The pressure of the society in which we live directs us to think that problems are always an essential part of our lives and forces us to live with torture,  tribulations of not having an internal peace that allows us to be happy and cheerful. Without knowing that the nature has provided each of us with the aptitude necessary to knock down in a simple and rapid way these mental barriers, real psychic obstacles that limit or invalidate our innate aptitude for solving them.
R/Emerson was reflecting: "Life consists about what a human being thinks”. If you think about the success, you create a spiritual climate that makes the success possible. If you think about the defeat, already you are more close to it. These intellectual shackles do not have tangible existence, it is necessary to try to suppress them for means purely spiritual. To obtain this result, I use the universal principles, their applications have relieved and recovered, across the ages thousands of generations. Is the message that will provide an instrument of enormous efficacy to solve our conflicts that are neither big nor small, but it depends on the grade of worry that you give to it.

Four are the fearsome enemies of our inner  peace, and almost always, one of them projects its ominous shade in our lives already troubled by some problem.

Resentment. Many are the messages that I get on my emaill telling me about people who is convinced that the author of their woes is someone other than themselves, and their state of mind is boiling for the heat produces a repressed anger. That resentment crying to get out of the chest is very damaging to the person who feeds it with the object that serves oas fuel. the burden of ill will exhaust the energies of the strongest. Prevents all communication conciliatory. It's very difficult to get neutralize those feelings, you have to be at a high level to achieve it and forget it. There is only one remedy for resentment: forgiveness. Sometimes it can take a long time to forgive because there failed efforts to eliminate this poison.

Guilt and remorse. A hidden or cloaked remorse, does not vanish by itself. we are filling it digs into the consciousness of anxiety and fear. The only way to get rid of this terrible host is sincerely repent of what we have done, make firm purpose of amendment, apologize and repair, to the same extent of the damage inflicted, if any, and directly or indirectly solicit forgiveness to the offended person. The damage of guilt and remorse we must bury deeply or forget. Once buried guilt and remorse the person regains peace of soul.

Lack or absence of self confidence. It is important to open all the strengths and values, and the best way to resolve the conflicts is to help others settle their own. Be useful improve your self image  and perseverance in believing that you can solve everything, so will sink deep into your spirit twilight corners, where slowly but surely drive out the self-doubt. Not always easy. In this world there is nothing more difficult than changing a way of thinking, but it is possible. I know because I've seen many succeed in this arduous undertaking.

Very often attach excessive importance to potential problems that can arise. Why not use all our energy to achieve our goals, rather than spend it worrying about what might happen? Act without fear! Minimizes risks, and do not allow fear stop you. So everything that we dream or think culminate in success. The mind does not really know the difference between something imagined and something real. There you will have overcome fear and raise your self-esteem. The confidence is an assertion that we believe in our own decisions and actions. The confidence is never inherited, it is learned. Self-esteem includes subjective assessment that someone does. It is being aware of one's own values ​​and with that awareness we can trust our ability. Although to know what we are capable is essential self-knowledge.

Worry. This fourth enemy is more commonplace. The worry as certain wise man said, is a persistent thread of muddy water that runs through the spirit. "If we are not careful," he adds, "it will dig wide channel which will go in all our thoughts."   During so many years we received millions of negative messages in the media and it seems to take away hope from people living at the foot of slopes and slaves of the ups and downs of the lives of others, to co-workers , neighbors, a world of terror around us if we follow these speculations of trouble. The truth is, that most of the disasters and calamities are produce by ourselves with our fears and ideas that imprison us, but if we are positive nothing will happen no calamity never stumble and that is worse condition our live.

A remedy that advocates against excessive worries is having a clear idea of ​​the emotional and physical damage that worries can cause us. The constant and acutely worries affects our circulation, heart, nervous system and glandular. Not die gripped by doubt.  So we have to take life in a sport way  enjoying all around us, doing what we like without concerns, changing the tone of our inner life, having faith in our potential and qualities without anticipate events, that's the best medicine I know for worries and to find inner serenity.

Problems and more problems, and always problems. The world will continue running over them, but you should not complain or despair because you're not going to solve them worrying, but getting sick. Throw from your spirit mistrust, resentment, regret and the continued concern and you will be amazed to see how confidence will come to replace it, the compassion that forgives, the faith that illuminates and gives joyful serenity. And there you  give to your life great victories and glorious achievements.


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