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The magician has superior knowledge of the laws of the universe and creation. Knowing the way that creation works, he can modify things and events.

Magic is the use of the natural energies and the positive visualization to create changes in our lives. We all are magicians, simply because we are surrounded with energy. We have the power to bring the good in our lives or also to use it to attract negative attitude. The ground is full of living marvels, and using its energies we can create magic that can be used in the everyday life as helps us in the visualization of our needs.

A positive thought can be projected to the universe and turn into a beautiful psychological transformation. For example, the prayers, chants, spoken meditations and mantras are forms of magic,  many make it daily and almost mechanically, but they do not know of its power, since it is an energy sent to the universe in a positive way and with the time it is reflected. A lot of dreams and desires have been fulfilled across a humble and fervent entreaty.
The Magic was the science of Abraham, Orfeo, Confucius, Zoroastro, Buddha, Jesus, Enoch, HermesTrismegisto, Mahoma, Paramahansa Yogananda. Theirs births endure a drastic change in our lives, and their magic doctrines have lasted in the time because they have come to a perfect mastery of themselves. Cradle purified them and removed the veil: this is the sense of the word to "reveal".

The new disguise that drank to them was Cabbala: exclusive heredity of Israel and inviolable secret of the priests. The mysteries of Eleusis and Tebas were preserved between the gentiles by its symbols, but in degraded form, and the mystical key got lost in the middle of the device of a superstition in constant growth, in spite of it, the lost words has come up to our times and recovered and transmitted. in the temples of the secret associations of Rosicrucian, Illuminati and Freemasons, and that meaning happens in theirs rites, with more or less conventional signs, and gives a justification to theirs belief, as a key to  power.

It is important also to do a distinction between magic and witchcraft, although both interact with the magic world, specifically with the invisible one, are practice  in different forms.

The Shaman is the succubus in the spirit world, are the means by which information passes from one world to another, to ours. They are in contact with other dimensions, in trance they described what they see, as useful information. Sometimes, while visiting the world of another dimension, encounters beings, shapes, colors that are not ours. When he comes to himself tries to represent the visions he has had, in a reproduction of images and figures that necessarily force our cognitive capacities because they refer to a reality that is not to ours. bizarre images, dreamlike, representing creatures that can be part human and part animal or demonic. Before and today that is recovering the value of past cultures, which were crushed and altered by the invaders, the Shaman is the one who is related to other dimensions practicing a set of behaviors, mental attitudes and beliefs through which they can contact with the world of spirits, receive your messages or teachings and be the bridge between the other dimension and ours.

 Shamanism is present in a lot of towns and in all ages, with common characteristics but also specific tradition. Examples are the Indians who inhabit America, who have a wealth of information provided on shamanic techniques. The figure of the shaman is a doctor that uses useful energy channels through which flows the power of healing. He is a catalyst and directs all the power necessary for healing or spells. I just very simple action such as taking in his hands some pebbles picked from the bed of a river, as the water-purifies and charged with energy as the intention of the work. The stones become powerful totems, amulets allies of the shaman. This, after having accumulated inside the meaning and the energetic charge of intent, transforms the object that has come into contact in a radiant energetic field that continue to emanate energy information until reality has changed With his power, or energy charge, the shaman can change people's energy. The shaman can remove the blockage of the chakras that cause disease or discomfort.

According to the importance of action to take the shaman will connect with the power of creation, requiring the power of plants, animals, the earth or the universe. Gets the maximum power required of all creation visible or invisible. Draws power from all cardinal directions including lower and upper center placed in the named medicine wheel, a circle in which there are all points where the shaman invokes energy and power visible and invisible is manifested by the force shapes the energy field.

Visible and invisible are two sides of the same coin, as night and day, like life and death. The one does not end with the other, but that comes before your arrival. The reality is lived in a circular, because at each end, each death corresponds always a revival, in an eternal cycle depicting the life breath of the universe.


From the Greek magicians, meaning consecrated man. This name was given to the priestly caste to which Zoroaster entrusted the care of the cult, the interpretation of the movements of the stars and the fire custody. This science of the Zoroastrian religion, is celebrated in antiquity because it participates in the study of knowledge of medicine, natural science and occult science.

