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The strength is in the habit of overcoming difficulties. As a gift of our spirit, becomes a force that resists and rushes as the need of the hour. It is an incredible value to those who attend the hardest trances of life, for it is necessary to generate that energy inside us in order to face the difficulties, challenges and efforts that life poses continuously, and we can not escape, and we shall endure pain, discomfort, overcome the bad times, dominate fatigue, tiredness, sadness.

The strength is the ability to make efforts without complaining, without feeling threatened by the problems, and then we can overcome fears, endure fatigue, deterrents to any suffering or misfortune. This requires the courage to overcome all the obstacles that are opposed to the pursuit of good, knowing to undertake what should be done. However, the classical philosophers did not hesitate to assert that the principal act of fortitude is to know how to resist. But I think it's better to remove it from our self, because if we do not get a solution to the problem we do not win anything leaving it dormant and worrying.

All human beings without exception have weaknesses, scholastic education has contributed to a teeming multitude, that has not been brought up to strength, and their life is altered to the slightest contradiction to their tastes, their welfare, their comfort, is so we have to learn to master ourselves, so that later we will not be defeated by life. It is necessary to create the Mental adaptability to different circumstances, whatever the means by which it is achieved either resting, thinking, talking, playing, maturing, with optimism, everyone has their means and must use the more appropriate, but all these means to achieve the strength, always consist of an adaptation of the mind.

The fortress covers three main areas:

a) Undertake surmountable difficulties
b) Resist patiently what seems insuperable, not to be overcome by sadness at the physical or spiritual suffering
c) Remain firm for the duration of the effort, be constant, which is the virtue that leads us to carry out what is necessary to achieve the goals we have set, despite external or internal difficulties, or decreased motivation for the time. Constancy is based on a strong willpower and in a continuing effort to reach the proposed goal, overcoming the difficulties and even overcome ourselves.

Also important is the personal ideal, that captures what we really are, the impulses are channeled and gives direction to a specific mission, that is to say helps us to know ourselves and we know that tasks performed to achieve a goal. The personal ideal unites ideas gives more strength, so that our life is organized and have consistency. That ideal turn has two currents: the ideal of being, and the ideal of doing. We all walk through these two paths to get to a good port.

The ideal of being: is that everyone must find "what disrupts our lives." What are the inclinations, tenderness, happiness. When you know what impels it, recognizes the gift that enriches the whole being. This gift transforms all that we are psychologically, gives healing and vigor, to know where to go.  Who found this treasure that holds within our being and personality, is holding the root of personal ideal that guides our lives to magnanimity, is a saying that we have a great spirit, a large and generous heart, you wonder every day What else I can do?, because it seeks to be given without measure.

The ideal of acting are all actions that we face as citizens, professionals, families, striving in our abilities, whether intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual. To fulfill these tasks the human being discovers their mission. That call that is made to each and to consecrate all their efforts putting into play the skills and gifts that nature has given him the benefit of others.

When you know the ideal in personal life, you  discover that exalts you  because we realize that everyone has value as a person. Do not confuse this feeling with the pride and arrogance that seeks personal greatness and takes us away from humility. This greatness is closely linked to the way we are, because we have to be grateful for the gifts and talents that nature gave us. And that's the difference from one person to another, personal experience that does not belong to the mass, the flock.

We all want to be strong, but that it does not happens overnight, we must go slowly. To achieve the strength you have to be strong and intensify our gifts, knowledge and skills, as otherwise we are weak. Also we have to anticipate difficulties, because when you want something good you always find them. If you imagine the difficulties  before, you will lose your fear of them, and when adversity comes you are going to have a better  way to resolved it, if you are taking by surprise. We also must embrace the little annoyances of daily life with magnanimous attitude such as cold, heat, pain, problems, ingratitude, criticism of others, things do not go as we want. This is the only way to becoming strong in spirit, in the painful moments such as a serious illness, a death, a tragedy, a big temptation. All these actions that we find it hard to realize are strengthening more our fortitude.

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