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The internal and external music can guide the soul to the real kingdoms of the earth. The music can put us on the road, join us on the journey, and to be there at the end of the trip. From beyond the times it has been used in the field of psychological changes, as it produces emotion. Music as a means of initiation, leads to attitudes of ecstasy then accompanied with metaphysical knowledge leads to new states of consciousness. We could say that we can feel drunkenness in which knowledge is not absent.

The beauty of music leads to new cosmic and metaphysical realities, especially the instrumental performance serving as host of the soul, where you will hear and feel the indescribable beauty that exists in timeless forces beyond human experience.

The resonances of musical performance have a beneficial effect on the body and psyche: quiet, gives solemnity and harmony. But there is more: it is a vehicle that can lift us up where we are able to do so, in identifying with our inner melody, we allow access to walk the road that will lead us to our spiritual temple, where you will find peace, harmony and full happiness. And therein contemplate our lives and if we can transform the rhythm of the seven musical notes that are the basis of the composition of our melody, which is understanding, wisdom and contribution to others. This action symphonic composition deserves to be transported on a journey into the universe to witness sight or hearing of our own mystical experiences which we participate, being encouraged to contribute to new knowledge and perceptions of the top music .. There we can transcend, and enter this wholeness, as the pleroma, or the ratio of full compliance, common element in many Gnostic doctrines, that means finding the real world of harmony, unity and light as opposed to darkness. The plainchant, as a religious mystery, a mantra, or a mystical dance, offers each what it is capable of receiving.

How often have we shaken to hear a musical performance where the word does not intervene. It is in this ecstasy where we can appreciate the best picture of the secret harmonies and mysticism individual and collective work of lifting. The melodies without words are eternal and wandering wings that carry the soul to higher realms, in the task of redeeming what we destroy, helping not only to renew and enhance the inner spark, but also all the other innumerable sparks trapped in the manifest world. Music allows us to hear a faint echo of those sweet modulations ear ordinary mortals can not grasp. We awake the high memory of what we hear in a previous life. We can lead a passionate love and desire to sail the cosmos in search of answers to our questions, we are free of our mud wrap. Of all the instruments, the experts say, that the seven-stringed lyre is most apt to remind men of the great concert eternal cosmic symphony, calls the soul to rise to make this ascent and insufflate of wisdom finding new sources of expertise.

Interpreting in some cases, and in others hear the music of spiritual world  prove to us that the cosmos has its own melody, and that it existed before humans were in the history on earth. These interpretations have lasted all eternity and have been able to transform the soul of who wants to listen and achieve change in the reaction.

In the world of the senses, the music makes us see visions of the world perceived by the eye and the inner ear, until archetypal images in a wonderful way, so that citizens celestial praise through their sounds and claim and represent the voice of a crowd full of spirituality and connected to the temple virtuoso and harmonies. These voices as water, wind, fire, trees, flowers, rocks, feel the charm of the full life of solitude and the states of consciousness of those who are on their side and we transmit a music that never ceases: is music you hear everywhere but is nowhere, sometimes a whisper, sometimes a mortal ear thinks he hears a divine harmony, whose variations are terrestrial and swimming in the middle region of the air. The voices, the modulations bright, suddenly burst forth from the depths of heavenly forest and then dispersed by the breath of our spirits; these sounds seem to have expired. But soon, a confusing melody revives the distance, singing on the banks of the river of life, immersing us in a great fantasy of the magical universe.

These regions in our lives are never illuminated by daylight but a soft glow that falls quietly on mystical regions of our soul that invade us like snow in winter, then enters all sensitivities, softly radiant with beautiful light and casts a perfect beauty to the beholder. The air you breathe is love; air like some kind of melody that fills all visible white plains of souls with equal splendor and harmony.

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