The magician has very different characteristics to the shaman. It is not necessary that the magician has a special sensitivity, does not act passively with the other dimension, but studies the cosmos and their reactions. Imposes his will, from their superior knowledge of the world and the universe, through rituals, formulas, little known energy and, above all, the knowledge and use of cosmic regression.

 The magic is based on the law of universal sympathy, in which everything is connected to everything. Through a subtle fluid that unites all things, any movement in the different dimensions of the cosmos is transmitted to all other things, preferably something that has the ability to resonate. Once you know the exact direction you can influence anything, because there are no areas of discontinuity as modern science believes.

This process of resonance is particularly true for humans, is a microcosm that fully reflects the macrocosm of creation. Indeed, man is composed of the same elements found in the universe, the same substance, the same processes, the same imbalances that we all who inhabit the earth (microcosm) and also in the macrocosm that govern the universe forces


According to the ancient conception, a magician could not intervene significantly in the course of events if he does not know to work with cosmic regression. To understand what is and how this concept works we must know how creation works, because, in fact, the cosmic regression is a way to reconnect with the creation of the universe and imitate the action of the gods. The ancient Hermetic philosophers, thinkers and magicians of the Greek world, Egyptian and Chaldean, who lived between the second century BC and the first centuries of this era. theirs thoughts were that there is a center that creates energy that diffuses around, as this decays away from the center up to a freezing point of matter.


The creative act just described is a procedure used by a traditional discipline next to Magic: the alchemy.  The alchemical transformation can not take place if the materials which it works are not carried before a pure state, understood as the original cosmic substance from which everything comes.

 Frst alchemist transforms its material elements, or is not able to join the creative process of the origins, for example, can not turn lead into gold.

The alchemist, like the magician, should be identified with the forces of the universe in order to enter a dimension that allows interfering in nature. The imitation of the organization of the cosmos is fundamentally important to understand the psychological state that must be the magician and alchemist to find psychoenergetical load necessary to enable magical and alchemical operations.


Magic also has a process of identification with divinity: follow the same path as the divinity in order to become able to shape events. This is a conviction which has strong roots in magical thinking,be in commands of nature. 

We find an example of this identification in the Heptameron, attributed to Pietro of Abano, is the general Exorcism spirits of the air,the magician acts hooking to the attributes of power and creation of God, absorbs power from other entities, and once assumed the power of imposition of divinity,end speaks in the third person as if God, and His will is that must be obeyed.


After analyzing the literature magic of the past we can conclude that,for the magic to work, it must meet four conditions:

 * Living things must be able to receive and transmit any type of energy, known or unknown. 

 * Must be a carrier capable of transmitting at high speed these radiations in the distance 

 * The human being must be able to resonate with other human beings. 

 * The magical ritual and symbolism have to activate some kind of energy fields led by the magician's will. 

The first point is very important. According to traditional thinking, anything is bound and resonates with any other, in compliance with the concept of universal sympathy. For this reason there is nothing strange in the fact that the magician can act at a distance about something or someone. 

The second point has to do with the existence of a bearer capable of transmitting relations in the nature. Since the magic act shows without problems of space the action of the magician who will be able to be transported in the distance in very brief times across the ether, which is the omnipresent fluid that joins all the things of the universe, since there are particles faster than the light.

In the third point it is necessary to refer to the experiments realized by the Italian investigator Alberto Tedeschi on the interaction of the cerebral waves. 

One of his experiments took as an object to study the electroencephalograms of patients and the therapist, if some interaction was registering between the cerebral waves during the meeting. And it was seen that, at first two persons had different frequencies, as the appointment was advancing there was taking place an approach of the frequencies up to ending being identical. 

In the second series of experiments it was observed that when the therapist was a few meters of distance concentrating the attention on some organs of the patient,  was registering changes of its specific frequency, influenced by the mental activity of the therapist. There are diversity of studies that demonstrate the existence of a process of interaction and resonance between the human beings. 

The fourth and final point may be explained by what has become known as waveform. Geometric figures under certain conditions emit subtle energies that may be positive or negative for human beings.

Knowing these forces, the magician can cause, with simple hieroglyphic drawings or ritual movements waves produced by the dynamic forms that are issued through dance movements or gestures, rituals, a number of effects on both biological beings as on the subject. 

But almost all the magical power has been lost in the sands of time, used only for earthly purposes, ended or diluted and powerless. 

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