Flow of Thought


Victor Manuel Guzmán Villena

The knowledge allows the mind to think and look beyond what we already know. It allows us to see farther, to the perimeters of all that exists and grow in the ability to receive a broader identity to "transform".


Our physical body is surrounded by a field of light called aura or "auric" field. The aura is the spirit of our being. A part of the aura is the powerful positive and negative electromagnetic field. Beyond this field there are no divisions, but a sphere of indivisible light of pure energy.

The light sphere allows to the whole thought of the knowledge to flow across this field. The thoughts that will become known by us are determined by a thought process, since the electromagnetic portion of our aura drags to the thought towards us in accordance with our way of thinking.


The conscience is constituted by all the thoughts that come from all the entities and from all the things. The thoughts that form the conscience have different electrical frequencies. Some of them are thoughts of low or slow frequency, here predominantly related to the social conscience.

Others are thoughts of more high frequency: the unlimited thoughts of the super conscience. The conscience is the sum of all the different values of frequency of the thought.

The social conscience is a thickness of electrical frequencies of thought, and nevertheless it is lighter than the air. The thickness of the social conscience is constituted of expressed thought.


The thoughts of high frequency of superconscience are those of the being and the life: harmony, unit and the continuity. There are the thoughts of love. There are unlimited thoughts that go, really beyond the expression even of the words, since the feelings of the unlimited thought are over the adjectives.

These thoughts can be experienced more easily in the conscience of the nature, far from the stagnant thought of the man; because there the life is simple, it always continues, without the existence of the time and in complete harmony with itself. There far from the judgment of the men, it is possible to hear the beating of our own knowledge.


The electromagnetic portion of our aura attracts the thought up to us in accordance with our way of thinking and our emotional state of being. So that the thought could feed, first it must be reduced up to the light frequency. Once the thought finds the spirit of our being, the aura that surrounds our body explodes with light.

The thought ignites, thus the light has attracted towards itself what resembles it. The thought that is invisible becomes visible thought this explosion of light.

The thought in the shape of light, enters our brain and is transmuted into a propulsion of electrical light of a given frequency, in accordance with the value of the thought that is being received.


The skill that possesses our brain to receive different thought frequencies is controlled by the pituitary gland, which stays between the hemispheres of our brain.

The pituitary one is responsible for activating the different parts of our brain to receive and to store the different frequencies of the thought. It is the door that opens our aptitude to meditate and to reason with the thought, doing it trough our body and to express it with experience for a major understanding.

Our brain is governed and controlled by the functions of the gland pituitary or called the "third eye", across which a complex hormones system flows. It is a gland of internal secretion, it segregates a hormone that flows for the brain up to the mouth of the pineal one, which is another endocrine gland responsible of amplifying the frequencies of the thought so that these could be sent across the body.

This flow of hormones between the pituitary and the pineal is what activates all the sections of our brain to receive and accommodate the different frequencies of thought.

The body functions are kept in harmony through the flow of hormones that result from these glands and it gets in the blood. The pineal gland is responsible of maintaining this harmony. It flow activates other glands to segregate its hormones and to create the hormonal balance.


When thought goes trough our aura, this one does not define it, or does not judge or alters such thought; accepts it unlimited. When the propellants of the thought come to the brain, they traveling first to the superior left hemisphere, there reside the functions of the intellect or reasoning and the false ego expresses itself.

Every frequency of the thought that the false ego allows to enter in the brain, is transformed into electric current and sent that portion to the brain. This portion of the brain then amplifies the current and sends it to the pineal system.

The pineal system governs our central nervous system. It receives every frequency of the thought and amplifies and impels it through the central nervous system, which runs along the spine as if it was a freeway of electrical thought. The electric current that comes from the pineal system flows across the liquid of the central nervous system going down for the column, and then for every nerve up to each cells of the body.

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