No virtue can work without this vast space in itself


The silence can not exist if there is no sound, reason why is necessary to make the exercise of silence to reach the sound. Silence has a particularity, to force the person to observe the thoughts and to know the inner self. Therefore this mystery is not discovered in the world, is found and it is learned in the heart of the humans who seek to improve their existence. Silence, although seems strange to say, can help the human beings to find answers to our own mystery.

There are three types of silence:

- The physical silence that consists of not speaking and strictly not to generate noise.
- Mental silence is reduced not to think.
- Spiritual silence is to get at total silence to find the field of the supreme manifestation.-

The steps to find silence are: Silence like an exercise; and the meditation.

The first step is silence by the silence, we need the willpower to execute it. It is to learn to control the exact handling of the words. In order to achieve this silence is necessary to concentrate the attention in elements more subtle almost imperceptible the ones we are not accustomed to listen, like the heart beating, the crack of the floors, the breathing, etc.

The other step is to be silent to listen: If we are in the magnanimous nature and we chose to remain silent and to suspend all human action and show a humility and respect that we are going to learn to listen the messages of the nature through the wind, the water, the trees. All this constitutes a food to our spirit to feel the pure messages without prejudices and intentions.

The third is meditation: It is a step beyond silence in itself. No longer it is a food for the soul but it constitutes the divine essence. The meditation allows us to realize physical silence and mental silence, where is no longer the will, but exist a bigger force that makes us to be in silence in our mind. In that moment we must accept the thoughts as a river, we have flowing ideas until comes a time that only silent and energy flows.

The concentration of the energy and the attention in the soul, without apprehension, desires, without anxieties, let that energy become essential. The life that we have has little solitude, but the same is loaded of pains, sorrow, conflicts, joys, but we become insensible because we are never complete alone, since we are tied to yesterday, to the memory; and we took these loads that do not allow us to leave the past, and only when we confronted and we solve at the precise moment we arrived at the solitude. It is important to reach the loneliness and give importance to this space in the search of the virtues and the freedom.

No virtue can work without this vast space in itself, silence is necessary to us to touch our inner self we need that big space , without any experience, influences, that is to say we must be empty, - vessel must be empty to be fill with the new-, and our quiet spirit has the ability of being clear. The unique goal is to generate a state of mind able to dominate the thinking and if we do not settle down true foundations against the fear, pain, anxiety we will not be able to have a free spirit of self-torture.

The space and silence are necessary to go beyond the limitations of brings back to consciousness. The question is; How an active spirit can be in calm? We can mold it, chasing an ideal that consists of having a calmed spirit. but has no effect if we act with rigor as it becomes stagnant. Exercising control in any form is repression, that is to say a conflict is exerted, and most of our lives are disciplined by the outside pressures of the society, the family, sufferings, experiences, our conformism to an ideology and its structure. These disciplines are fatal, we must avoid them through eliminating the repressions and fears.

Again we asked ourselves. How to do it? This is not like to discipline ourselves and soon to acquire the freedom. The freedom must be at the beginning and not at the end. To understand is to be free of the conformism. The same act of learning is discipline, that is to say becomes clearer to understand the nature of the things and the whole structure.

Silence allows the encounter with ourselves, is one step to another level of sound, more harmonious, thus silence can not be described, like everything known can be describe, the only way to get rid of the well-known is dying every day, so that the cells of the brain are always fresh and innocent, But this quality is not only of the beauty of silence, this silence is a small beginning as if you move from a cave towards the immensity of the ocean and we cannot understand it verbally but we have understood the structure of consciousness.

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