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Considered to be the wisest of the time King Solomon, son of King David made ​​Jerusalem the city of justice and peace. Its name reflects the original name of the city, Salem. Solomon is said that you were given "wisdom and knowledge", which usually means good governance, the ability to distinguish morally between good and evil, and a full understanding of the universe. "Behold, I have done according to your word, giving you a wise and understanding heart so that no one was like you before you, nor will there be another like you after you".
The legend tells us that when King David was on the threshold of death, called his son and successor, Solomon, to the final farewell. Solomon was young, inexperienced and was very concerned about the crown that would soon be his. He begged his father to let him something that might be of assistance in times of crisis. His father gave him a box containing a ring. "When you find yourself in trouble," said David, "opens this box and look at the inscription on the ring. But when you're on top of success, reopen it and then look at the inside of the ring. God be with you my son ". And he died.

The years passed and Solomon was beset by serious [poblems of all kinds. Even he was separated from his position as king for a while. He was dejected, then remembered his father's advice and opened the box. In the ring he read the Hebrew words Gam ze iaavor meaning  "This too shall pass".  He was deeply comforted by the message and returned to take control of their destiny with confidence and determination. Obstacles were overcome. the rebellion was dissipated

Then began an era of booming and flourishing increased their wealth and boasted of their wisdom. Having such power was another supreme achievement of Solomon enriched pride and increased his sense of being invincible he did not forget to open the jeweler, extract the ring, look at the inscription recorded in its interior and read: "Gam ze iaavor”, "This too shall pass." also wealth, fame, glory, pomp, all the luxury would . And in this way Salomon turned into the most wise human being of all times.

The message of the history is simple to understand: all the events of this world happen, what we feel good or bad it is ephemeral. The important thing is in not remaining flooded in the world of  sensations, in the fleeting twinkle of the pleasure or pain, the victory is seeing further away, in what it is eternal and not ephemeral, and concentrate on working to become the best person we can be.


In 1536, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent ordered extensive remodeling on the  Mount Temple, and the church became a mosque that had been built on Mount Zion in the days of the conquest of the Crusaders.

The symbol of the hexagram or star-shaped figure formed by two triangles, has many connotations, especially because it is inscribed in a circle, in many parts of the world, have been attributed to supernatural powers since ancient times ascribed to it in the past centuries, the abstract element of the figure that is connected to the celestial stars) and geometric integrity make him a universal symbol. Along with the five-pointed star or pentagram, which is much more ancient origin, the exagrana represents the development of mathematics and geometry by the Greeks and their successors in the entire Mediterranean area.

The Messianic consciousness of Sultan Suleiman led him to develop this bond of connection with King Solomon. On the walls he built around Jerusalem, there are stones decorated with two interlocking triangles. Star of David, that among Muslims are known by the name of Khatam Suleiman and, among the Jews as jatam.

Through geometry, in which Pythagoras and his followers saw cosmic symbolism, the hexagram and the pentagram became the expression of the sky and its reflection on earth. From the divine ,and its reflection in the creation as well as the connection between heaven and earth, the macrocosm and microcosm, spirit and matter.

Islamic civilization was a vibrant crossroads of cultures through whom the achievements of the ancient world were transferred to modern Europe transferred information from East to West and vice verse, different ethnic groups coexisted with different languages ​​and religions that contributed to the advancement of culture .

The Seal of Solomon combines the strength and beauty, symbolism and illustrative quality, all in a geometric figure, the most important characteristic motif of Islamic art. The Muslim artist's love for geometry, allows them to express the true essence of Solomon seal as a symbol of connection between the two worlds, in this context symbolizes the relationship between science, beauty and metaphysics, with elements of medicine and magic,

Symbols magical, religious and political astronomy and astrology, the art of irrigation and its influence on the garden, and the symbolic connection between the pleasure gardens and the garden of Eden, between heaven and architectural domes and between traditional cosmogony and its nexus with religion. Are also outlined in it all zodiacal measures, and the intimate relationship between the Zodiac and the invincible Central Sun. The Zodiac sexual genesis is represented in the Seal of Solomon.

Today, the hexagram is known as the "Star of David" and considered a symbol of Judaism: the term is used even in Islamic countries. There is some confusion about its origins, name and associations. In Europe, the pentagram is generally known as Solomon's Seal, while at hexagram is called Star of David, many times, it is assumed that always the case. However, there is evidence of a gradual evolution of the hexagram from a Roman cosmological symbol and magical religious symbol not linked to a religion or a particular people. And it's likely that both reasons were used by different religions and that the clearest meaning of the hexagram is associated with magical techniques to protect themselves from the forces of evil.

I therefore I can say that the hexagram is a universal symbol began as a symbol of the Jewish community. Then it moved to the Islamic countries and then spread to Europe and the Seal of Solomon was identified with the pentagram.


The Seal of Solomon is one of the most potent symbols ever made ​​esoteric thought. Contrary to what you might think, the seal was invented by Solomon, although it took its name, perhaps because of the importance of the symbol and to give it an old feature. In any case it is one of the most important and esoteric symbols is composed of two equilateral triangles with the vertex placed one up and the other with the apex downwards.

The Seal of Solomon is one of the most potent symbols made ​​by esoteric thought. Contrary to what you might thinkthe seal was not invented by Solomon, although he took his name, perhaps because of the importance of the symbol and give it a more ancient trait. In any case it is one of the most important and esoteric symbols is composed of two equilateral triangles with the vertex placed one up and the other with the apex downwards/

The two triangles represent the four elements, the upward pointing triangle symbolizes fire and air, and the triangle facing down, water and land. When two triangles have a point in the center, symbolizing the quintessence, representing all elements of the cosmos.

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