interminable hours becoming a obsession? How much of your mind and time is invests in fantasize about that desires? Is too easy to use the majority of the hours of our lives to remain under the turbulent obsession of the romance, career, money, lovers, the pastimes, sex or pleasures. Like a dark cloud, desire darkens the radiant and free spiritual nature.

Who in this culture can resist to an insatiable thirst of sensual pleasures, wealth or power? There is much publicity everywhere, so much propaganda, many shopping malls and stores, many places that capture our attention. Do not feel frequently hit by the breezes of "attractions" that cry out for attention? Every day we receive catalogs, the television and radio get to us, print media and the Internet shows us thousands of objects that in the beginning we did not desire , but we are encouraged to bring fantasy into ours lives in which we invest our time an uncertain future, waiting with hope to be taken and transported by a savior in a red expensive car.

But there is an antidote for a single word for that kind of thirst or desire: Wisdom. The wisdom of freedom of desires. We have the ability to discover or rediscover our innate wisdom, our conscience, our inner joy, through the questioning ourselves. The wisdom is the solution to get over obsessions and desires transforming a routine and monotonous existence in a beautiful and inspiring walk through a garden. That is true freedom.

Buddha speaking to his disciples told them: He who overcomes this fierce thirst, difficult to be conquered in this world, sufferings fall off from him, like water-drops from a lotus leaf"

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