The Esoteric Egypt

Víctor Manuel Guzmán Villena

Consecrated writers of the classic antiquity like Herodotus, considered the father of history; Plutarch, the teacher of portrait and the biography and Pythagoras, of the mystery of the numbers, speak to us of Egypt like a culture highly advanced, wise and deeply initiatory in the strict esoteric. And in the middle as the essence or substratum it was the unsuspected world of the ritual sacred magic and that was not another thing than the intuitive process that led to the different sciences and that started from a fundamental statement which recognized the man in four existential levels: the animal body, the intellectual body, the astral body or sublimated and the essence of life.

Ancient Egypt

The history of ancient Egypt can be divided into three periods: Old, Middle and New Empire. To realize its historical importance and initiatory the Old Empire dates back to 5 thousand years before our era, was centered spiritual and the sacred city of Memphis. The Middle Kingdom had its spiritual center in the city of Thebes, ranging from the XI until the Dynasty XXI, spanning 25 centuries and was destroyed by hordes of nomads from the famous Hittites.

The New Empire had its center of spirituality in Sails, the famous city of palm trees, where stands the personality of the pharaoh Ramses II, and the dynasty of pharaohs Senusret, who built and rebuilt Egyptian power who endures through time in his major monuments located on the banks of the Nile. Then came the ultimate decadence with the occupation and of Alexander the Great founded the city of Alexandria. After the death of Cleopatra, last queen of Egypt (XXXI Dynasty), the country was completely dominated by Rome.

Deep knowledge

Egyptian civilization was not built randomly and without any archetypes; quite the contrary all these sacred monuments testify deep knowledge of plane geometry, geometry of conical space, physical corner and a higher metaphysics consciousness.

The ancient Egyptians were a superior race where it was developed powers that now we call them supra-normal and that is the undisputed hallmark of who bears the flamboyant star of a superior consciousness, and to give exact example we have the pyramids, whose construction only could be done for those who knew and dominated the psychic power, who came to know the dematerialization intimately linked to the geometry of a conical space nonlinear but spherical. And the same provision in the construction of the axes of these pyramids testified in impeccable shape over all, a thorough knowledge of astronomy similar to the advanced science of the Mayans.

The passage from the entrance to the burial chambers of the pyramids were watching or oriented towards the polestar which occupied - by that time, a very different place from today, and if so, is accepted that they should know the retrograde movement of the equinoxes which implies that the Polar Star re-match with the same location after a period of 25,796 years, the exact duration of those cultures that few know with the name of Atlantis and Lemuria and dividing the globe at that time in only two hemispheres and , we are told - in the famous tales of Plato, whose contents are loaded with mysticism and occultist revelations as are the dialogues Timaeus-, that our planet was accompanied by two moons, a phenomenon that he had to do much with the lengthy periods of time in which they were presented the race of giants and of which the Bible refers to Samson, Goliath, Holofernes and all others.

The Egyptians personified all the forces of nature. The people educated in science or initiatory Theosophical revelation worshiped the god Ra, or the solar force, and that warranted to know beforehand the esoteric prayer to Isis. Amon meant in theirs believes the sun that brought to mind the idea of a circle without beginning or end, that later gave principles for the philosophical statements of the eternal return, philosophical idea of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

Sub was called the land, Nut was called celestial space, a symbol of water, crocodiles Thipon next to the sacred meant sin. But all these elements unified in a philosophical monotheism which called Amon Ra, it means the sacred name of the divine sun, the perpetual light, the Fiat Lux spoke to the Bible, or the light mercury, active in the process of medieval alchemy . Amon meant veiled or hidden to the profane curiosity of the hidden splendor, just visible in the light of the initiated mystics of higher consciousness, mystical delegates to the heirs of Memphis, Heliopolis, and Elephantine Says.

Esoteric initiatory

The secret science of Egyptian initiation esotericism is represented by a candle and a snake, these two characters had a significant meaning, one for the magnetic force or the vital fluid and the other to the principle of good or principle of evil.

The snake so weakened in the biblical cosmogony is far more noble and mysterious. The snake is hidden in the ground, the man is hiding in his own conscience, internalized, searching for the auto-realization. The snake away from the means of sin or fall, means the spirit of divine science. Birth of the egg and makes this allegory intimate relationship with a man born of the egg from her mother's womb, with their spirit can rise to the field of secret knowledge.

On the other hand the snake represents the man who is dragged into the misery of the sexual world or material, but that can raise their intuition to levels unimagined. The snake often changes its skin, almost cyclical, and this is the most obvious fact that we have at hand to talk about the mankind like the serpent is a mutant in different degrees of awareness, while the flamboyant star further illuminating the sixth chakra at the center of the man.

And finally the snake like divine animal; to the esoteric Egyptian religion, for its habit of wind in itself tells us that what ended can start again, that is the axiom of the Catholic Church that with the death culminates the life is without use The death does not exist simply because the conscious life of mankind is transformed.

The sailing ships that is driven by wind the energy is invisible but with invisible material power, according to this, the magnetic force, the flowing electricity or electroplasm is not what you see, do not have corporeality, is not with real physical appearance, however their influence, their use is real and indisputable.

The sail, one that is the natural engine of locomotion in marine vessels symbolizes the healing magnetism that had its origins in ancient Egypt and that is only the normal transposition of vital force or electro plasmatic fluid escaping from the hand and projected upon the recipient. The head at the magnetism is regarded as the generator, as the highest coil of the human psyche, and here the Egyptians were undoubtedly deep knowledgeable and scholars of different modalities like the magnetic force present in the electro plasma egg of human beings, under the action of force contrary to the polarity.

What is the power contrary to the polarity? It is the existence of the forces positives and negatives, and if is referred to the Bible, the man being taken from the dust of earth and means negative polarity that corresponds to the right side of his body, while the woman taken of the first rib below the source of life that is the heart of man, and belongs to the left side that is the force of life, the divine spark, the positive pole, the distribution of the magnetic fluid is not a simple hands imposition, given that, we must remember the ceremonial dress of the Egyptian pharaoh who had a helmet and that its top was projected as a figure of snake, and we have these characters in the various museums and for whom that have the inside look can read that the head is an accumulator of psychic energy that is always transform by the arm and left hand.

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