Do we have freedom?


The freedom is not another thing that the necessary consequence of the combination of the will and intelligence


The Earth is not the center of the universe! To have managed to get the truth of this affirmation has been surprising the conquest of the freedom to the humanity . When Copernicus presented/displayed its revolutionary theory for the first time, that it affirmed that the Earth on the contrary turned around the sun , people thought tha he was crazy. In fact, when Galileo used a telescope to prove the heliocentric theory of Copernicus, was considered a heretic for defy the prevailing religious beliefs with its scientific conceptions; Galileo was processed and it was ordained to him that he has to resigned to his convictions. Before facing the torture, he resigned to his affirmations and it was put under house arrest, where he remained the last eight years of his life. One says that when he was on the brink of his death, their last words were: “it does not matter what they say, the Earth turns around the sun".

We accept that truth from Copernicus and Galileo, but exists until today beliefs that prevents to accept a scientific truth about the universe and to penetrate in the deepest meaning in which each of us is the center of our own universe, the impediment is not the mental capacity but the lost of freedom to think and to face those truths and concepts that underlie beyond our mind.

The true freedom is divided according to the philosophy, in external and internal. The external one is the faculty that we must to grow according to our will, given our position and those of the other humans in the world. The internal is the faculty to think, to appreciate the human beings and their acts according to the dictations of our consciousness. On this base of appreciation also we will divide the freedom in positive and natural.

We call positive to first freedom, because it is limited by the laws and customs that govern all the beings; and the second natural , because the national beings enjoy it in the sphere of their major or minor intellectual and moral development.

The positive freedom falls or tends to fall as the human being advances in his knowledge, because the complicated duties and rights that arise from the physical development, intellectual and moral of the world, recognize by limits and equal duties and rights, that there are to respect and that to demand of the others.

It will be possible to be enjoyed greater freedom than in a pure state! Certain, we must contemplate to the free world of illusion or distortion of the reality that surrounds to us, or the way we see our self; to see roses where there are roses, to see thorns where there are thorns. We will see that ample and limitless freedom in beings who know and who have developed the knowledge of the essence of the world surrounds them ,means to know what it is, to know how they operate the things and to know the inner self and the others. ; To show the contrary is when the spirit is lacking of light of the knowledge, the moral, the respect to the nature and this one being does not know the true freedom, if it does not think nor it is behave but in close circles of the material accumulations.

On the other hand, is indispensable to exercise that individual freedom, because is indispensable to know and understood ourselves. When we are aware to the wisdom, we are not forced to choose what we see, but see exactly what is. This can seem to us as a challenge, nevertheless, when we are separated from the fantasy and we see in truth the way of being of the things, we are freed of the illusion and can begin to live more according to the reality.

The freedom is not another thing that the necessary consequence of the combination of the will and the intelligence, directed in varied sense. It is an effect of the free will, innate in all human being, genuine effect and huge, because it is the most active and powerful coefficient of the progress, and as well, it gives birth to another coefficient of not less importance, is called moral responsibility. In summary: The freedom supposes a more or less clear knowledge of the acts that are executed and a will perfectly defined by the development of intelligence. If in the fact that is executed does not enter the will to act and not the knowledge about what we are doing, the freedom does not exist.

And there are human beings who fight these fundamental principles and the progress in all transcendental manifestations not only for the individual life but the development of the society as a whole that has arrived at a development degree and which has needed centuries to reach the goal of the human greatness and that in spite of the passed time still does not manage to take all secrets to the life and science.

All the great conquests of the human sort in which it goes to our time, are fought firmly by the ones that not believe in the equality of the beings, the tolerance and the reason. Nevertheless that the tolerance is the precursor and the eternal companion of the freedom, and the equality is the best conquest of the towns.

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