In spite of the antiquity of the esoteric rites, it is not easy to determine if these come from the Chaldean-Assyrian empire, culture that being based on ancient monuments, its origins are assign back up to forty centuries before Christ.

With regard to the religious principles that were forming the beliefs of the Chaldean-Assyrian culture, it is necessary to point out that the principal foundation of that religion was the astrology. His doctrine was settling, fundamentally, in the movement of five planets to which there were calling interpreters, between whom the principal one was Helios (the sun). They were observing the trajectory of the stars in the firmament, as well as the color of the same ones, and of these remarks they were deducing all kinds of climatological phenomena: atmospheric changes, thunderstorms, temperatures, rains, eclipses of moon and of the sun, appearance of comets, etc.

Those advanced astrologers were placing along with five planets thirty stars, which they called “gods advisers”. Of them, fifteen were inhabiting on the ground and others fifteen under it. For this method they could differentiate clearly, according to them, the celestial from human matters.

They were adding next, twelve lords of the gods, each of them entrusted to preside one month and one sign of the zodiac. They believed the moon was closer to the ground as a consequence of its weight; and also that its revolutions realized in less than those of the sun because the circle that it was describing was much minor.

The Chaldean priests created the Zodiac and did the division of the sky in twelve equal parts, to which they called the “twelve zodiacal houses”.

This first house the life;
the second, the wealth;
the third, the brothers;
the fourth, the relatives;
the fifth, the children;
the sixth, the health;
the seventh, the marriage;
the eighth, the death;
the ninth, that of the religion;
the tenth, the dignities; l
the eleventh, the friendship; and,
the twelfth one the enmities.

The Sun for them was favorable and beneficial, and meant kings, princes, big judges, etc.

The melancholic and humid Moon. It was reigning on the actors, bartenders and all those works develop at night.

Dry and ardent Mars and it was dominating on the warriors, cooks, bakers, smelters, locksmiths and other offices that iron and fire were used.

Sad and cold Saturn. He was reigning on the old men, the ecclesiastics, monks, convents and in general on all those who find isolated of the society, in a contemplative life.

Moderate and benign Jupiter and its empire was spreading on wise, big philosophers, the magistrates, etc.

Mercury was variable and inconstant. It was influencing the astrologers, geometers, poets, historians, physicists, inventors and, in general those who were devoting themselves to the sciences and the arts.

Fecund and beneficial Venus had under its protection the loves, the weddings, musicians ,perfumeries, jewelers, , etc.

The signs were dividing in:

Positives: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
Negatives: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpion, Capricorn and Pisces.
Cardinal: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
Fixed: Taurus,Leo, Scorpion and Aquarius.
Mutable: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.
Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
Water: Cancer, Scorpion and Pisces.
Air: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Everything previous exposed belongs to the called Astrology Judiciary,it believes it founder was Hermes Trimegistro, who also practised other secret sciences that have received the name of “Hermeticism“, derived from the famous Egyptian.

There exists another type of astrology that is the so called Medical Astrology, is about the influence of the stars in the different parts of the body. Hippocrates supported the theory of which the stars were influencing straight the development and appearance of the illnesses.

Galeno had a special worry for the moon and he said that the keys days belonged to the different phases of the satellite of the earth. Also he admits the intervention of other stars and support the idea if these stars lack of influence, and the sun source of light, heat and life, is the only one that governs four seasons, these should be always identical, without offering any type of change, since the course of the sun does not change; therefore, it is necessary to find another cause that explains this absence of climatic uniformity.

For Paracelso, the stars come up to us corrupting the ambiance of the ether that wraps and protects all the beings. The effects of these influences change to the disposition of the good or bad disposition of the being on the one who acts, depending also on the nature of the star.

Hermes Trimegistro was affecting on the action of the planets on five orifices of the head. Newton and Mead refer to the influence of the moon on the tides, from which it is deduced that in the same way it can influence the body and its systems.

According to the general principles of the astrology:

The Sun governs the heart and the head. It dominates on the happiness, the hope and the profit.
The Moon governs the brain and right arm. It has domain over the sleep, the wounds and the thefts.
Jupiter governs the liver and the belly. It dominates on the honor, the wealths and the desires.
Venus protects the kidneys and the left arm. He reigns in the friends and the loves.
Saturn governs on the spleen and the left foot.
Mars governs the genital parts and the bile.
Mercury the lung and the right foot.

The orifices of Hermes to which earlier we allude, are ruled by means of the following influences:

Jupiter and Saturn, the ears
Mars and Venus the holes of the nose.
The Sun and the Moon, the eyes.
Mercury, the mouth

With regard to the zodiacal divisions, his influences on the parts of the body are:

Aries the head.
Taurus the neck.
Gemini arms back.
Cancer on the breast and the heart.
Leo the stomach.
Virgo the belly.
Libra kidneys and the buttocks.
Scorpion genital organs
Sagittarius on the thighs.
Capricorn in the knees.
Aquarius on the legs.
Pisces on the feet.

This art of reading the stars, went on straight from Egypt to Greece, where it acquired extraordinary heyday and where it named ASTROLOGY, which means: "science of the stars".

Homere speaks often about this science. Fell of Mileto, Pythagoras and Democritus spread it for the whole Greece. From Alejandro Magno, who in several occasions came to the horoscopes which predictions were fulfilled, the different branches of the Astrology melted together.

Also in Rome the astrology had very favorable acceptance; confirms the fact that all the patrician that were possessing fortune were financing the services of a particular astrologer, whom they were calling “the mathematician”.

During all the times, the astrology had big heyday and in the XVIth century following once again the ways planned by the ancient Egyptians and Caldeos, they did not exclude cabbala, magic, alchemy was continued and the knowledge of the astrology increased and the fact was that one of his followers Pecho Pomponazzi, Aristotle's supporter, who wrote his Treaty on the Immortality of the soul, where it supports that the reason itself is incapacitated to solve this question, which can only be revealed by means of revelation. The above mentioned it was burned by order of the inquisitors of Venice, going to increase the number of the works prohibited by order of the Council of Trent.

Following the course of the history we have another famous astrologer Miguel de Nostradamus. He was a master of the gift of the prediction; and each of the centuries into which the book was divided, it was considered to be an authentic oracle whose secret sense they were trying to find out.

The Nostradamus predictions were a matter of numerous publications and they were re-printed often. In Spanish diverse translations exist under the title of "The Lucky charm of the dreams" and "Night Visions".

It is said that Nostradamus that was not acting like most of the astrologers, but for his knowledge and his studies of the Egyptians and Persians he achieved big knowledge and was capable of formulating, not already by means of horoscopes or evocations of spirits, but simply for seeing a person.

And we come until our days and have the big astronomer Hawking with his History of the Time who points out that if the science manages to find a finished theory of the universe, “it would be the definitive victory of the human reason, because then we would know the God's thought”. and he keeps on saying in his theory that meanwhile the universe had a beginning, we might suppose that it had a creator.

But if the universe is really a suppressed in itself, if it does not have any border or rim would have not even beginning not end simply would be.

What place stays for a creator then?

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