No 26 Respect for the Differences

Emerging from the Atlantis to the Sanctuary of the Spirit
Letter Nº 26

The respect by the differences somehow leads to that everyone can act in which really are they own interests, in the construction and consolidation of the world or worlds that are necessary to them, sufficient and satisfactory


The mankind of modernity received as inheritance of the French Revolution, without benefit of inventory, the concept of permanent equality between the human beings. Identified like excels paradigm, everything was thought about the necessary equality, was in a spirit of possible brotherhood on the best terms among all rational beings. To be part of that equality, like something indisputable, from the same essence of the social being. If all we are equal, so the social rules should be the way so everyone can claim under the same conditions, assume equal rights and are committed to equal duties.

From the freedom and thinking like essential element of it, the equality, even, the thought of the democracy consolidated because the idea was to have governments in who all could participate in their conformation and handling in conditions that denominated equals.

The banning possibilities that they were real limitations to the access to the universal suffrage and the handling of the power, went disassembling little by little until reaching almost universal participation, from the theoretician because the reality has shown that egalitarian ideal does not pass of there, and in spite of its formulations like panacea of understanding and uncomprenssion between the mankind, the difficulties generating by the behaviors can be much bigger, because one thing is to say or philosophizing, and to maintain that the human beings are equal and another very different feasibility that for many be considered the same is not a favour.

An almost equal decreed, for whom everything is deficiency, becomes more an outrage that in a consideration, because it is not just leveling the rights, but that entails indispensable presence of equal obligations and all may be able to receive equal, but very few may be in order to give, to deliver the same. You can receive up equally, but we can not fulfill obligations under the same conditions, because when you do not have anything, nothing can be given.

It has been more than two hundred years in the observance through the criterion of equality , like essence of what must be to respect the others, has consolidated and with their foundation have been tried many developments of the human being who on several occasions have not been able to offer the expected results. Has been taken like axiom and therefore, almost until discussing the certainty or not this principle has been prohibited. Everyone takes it like something is born in everyone. Something that goes patch to the own condition human bring and in which must not have concessions of any nature, because would be being been attempting against a fundamental element of the human being.

It has established equality as a fundamental human right and that principle was the basis for political, economic and social battles were had of all the century XIX and XX and we followed in the 21st century. Without pausing in the analysis of its universal contents, to the extent it becomes necessary to understand it like a way to confront the right of every one, but not all pairs are even in exact measures. It was so, because had been said and until taken like demonstrated in that great celebration from the thought and the action that was the French Revolution, in that were begun modifying high situations and it was finished in the new conceptions of the small thing, guillotine from the noblest heads to of those who began being as the Third State. With fact and expressions it was taught to the world that we were all equal and the world thought that had been discovered the essential way to be able to coexist without the anguishes that give the unsatisfied needs.

Over the elaborations of the thought, of the law, the principles, of the social axioms, for the man that transcend is the life. It is a mockery to the population to say that all the citizens are equal before the law, if they are not before the life. There is no point that the law says that all Ecuadorians have the right to a free education, when in the reality they are more who remain without that possibility and access at good level of qualification and formation, those who succeed, in many cases, with enormous sacrifices in other aspects that do not cease to be essential for a dignified existence. Over that equality formulated in the positive, it must work in all the fields to secure an equality before the life, in which the human feels that he is respected in the condition that shows, without making them understand that there is more possibilities that can obtain, when they are constructed with foundation in ideals that end up sounding like jokes.

What is accomplished in life can be a much stronger representation as existential way, that what is contained in numerous obligations, as a mandate not debatable. Would be dangerous concluded that the specific differences among human beings in terms of power, status, titles, charges, etc..are secondary variables that are in no way affect the enjoyment of our dignity. Surely it is comforting to believe that our value as human beings and our inner freedom do not depend on external contingencies, of wealth and power

It is necessary that the relations between the rational beings are reformulated, thinking from the different and the indispensable respect that must deserve at any moment, because from those respected differences the new thing can be constructed, in a frame that contains what is the social being, not what is wanted to be.

An imposed equality finishes being an disrespectful. A disrespect finishes for being an aggression. An aggression is an element of absence of minimum principles that guarantee a possibility of understanding with everyone, but without trying unreality. It is necessary to construct from the permanent respect to the differences that exist between the human beings and is a coexistence element in which the social development is a principle.
To be different cannot be stigma, far from positioning that speak of those who are located in located in this or that place, but it is, above all, give to everyone a vital opportunity in life as yours give , in what may, in what can, in what must, in what is able to construct.

In the difference we have the possibility of having our own particularities. From the respect by that feasibility based on the difference that is had before the other, a condition of coexistence is born that does not understand the exigencies of minimum behaviors to all the same, as if it could really be. If the life of all is had like possibilities of development of the relations that exist between all, every one within which can give, to commit ourselves without stopping responding to our commitments, can be understood that we are different, that we are not equal, but that anyway we pruned to coexist with respect and in the dignity of every one, without nobody feels run over when they had been called equal, knowing that does not feel, nor it lives, nor it can act like equal in a society in which nobody is not equal to the others because the reality can much more that the theory.

When the life in its absence of equal opportunities for all, has demonstrated to us that we cannot follow in the attempt to construct a respect world starting off of which we are equal, understanding that the respect by the different, for what is not like me, can well be a good beginning of a way to coexist. In the measurement of the respect by which they are not what we are, and that they perhaps do not try to be the way what we are, because they interest is in the being like they are, is possible to be begun rethink of the society, with clearer lineaments as far as the vital possibilities that we have to have.

Not be equal is not to attempt against which it generally tries the human being, it is to understand that is the reality, that thus is the life, that is the way how we must confront the existence with those who surrounds us or somehow they can be affected by what we do or we stop do.

The respect by the differences somehow leads to that every one can act in which really interests in life, in the construction and consolidation of the world or worlds that are necessary, sufficient and satisfactory, but for looking the equality between all, there are many those finishing doing what does not correspond to them, neither they like it, nor attract them, far from they own interest And that must make badly. And to make it bad is to attempt against the others, because it thinks in such a way that is the fulfillment of having to do something not wished. A world of respect to the other and the way they are, it is the possibility of having every one in which is able and with the satisfaction to do done it well. To do it thus, is a beginning of respect by the others

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