No 34 The Stones of Power

Emerging from the Atlantis to the Sanctuary of the Spirit
Letter Nº 34


In the enormous variety of sizes, forms, qualities, colors and degrees of purity, the stones are a solid expression of cosmogonies and the hierarchies of the universe, being able to serve to the human being like support and symbolic vehicle as knowledge, and also - just as all the sacred symbols as awaken consciousness and computer of the mind.

Following the hermetic principle that says; What is at the bottom is equal to the above, and what is above, is equal at what is at the bottom", we could affirm that as well as the stars are the reflection of the sensible manifestations of invisible energies that are in Metaphysical dimensions, in the same way the mineral kingdom is the terrestrial expression of those celestial energies in stony forms "they mature on the core of the Earth ".

As much the common stones, that they represent the ordinary stars; like semiprecious and the precious ones, related to determined zodiacal stars and constellations; and also the metals, that are in their interior and pick up the planetary energies, until arriving at the diamond, symbol of the angular stone. The minerals constitute a symbolic code and express a magical and sacred language that the antiquity knew from remote times. Is believe they attract certain energies, since they serve as altar and place of residence of the Gods; they are able to realise miracles and treatments, because they have supernatural properties, symbolic -magicians and; from always were used like amulets and talismans , and in many cases like oracles through which some towns have forged their destiny

Sacred stones

There are certain stones in all the traditions that particularly have been venerated, since the old ones considered that they owned a special meaning, they took them (as the own Grail) like house of the deity " betilos" ('Beith-el' in hebrew), symbols of the fundamental center that after the fall was hidden inside the core of the Earth (and of the stone), and whose power and brilliance settle down to the aim of the cycle.

This center that also is represented in the symbol of the Sacred Mountain, as the Meru mount, the Sion and until the Golgotha to mention solely some of the innumerable sacred mounts which they practically appear in all the traditions, considered by many towns as residence of the Gods and shine in all their splendor during his ascending phase of the cosmic cycle, but are hidden in the underground world (in the cavern and the stone) in its descendant phase.

Equal meaning of divine residence has the black stone that represents the mother goddess Cybele or the Omphalos of the oracle of Delphi who was represented by a stone, symbol of that center and dowelled of the Gods. This stone represented the point of communication between the sky, the Earth and the underground world, we must mention dolmens and menhires Celts, as well as the Egyptian obelisks that played a similar role.

Some of those betilos are meteorites, fallen stones of the sky as it is the case of "black stones" that they appear in the traditions, so one of the walls of the Kaaba in Mecca and the black stone of the Cybele. To these stones a divine origin is assigned, because the center that they represent is in truth an axis that serves like descent road for the cosmic energies to the earth and as ascent from the Earth to the sky.

Subtle energies

The innumerable stone sculptures and carved stones that they have represented the different Gods, spirits, angels and ideas in all the towns happen to represent the subtle energies and the live of the humankind, being understood what they mean and transferring his mere formal and material aspect to use them like support towards the knowledge of superior forces deposited in them, those that will be to transmit to they are able to receive them. The latest that we have mentioned with respect to the stone is valid for any sacred symbol in particular.

So it is the case of certain prehistoric axes that they appear everywhere and they are one more a demonstration of the presence, in the particular traditions, of certain symbols that belong to that we called the Fundamental Tradition, as it is the stone axe of Parucu Rama and the hammer of Thor, origin of masonic mallet, instrument able as much to thunder against as to illuminate the essence.

Not only symbols but transmitters

The pectoral ones, the rings and the crowns of kings and height priests who always were adorned with precious stones, transmit to their carriers the forces and qualities that they symbolize. I reproduce the text of a manuscript of century XVII about the symbolism of stones of the crown of San Eduard, in whom " is denominated; diadem that assures triumph".

These stones are:
1) Topaz: symbol of the virtues that must exercise the king;
2) Emerald: symbol of the justice of the king;
3) Sardonic: symbol of the elevation of the king;
4) Crisolita: symbol of the wisdom and the prudence of the king;
5) Chalcedon: symbol of the courage of the king;
6) Jacynth: symbol of temples and the sobriety of the king;
7) Jasper: symbol of the abundance that must enjoy the town;
8) Crisópalo: symbol of the search of the celestial things in the king;
9) Beryl: symbol of the detachment and the purity of the king;
10) Sapphire: symbol of the continence of the king;
11) Amethyst: symbol of the real function that the king does not have to leave;
12) Onyx: symbol of humility, charity and sincerity of the king.

Also the fossil concretions, the chorales and the pearls, that in diverse places were used with talismans and curative aims; just like bezoar or stones that form inside the bodies of the animal that in all place are considered of magical value; and the calls gamahez that is stones with reliefs of vegetable forms, animal, human or geometric that are drawn naturally in them and that have been venerated in all the traditions.

We can see how for the traditional thought the symbols of the nature like the stone, and the same with the vegetables, animal and the cosmos, are carrying ideas, forces and subtle energies that of some way in them are deposited. They constitute an order and an archetype model whose understanding can make that possible the man - that contains within himself all those energies and forces, because synthesizes them and governs -communicates with more real aspects and superiors of themself and finally obtains the finding of that mysterious stone that is, for who can transfer the appearances of the things, the unique true treasure - hidden in the deepest regions of our being to we could aspire.

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