Places of fire


Victor Manuel Guzmán Villena

It says that the first form taken by Satan in their terrestrial incarnations was a snake, but in truth in the Old Testament, as the serpent used to tempt the biblical couple is not read was the devil. Rather, the serpent in the Egyptian mysteries, Hindu and Greek plays a very important part the standpoint of philosophical and esoteric of "universal life" as a symbol of wisdom, strength that sets in motion love and desire, and that allegory is precisely embodied in the so-called original sin.

In Revelation XII to the serpent of Genesis is called the devil and Satan. In contrast, in the Egyptian religion, the devil is represented by "Seth" fallen god who killed his brother Osiris. The snake has been for centuries a entity full of mystery and magic. His journey hypnotizes, its terrifying attack and their venom kills.

Also deceives and makes you a sinner like Adam, prolific father in the Hebrew mythology, he is identifies as directly responsible for the paternity of the 5.000 million humans on this planet, this figure is estimated.

It is feared and adored in the myths of many peoples for its venom, but also is considered a symbol of life, as every year molt. Much of the ancient cultures considered it divine, therefore, offered it worship.

To the Chaldeans, the strongest devil was "Marduk" which overthrows the gods Tiamat and Aspu. Among the Canaanites called "Moloch." The Hindustanis is define like "Mara" the testator of Buddha. The original Lucifer, which means Beautiful Light, bearer of light that becomes the devil from the Greek "Diaballein" meaning cast, expelled Satan from the Hebrew Hassatan "which means adversary, enemy. Beelzebub means "Rival of god." Asmodeus, the former Haschmodai is the "Angel of evil" and curiously demon from Greek "Daemon" means wise man.

Instead Lucifer means "Light Bearer", which took the God's fire. So the concept of satanic is associated with the idea of evil. In the Latin name Lucifer (lux, light and ferre, bring) hides the Judeo-Christian expression of rebellion against the universal principle of unity.

In all religions the presence, existence or belief in the devil is a denial from the New Testament only acquires personality and name. With regard to Christianity and especially Catholicism, during the first thirteen centuries after Christ there is no obligation to belief in hell. It is in the Lateran Council in 1215 when establishing the dogma as an article of faith, belief and existence of hell with its representative,the devil, and punishable by excommunication, torture and even death to those who doubt or deny its existence.

The Catholic Church translated in 364 the Council of Laodicea in the official New Testament, it said in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and John, verses in which Jesus is speaking in a more or less clear, something that did not say explicitly or implicitly associated with hell in the form that has taught the Church of Peter.

Ghenna or Hell are two words that should be analyzed to find the origins and cause of that belief. The first word is Hebrew and whose sound resembles the voice Hinman or Jinmon name of a valley near Jerusalem in the bottom of which runs Zion. In it, they said, held the worshipers of Moloch (name of one of the gods of an enemy nation) rites.

Blame for the materialization of the devil and to the humanization occurs with Dante Aligheri, an initiate, to the point that some people accepted as incontrovertible truth descriptive literature of the horrific circles of hell described by him, and becomes reality and dogmatic force when the devil is imposed by the church.


In the book possession and exorcism in Spain, authored by Professor D'Arbo, explains the kingdom of evil, where he said there is a paramount chief and undisputed king of the devil known as Satan. Along with Satan is a series of assistants and servants who are forming their evil royal court, court according to occult tradition is divided into the following characters:

King: Satan
Princes: 72
Legions of devils under: 1111
Each legion of hell consists in 6666 devils.

There are also various genres such as Igneos found in the highest region of the air and never have any contact with the land.

The second group is the Aeros who are teeming in our atmosphere. They are causing storms, thunderstorms, and sometimes manifested in the earth, albeit vague and indefinite.

The third would make the devils land, who are living among us, crawling on the earth, corrupting and destroying everything.

In the fourth group into play the devils water, those found in the seas, lakes, rivers, storm water promoted as tsunamis, floods and shipwrecks. He explains that when this kind of devils externalized theirs forms are females, like Nymphs and Nereids.

The fifth group consists of the underground hell. They live in cavities of the earth and cause volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, earthquakes and ground cracks and abysmal.

The sixth group consists of the devils Lucifuge prevailing in the darkness and depth of the mysteries of the night.

In the art of numbers pointed the Kabbalah and the number 11 like the secret expression of divine figure: 66. It is also half of 22 which corresponds to the 22 letters of the magic Hebrew alphabet.

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