We are an invention of love and therefore we have been created to love. We are conductive wires of the high tension current of love, that's why the pride must not exist in us, because the pride is an insulator of love; that's why we must love our neighbor as ourselves, because to love ourselves more than others humans is to interfere the love and to be selfish. The human being is the only creature that can love with sense in the whole universe. Every human-being is not a meaningless passion, but it is a passion which sense is other human.

With this brief introduction we can affirm that love is an events with a duality. It is temporary, because love goes away; happens for more or less passionate stages, the meetings, the breakups … But love supposes also a challenge to the eternity, because it wants to be lived to the margin of time, hoping that it should be absolute, definitive, for ever.

This way, whenever we love, we slink of the time to penetrate into a possible eternity. Love and passion ignore the time. The person in love lives bringing together a rabid present and an unconscious eternity. If we speak about the passion, all these characteristics sharpen. The lost love creates an eternity that tends to the past. That moment provokes, an escape of temporal flowing, where the events that happen to rest in the past, cut themselves off of the actuality and tend to the disintegration, to forget. The human memory fights to avoid this opaqueness of the lived that is not there anymore.

To rescue the past to give its intensity to the present has been a constant effort of the human beings. If this idea limits itself to a personal ambience, let's admit that the mere actuality can be lived in a disinterested way. The future, undecipherable one, does not penetrate us. The past, on the other hand, is a well-known but still fecund region and, for the proper investigatory nature of the human being, never left.

In order that it is possible to live of love, is necessary to provoke an escape of the time . Isolated of his context crystallized by the powerful flow of the event that is already not part only part of the past. This one is constituted like a germ of what happens contemporary and give complete sense to the life. This way, the past is already not "the past", because it loses its ghostly appearance and claims its actuality. Extracted from this forgotten panorama.

The route of the memory turns into the instrument to create the erotic of time, a recovery of past sensations, which does not claim only recreation, but it tries to do that pleasure and memory are equal. An example of it is the invocation of a past sensation, which must wake up the memory of the body, the lips, the skin … those that we can remember. The body seems to have cognitive capacity, at least in the indelible sensual sphere. The body feels, but also thinks, remembers … the body knows. We find equivalences where the memory monopolizes the most splendid erotica of our being, and this way we are giving a new draft in the lucubration for the time and the memory or for the Life, memory and pleasure unite in a whole. The pleasure is the memory and the memory the authentic life of all.

Sometimes, the memory does not need a catalog of finished experiences. The ephemeral, creates the whole universe of sensations. It is enough a minimal moment, perhaps furtive and fast to remain patented in our lives. The attraction does not need any other stimulus. The look only needs the confrontation with the beautiful, despite the temporary moderation of the meeting.for one hour. I ask for the eternity that lasts what the passion. This eternity is created by the stimuli of the memory and the quantity of sensations that never exhausts its renewal.

Let's point out that before the dashing and uneases of time we have left only the memory. The pain and the old age disappear, even if it is only for a moment, but the exhaustion that is the life can only be supported if we approach what it overcomes us. I invite you to exceed the limits of the knowledge, establishing new orders between words and things, using the multiple variety of tools that provides the human experience, as they are to live on small moments, glances, solitary digressions. This way we will obtain that past and present, confused in our bodies exceeding the time.

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Es hermoso leerte Victor Manuel, gran maestro de la vida que nos hace abrir la mente, maravillosas tus letras.
besitos para ti querido amigo del alma,GRACIAS