The Masonic Light


In deo fiducia nostra


The inconsistency is always a dead letter in any intellectual evolution that tends to develop fruitfully the natural progress of the ideas; but the interested opposition is more fearsome since all the weapon are used and the institutions are hidden.

For us, on the contrary, only there are fecund and profitable in educations the unlimited horizons that have no hindrance not impassable obstacle for the thought.

We look for the light which radiations are infinite. This shining light for that we long, in the shaded sadnesses of the bed of death, the big poet - philosopher. It is only eclipsed before the glacial indifference of those who live without ideals and without high thoughts.

That's why, who became immortal in the memory of the posterity for his analytical, investigative and deep genius, had to invoke it in touching apostrophe when in his evolved spirit they were already reflected with nimbuses of dawn, infinite horizons of unknown splendors.

In the history there are observed periods of initial advance that formed current civilizations, which regression is not possible.

If there are overflowings in the multitudes, the same unconsciousness drags them and goes after fictitious glories.We are not crossing, in spite of everything, inquisitorial epochs as in the times of Juan Huss and Giordano Bruno.
Let's honor these martyrs of the free thought and Galilean, aged eighty-year-old that wast devoured in the silence of his observatory, the insult of his recantation, imposed by a powerful and baneful sectarianism that was monopolizing the infallible and eternal truth.

Let's not deify us for proper right in that one saint santorum of the tabernacle of pride; let's not lodge in it like mollusk in the conch that lodges it.

Let's not be thinking about being gods for proper right in that saint santorum of the tabernacle of pride; let's not lodge in him like mollusk in the conch that lodges it.

The elected ones do not exist in the universal set, where the atom generates to the giant star for law of compensating evolution and harmonic.

E pur si moueve.

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