Patience to learn how to live


To live is the art of being happy and patience is the art of knowing how to live


To the few weeks after to be born, the birds fly, the ducks swim, the cats leave to hunt. To the fifteen minutes of to have come to the light, the bull calf already puts itself standing up and begins to walk behind its mother. They do not need to learn to walk, to fly, to swim, to hunt. By the mere fact to exist, they have all the means necessary to defend themselves and to survive. It would be possible to be said that all the techniques come elaborated in the entrances of their organism; they bring them learned without the need for training: is their instinctive tools that leads them to the roads of the survival.

It does not happen thus to the human. Once been born, the human creature is the most helpless being of the creation. Everything must learn; with the particularity of which the instinct works spontaneously, almost mechanically; however, the use of intelligence estimates risks, because it forces the mankind to realise a complex process of analysis, comparison, exclusion, option, which involves substantial uncertainties and unpredictable emergencies. And by this way a tasteless visitor reach us,, as a shadow never again separates from our side: The anxiety

Learning the art of living does not end when the human reaches his majority of age, or when get an academic degree to pursue a profession and to be autonomous. Because to live it does not consist of gaining the material daily living or forming a home. What get to the person to have secured a solid economic situation, have been educated or to form a home, if their hearts continues agonizing in a deadly sadness?

To live is the art of being happy. And to be happy is to free ourselves, in major or minor degree of anxiety, however, will follow the human steps until the final frontier.

Art of living consist, then, in a progressive overcoming of the human suffering, by this way, is a gradual conquest of the peace of mind, the serenity of the nerves and peace of the soul.

But it is not necessary to think that this happiness can be obtained by art of magic or like a Christmas present. If to obtain a university degree or to mount a prosperous company the human has needed long years of effort, certainty, discipline, methodology and mainly tenacity to all test, that nobody would dreams about bending the hand of anxiety or winning the battle with the suffering and put the mind to rest, with a sporadic and superficial work.

When we decided to get patience, means effort, order and dedication practicing auto control, relaxation and meditation.

We will not achieve anything just by to read this Letter or to shelter within us good intentions; is essential that the wishes are transformed into convictions, and the convictions in decisions. The decisions, as well, must lead us to rearrange a program or activities to give meaning to our lives.

This sense of the life is a value that gives value to the other values such as; the words, attitudes, reactions, covered with the color and brightness of the joy that is the feeling of fullness ,then in the autumn of our years we can return our glances back to exclaim that this adventure was worth for us.

The central objective of a life will not be achieve without the methodical and orderly dedication . In order to be able to drive away the shades and to give rise to the joy is essential to undergo an exercise in self-control and meditation throughout our life.We must no forget that life is a imponderable mystery; it is an exercise executed at different moments produces different results in a same person. Life is essentially illogical, because it is essentially in movement: oscillating movement of ups and downs often without clue of the causes that originate so amazing swing.

We must not forget that life itself is not easy to comprehend and is a imponderable mystery, is an exercise carried out at different times produce different results in the same person. Life is inherently illogical, because it is essentially in movement: oscillating movement of ups and downs, often without sight of the root causes in this disconcerting swinging.

When human beings have reason to jump for joy, are depressed. Suddenly in a blue day, their soul is cloudy and on cloudy days their soul is in light blue. There is no logic. A person burning with desire to conquer that dream , and when achieved the dream remains unfulfilled with a disappointment. Suddenly when business are a success, the mood is on the ground, and when, around everything is a disaster and in ruins we do not know what gift stimulates the inner self with courage to continue fighting.

Patience, is the art of knowing, means to have consciousness that human nature is just like that. We must begin to accept it as it shows , not to be scared when the results are not proportional to the efforts or when the effects have been strangely unpredictable.

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