The Masonic Duty

In deo fiducia nostra


Nothing more beautiful than this communion of men of goodwill, conscious of their duties, faithful to their oaths, giving a brilliant example for those who need to feel the stimuli by shaking slept energies by disappointments and failures. It seems in all of them spoke very high that virtue that freely impose to themselves and that is called the duty.

Feel the evocative power of the ideal and they let themselves drag attracted by its mysterious charm, the divine paths, for its inexhaustible abundance of good, for its rich wisdom, for its eternal, for its infinite beauty.
The workers of the good in their multiple aspects accumulate molecule after molecule to lift that big building that has its foundations in the ground and its crown in areas that are unknown because they ignore the finish goal even if they imagen it perfect, because the progress is undefined, but they work with the faith in knowledge, with faith in wisdom, with the confidence that gives the strength, with the emotion that produces beauty.

The wisdom that leads them by the hand along the thin thread of the study in those mysterious chambers that lie in the ancient truths as virgins awaiting the fall of the veil of Isis to offer their assistance to the laboratory of life.

The Wisdom like a videotape discovers the mind, relentless progression in the wonderful secrets of nature in its two aspects: physical and mental, are disclosing to iniciate them in the great mystery.

Wisdom, the only light capable to illuminate the path through the cycles of evolution continued the ascendt arc toward the unknowable things, toward the absolute, to the unmanifest.

Wisdom, loving daughter of the sky that rewards the day with a divine kiss that turns the divine soul in the light of immortality.

Is based on three pillars which are:

The Force: What is faith in the power of the union of wills, aspiration towards the same ideal, which strengthens the principles energizing belief that feeds the love which enshrines the sacrify an image of the one in the world of appearances, of the contrasts, of separateness.

Beauty: Designed for sensitive spirits brought by the Greek genius to iniciate them in ineffable aesthetic emotion of pure souls who feels the perfect shape of the archetype.

The moral beauty that ennobles life dignifies the soul, purifies the body and provides the finest materials to build strong and healthy societies.

The duty is the constant application of the will to the acts we believe are set to the common good, under a pact that we make between our consciousness and the other consciences in our live of relationship.

The wisdom that directs; the force that constructs; the beauty that gives form; to have that forces the work. Here there are the four great powers that direct the human evolution. All are needed and all are complementary. The wisdom needs to pronounce itself of the beauty and the force. The force needs to pronounce itself beautifully being direct by wisdom.

The beauty needs to create emotions be sustain by the wisdom, be sustains by the force.

The duty needs the three of them to be logical.
With these three lights we come on towards the achievement of our true purposes, because any human work that does not constitute by the four elements of immortality, is despicable and perish.

But the good does not perish. Its passage through the earth is leaving a trace that is not erase by the time furrows. The good is wise, strong, beautiful because it is the duty itself.

Do well to be wise, to be strong, to be beautiful.

Fulfill the duty to feed the light that burns in our hearts, fulfilling a duty that is the only channel through which flows that spark that makes us live, because that is the soft murmur incessantly sings to the ear inviting to the duty, it is the word brought from India, which holds the secret of the beginning and end; brought to Rome the word of the law, of force from Persia, the beauty of Greece, Egypt, the religion, but over all survived India because it keeps the concept of duty, which is the reason of good.

By Rome, ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, but ancient India, giving us the words of duty, the word of the good, in Theosophy, wisdom, sister of the Masons, as white dove, symbol of peace, flight off and leave the Himalayas to bring to the West the word of duty,the word that passes through the Golden Gate The great founders of religions, although with different aspects presented the thruth like one and indivisible, synthesized their doctrines on the duty.

Be good to others and the rest will be added, said Jesus. Hatred does not cease with hatred but with love, says the Buddha.

Pure thoughts, pure words and pure works, pronounce Zoroaster. The ink of the wise is worth more than the blood of the martyr, says Mohammed. Think of me, trust me, devote to me and gently you will come to me, is written in the Bhagavad-Gita.

To the progress of mankind, we dedicate our efforts and this is work to the glory of the Great Architect of the Universe pointed the Masonry. Fulfilled the duty, knowning the dutyis the good and that wisdom, strength and beauty are immortality What can stop us in our way?.

What philosophy, what religion, what school, what conception of life can break down the only conception that supports a divine plan?.

There is much good to do in the world around us and to us, preferably in the society to which we belong. Fight for the formation of a just government and belong to the majority and not the tiny groups of privilege. We must require that the goverment is efficient.

Fight for the elimination of corruption in all fields, from politics which have become market-oriented as a pretext to ensure the interests of the motherland, working to their benefit and do injustice to the gown gave to them by the people.

We know that a great misfortune erodes the moral foundations of our people and threatens to destroy the gains of true democracy, because behind the decline are by necessity by the hand of the demagogue and the religious brake that chains the thought. But anyway, the voice of duty is imposed and is still calling us at times when we rest the continuing struggle of the mind disturbed by the horrors of the world.

It is necessary to activate the thought as cultural agent. But these opportunitieswe must not wait for governments or politicians, or institutions whose work transcends only through ourselves, men and women over to the cause of humanity.

When we see the whole people wailing about a group of favored by the goddess Audacity, I ask: Where is the justice? Where is the equality, the reforms, the big initiatives, the wise solutions, the noble determinations, where the sacrifice, where is the complete duty?

We penetrate with our thinking in the political office of the bourgeois, in the cell of the high ecclesiastical authority, in the labyrinths of public institutions, and after this devastating and painful journey we ask Where is the duty.

The answer is in the few illuminated by the light of the path. The society needs its enlightened. They respond to the initiatives of the poor insolvent unjust society to meet them in the task of duty to our fellow human beings. ¿Es la obra del deber? Is it the work of duty?

The duty is persuasive because it is useful, is noble because has the delicate essence of the sublime, because wisdom disciplined the soul. is strong because it convinces; it is beautiful because dignifies, heroic because sacrifices, and becauseall of that is kind.

But those aspirations are for great souls, and there are not many souls in the great social mass whose indiscipline and ignorance we deplore. We have to work there, in the village, at the foundation at the base that supports wealth, luxury, laziness, injustice, in its unconsciousness, as the root of the tree that ignores the splendours of the cup.

Take to the people the notion of duty, run in to their help, is generous, famous for hospitality, famous for his love of good, but its excessive tolerance and indifference that make it too big or too small we do not know if it is a virtue that practiced ahead of the day of the universal brotherhood or race defect as a psychologist would say.

To the work, enlightened, no need for the politicians, or religious, we need the strength that has the wisdom, strength, beauty and duty. The defeat does not wait for us, because our work is the spiritual and the spirituality takes in itself the success that glisten when the law will give the blow of mallet and say to the men of good will “In foot and to the order".

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