Masonic Morality


Victor Manuel Guzmán Villena

M. ·. M. ·.

I can say there is not a Masonic Moral Code but is our duty create it, by means to understand first the factors on which the Code will act and to see that code especially: avoid to humiliate human beings, avoid dividing them like herds, avoid to outraged them,allow them to grow, to respect their complex integrity because we are subject to certain laws seemingly contradictory but in the deep are harmonic.

There are many books, encyclopedias in which the subject is the Masonic moral code, but they are simply lyrical moralists who have written volumes, copying to each other, but without having a real and practical effect to overcome Masonry difficulties and their ongoing struggles for false power among brothers, lodges and Orients, which leads to wear out and a lack of credibility in the rest of the world. Here we must apply our strengths to overcome it with tenacity and unlimited courage and confidence in ourselves to get the great achievements that humanity expected.


1. Worship the Great Architect of the Universe.

2. Love your neighbor.

3. Do good, and let the men talk.

4. The true worship of God, consist in good manners.

5. Do good, for the love of goodness itself.

6. Keep your soul pure that may arise at any time before God, free from reproach.

7. Love the good people, pity the weak and flee from the wicked. But do not hate anyone.

8.Speak respectfully to the great, to your peers wisely, sincerely with your friends, and with tenderness to the poor.

9. Do not flatter your brother ever, because it is a betrayal, and if your brother flatter, beware of being corrupted.

10. Always listen to the voice of your conscience.

11. Be the father of the poor. Every sigh that you hardness start, will be a curse that will fall on your head.

12. Respect the stranger and the traveler, because their position makes them sacred for you.

13. When in time you are a foreign, do not abuse this circumstance claiming major considerations than those of justice.

14. Avoid disputes and prevent the insults putting the reason in the middle.

15. Respect women. Never abuse their weakness, and dies before dishonor them.

16. If the Great Architect of the Universe gives you a son, give thanks, but tremble for the deposit that he entrust to you , because from now on you shall be for that child, the image of Divinity.

17. Do that until ten years be afraid of you, up to twenty, love you and respect you to death.

18. Until ten years, be his teacher; in the twenty, his father, and to death, his friend.

19. Teach first and foremost, good principles, and then, beautiful manners. That he owe you an enlightened doctrine, rather than a frivolous elegance.

20. That is better, an honest man, than a skillful man.

21. Read and be useful; see and imitates; reflect and works.

22. And everything result to the benefit of your brothers, is for your own utility.

23. Be always happy with all, for all and everything.

24 Never judge lightly the actions of the men. Forgive and not condemn.

25. The Great Architect of the Universe is who sound out our hearts. He is the only one who can appreciate his work.

After reading with attention these so valuable essentials for the Masons, I allowed myself to reflect on how presents it to the man dedicated to himself and subject to the yoke of the passions; to the libertine devoured by the horror that it inspires prematurely; to the greedy one that expires ragged and hungry between piles of gold; to the self-seeker enduring the torture of his desires, always increasing and inextinguishable and never satisfied nor mitigated, and therefore other unhappy beings, for whom a moment of rest never exists, for which any consolation seems flees for them, and is forbidden to them the sweet serenity and the calm of a perfect Freemason, for whom his Brotherhood, daughter of the hope, develops the most brilliant examples and offers the most sweet consolations.

If we try to govern our lives, it is indispensable that earlier we teach ourselves to select wisely our mysteries, without admitting any concept that could do damage to us.

Brothers let's not get confused, it could be and with luck of which some of you perhaps as I believe in the Masonic Code, but the same way the despondency can come to us because the history of the Freemasonry is beginning, we are giving the first steps in the history of the humanity.

We have hundreds of years ahead until the people understand, until the brothers understand, until each one of us that populate the earth understand that we are a spiritual entity so that the human unit shines, and in our planet reigns not just the technology but the spirit.

If, we have many years and for that we can begin to implement values of the Masonic Moral Code, and we can leave for future generations, the real science of peace, the true science of human cooperation, the true science of the superiority of the divinity of human being.


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The Value of Values

An individual’s values are established in childhood and serve as filters when determining right from wrong throughout the person’s life. In today’s society, the process of establishing values within children is given little concern. People place greater emphasis on day to day activities and personal ambitions, than they do on the establishment of values within their children. By default, parents are teaching their children that values such as integrity, respect for life, courage of conviction, a purposeful life and generosity, are secondary to making a living.

In truth, there is nothing preventing us from being true to good and meaningful values, nor is anything preventing us from teaching our values to our children. It is a matter of priorities; a matter of choice.

In the “The Value of Values” you will learn why a transition to a more values-conscious society is important. You will learn exactly what is needed from each individual and the activities that will sustain the drive. “The Value of Values” is a must read for every parent that is concerned about our society and the challenges our children will be facing.

We have three possible choices:
1) Do nothing different than that which we have been doing. Complacently accept things as they are and will be.
2) Hope that someone else will make the needed changes within our society, despite the fact it has yet to be done, and no one displays the integrity needed to influence an entire society.
3) Accept our personal responsibility to our children. Accept that real change is not passed down from leaders, but rather, it is driven up from the people. Accept the fact that we each have within us the ability and incentive to make things different for our children and grand children.

The choice we make today will determine the society of tomorrow.

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