The Druids


Víctor Manuel Guzmán Villena

The man has always expressed the same way, either the man of wild forests of the great civilization or the big cities. The same needs to encourage all men in general: the physical hunger and thirst for worship. The modern cults are similar to the adoration ceremony to the ancient classes. The current religions are not better or less good than those ancient ceremonies.

The book of Pheryllt and the writings of Pridion they teach that the druids had received from the Atlantis their big scientific knowledge. The Stonehenge monument was a revelation for England because it has been proved definitely that it is necessary to search for the origin of the druids a lot more time behind of 3500 years before the Christian age.

The druids were a Celtic intellectual group that, during the epoch of the "hunters - recolectores", they evolved from the primitive wise persons and savants of the ancient ancestors of the Celts. The druids are most advanced of all the intellectual classes between the villages of the ancient Europe.

The trasmigración of the soul was an article about faith of the druidic religion, although not more than the cult to the god Hu. Is enough to know that 20 years of disciplinary practice were required before being admitted into the order to understand then that there was something much deeper in the base of their institution.

Tacitus describes them as semigods of venerable appearance. Rowlands said that men were given to thinking and constantly engaged in enhancing their knowledge. Druids are associated with magic, that is the domain of physics and chemistry. Druidics beliefs can qualify as teurgia, that is to say, mechanisms of initiation into the divine plane (Teo).

The teurgo is a priest, the initiated one in the big arcane , who officiates with the perfect knowledge of supranormales laws, which together an ancient knowledge rises up to the sublime spheres, allowing him to carry out his work in favor of the improvement of the communities and for the progress of the humanity.

To obtain in their epoch the druid's title there was a initiation process so strict that it was demanding between other things, merits and studies; the informations were providing to the candidate by numerous geographers, poets, historians, philosophers. The Druids had to be astrologers, doctors in medecine, poets, judges, historians and instructors of the people.

The beginning was granted in the interior of a cave in accordance with Enoch's legend the one who had hidden a treasure consisting of unchangeable secrets placed on a rock. The candidate spent three days locked in a sarcophagus (allegory that freemasonry has retained like one of their grades as a symbol of mystical death) This trapped inside a coffin as a "the moral death that is imposed to escape from the vices”.

The ceremony that the druids were offering to the big god Hu there were celebrations - emblems, which it symbolizes Noé and his escaped ark. A vast mysteries were practised, like for example the immersion in the water that was transmitted by the esenios and named later baptism for the Christians. Or also the walk along an avenue in the middle of wild beasts was practised in Central America, where the applicant had to spend last night of initiation in a cage with fierce animals.

The druids did not admit that their god was represented by images and trapped between four walls and that's why the nature itself was serving as sanctum. It is important to note that the dolmens are rough stones, not carved stones and therefore immaculate to the hand of the man.

The druids have left very interesting traces as there are the alignments of the circular stones, which have been considered to be cemeteries. On the other hand the dolmens that are stones placed in vertical and horizontal position were places for the ceremonies of the spirits.

Plinio has named the druids as the magicians and their places that still survive intact demonstrate their big knowledge. Exists close to Paris the forest of Meuda, a strategic place as the churches constructed in propitious places, generally built in places saved for certain cults; the stones were placed in magnetic places and as well as the cathedrals of the Middle Age were directed its altars to the east; the druidic stones also were always directed to the east.

In a skylight of the forest, in perfect order there were placed the menhirs and the dolmens which cabalistas meaning now we can understand immediately. It was a wonderful ambience where there are highlighted the fluids and the vibratory waves, the electromagnetic phenomena and that along with the words, the music, perfumes work on the mental states, they feed the psyche and these effects are correlated properly of the ethers, that is to say the transformation of the physical energy in psychic powers. All the force of the magician rests in receiving these particles of the dynamo - etérico to use them to the guided world.

The knowledge of the archeometry the druids used in the construction of their esoterism; the knowledge of this law was the door for the comprehension of all the mysteries.

The Archaeometric was an instrument which was used to structure the ancient religion based on cosmic laws and their relationship to their original foundations of the purest heart. Besides its rites and ceremonies of the Druids were in constant contact with nature and had a perfect knowledge of the laws that govern it. Their science is demonstrated once again by the readiness of the site and the elements that were in their places of initiation.

And this is how big initiatic communities have given their evidence and the man yearns to rediscover their rights, knowledge and life.


The magician is the teacher of the alchemy. The alchemy is a transformation. The search of the perfection begins across the alchemy. We are the world. When we transform ourselves, the world in which we live also will transform.

The goals of the search — heroism, hope, grace and love — are the legacy of the eternal thing. To recruit the help of the magician, we must be fortresses in the truth, not been obstinate in our judgments.

Very much has been said and spoke on the birth, the life and the work of this big magician. His arrival to this world was strange, wrapped in the mystery of an absent father that as is said was coming from dark places. Scarcely born, his image was showing knowledge.

There was son of a Welsh princess of Dyfed that had taken a life of devotion and purity and that was affirming that a golden being had fathered a son with her (what would connect him with the Celtic legends, since this golden being would be a god). In other versions it is said, however, that the demons of hell, angered by the coming of Christ, projected the birth of an Antichrist, which sent a demon with a mission to engender a son of the evil Princess of Dyfed. Their plans were lost because the innate goodness of the mother was transferred to the child.

The child was born covered of hair and with the faculty to reason and to speak from his birth. The hair fell down when he was baptized, but he preserved the faculty to speak and his clairvoyance.

His first intervention was before king Vortiger (to see history of the castle and two dragons). Later he was an adviser of Uther Pendragón, Arturo's father and after Arturo himself that he is the most well-known , by participating in multiple stories of the many Knights of the Round Table.

Also was given the miracle of having transferred the magical ring of stones called The Giant's Dance from Ireland to Salisbury Plain, where it became a mausoleum for the kings of Britannia (the ring of stones known as megalithic Stonehenge).

Magician, necromancer, prophet, knowing secrets and wonders maker, master of the occult, spirit capable of participating in world history. He is a enigmatic personage full of mystery and whose end, which is not a death, also was left in mistery and of that several versions exist.

In some he will sleep eternally locked in a tower of air in which the Lady of the Lake left him, or under a huge rock known as Merlin rock or Perron. There is a version that assures that he was retired and put inside a esplumoir, word of vague meaning, but which has been interpreted as a cage in which the Falcons went when they had to change the feathers. His symbolic meaning would be his retreat to adopt new robes .. ¿Material or spiritual?.

It was said that was his refuge was on an island in Bardsey, off the coast of Anglesey. There he had his observatory and kept the thirteen treasures of Britain among them an inexhaustible cauldron, a collection of magical weapons and a horn that had belonged to the god Bran (which had an island in which time was stopped and the food and drinks were provided by an invisible source that is not ever running out).


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