The world is subject to its own vision. If you observe thoroughly what the habitants of the earth feel, and of which way they can help to satisfy theirs desires and needs. On having listened to the thousands of sounds that surround us and that normally are audible, like the singing of the hummingbird, the sounds of the new-born sparrows, singing of the rooster announcing the new day, the notes of the cricket that they sing to attract the female, as well as other thousands of musical sounds that are much over the scope of the human ear, we will notice that these creatures are capable of feeling, of controlling and of expressing sounds that can produce diverse types of emotional sensations as love, peace, harmony and perfection that they benefit to the whole world. Also they can amplify and express the vibrations of the sensation of abundance and big happiness, of a way that surround and penetrate the whole humanity up to a level of wanting it, any unit of the human family can enjoy them.

When the existence of this condition is recognized, any human unit cooperates amplifying and expressing these vibrations, then what the humanity needs takes form between their members. Desires are satisfied when the necessary vibrations are activated, and we cannot escape to that presence. In this way are taking form all the perfect desires of the human being. The vast ocean of the creative, unlimited and mobile space, it is very clear; nevertheless, it is full of vibratory energy. This energy is know as a watery substance in which all the substances are in the soluble state or in suspension, in a harmonious relation, ready to answer to the call of the vibratory rhythm that will allow it to get mixed to give place to the forms. When the correct vibratory influence is established across the thought of the human unit, in cooperation with everything, the elements lack another option and for it they prepare to occupy the mold arranged by the desire. This is an absolute law and nobody can separate from its course.

On having listened to a musical instrument that plays in a very low tone, which little by little goes down until it turning out to be inaudible to us. The sensations or emotions of the sound that we have experienced persist inside our brain. With the vibrations the same happens, although it is unaudible. Now let's raise these notes across the musical scale until they are so sharp that they turn out to be unaudible again. The sensation or emotion persists; the same happens with the highest vibration. We know that none of these influences stops although they are out of the scope of the physical ear.

This is what we name a spirit. When the physical loses the control, the spirit takes it; and this control is much more definite, that merely physical and it turns out to be more sensitive to control the mental influences or vibratory, since the thought is an ally very near to the spirit. The physical limits itself to the body and does not spread beyond it. The physical is limited to the actions of the body, but not to its reactions. When it is a question of corporal reactions we are a spirit; this way we can see how limited the physical body is.

The spirit is not only fills every atom of the known physical, but also penetrates the tiniest of any substance, whether solid or gaseous. In fact, the substance takes its various forms from the impulse to forge its mold. The human being is the only projector and coordinator of the various guidelines that takes the substance. There is an invisible link, as the impulse of thought or heart amplified into billions of cycles, which run through the spiritual orders that control the universe. Those big throbbing pulse or heartbeat circulated through intelligence that floods all around the cosmos aqueous its spiritual counterpart. These giant currents of life beats at every atom of the cosmos and keeps moving in a perfect order and rhythm. In this infinite cosmic vastness diseased cells can not exist, or conflicting because, with only one of them could unravel everything. The result would be chaos for a while. That's what happens to the human body when disturbed by the discordant thought. Hence the term "Divinity" emerged from this central control. The beat of the human unit corresponds to this beat, but on a small scale.

The human being, the oneness of humanity, is a well-organized universe. However, it is necessary to assume that divinity as a unit and take charge of it, since it is part of a large intelligence that runs the vast cosmos in perfect harmony. Are the physical forces that act on this perfect control, and is present in all releases, in aqueous and even in the lowest physical forms. If disaster strikes, humans not only have that power, but is its own power which is transformed into primitive intelligence in which there is destruction. When the calm reigns again and harmony has been restored, the humanbeing who has returned to begin again, to maintain unity with the infinite and afford to wait for conditions mature for the manifestation of universes. Then, aware of past experience, is better equipped to assist the induction of a more streamlined and durable condition. The human master can not fail fail in this regard, since it is more accurate than any other form, and failure is not written on the horizon or on his conscience.

When the wise person says: "I am immortal, eternal, timeless; there is nothing in life or in the light that I am not be” he is contemplating this scenery. This is the real divinity. Is his truly ascension.

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