Anselm Grun says, to walk along the creation with the awake senses is a way of experiencing quietude in the nature. Teaching us that there are other ways of finding calm in it. Many persons already have their preferred placed in the nature, in the park or under a tree with which they are identified to contemplate the scenery.

Some places exceed a deep interior peace. When we come to our favorite place we feel a deep interior peace that takes us and gives us full pleasure of life. The proper scenery is a pure tenderness and peace. Equal if we go out of the city, to the field, and only on having contemplated the crops, the country houses, automatically a safety sensation and belonging arises in us, of being received and supporting by the power of the nature and little by little we are taking root to respect and to protect it, since it give us many experiences and knowledge for our well-being.

Sometimes there are energy places that are good for the persons who visit it. They radiate something very certain. We do not know why, but there are places that address straight to us, that transmit to us the sensation of being surrounded with something more powerful. It is interesting to walk along these places that cause an intense feeling in our inner self, since it belongs to the ambiance of the indescribable thing, that is to say that we cannot explain with words what happen to us. It takes possession of all our being, unleashing a subtle, mysterious impression. What is this phenomenon about? There are the overwhelming forces of nature, there is present the soul of the nature that melts with us. It is an evocation of the history, the highest spirit of a place is there, and such moments remain recorded in the memory as a state of exception, like perceptions not so much of another reality all that of the invisible mystery of the reality. There are moments of intense plenitude.

In the forest

From immemorial times, the forest has influenced of distinctive form into the persons. The forest fill us with sensation of being protected. In the sleep, it represents the unconscious one. When we are inside a forest we contact ambiances of our unconscious one that, otherwise, we would not perceive. The type of forest does not lack influence in our sensibility. Some trees like the eucalyptus gives us the sensation of a fragrance that penetrates even in the deepest of us, other trees for its corpulence make us participants of the force that they possess. But the forest,no matter which one, always leads us to feeling protected, they always allow us to take part in his mystery, quietude, but also with its depth and extension.

What everyone experiences in a quietude place depends in grand part of the infancy experiences. Where like a child experienced calm. In the same place will experience the calm and peace also like a adult. Many times it comes to us to the memory of the school holidays when we were spending time in the field, gathering wild fruits, bathing of the rivers, enjoying the calmness that the forests were offering to us, we were feeling protected and were turning more fortresses with this summer calmness that was wrapping us and was strengthening us to continue the studies. For the ones who have been lucky to experience the calm of the forests always arise this big wish of live it again, to perceive the serenity in our soul in the middle of the turbulence of life. All this makes us marked forever and often being far from the forests of our infancy, we can return them, lying down in anywhere that we were, close the eyes and direct our spirit to that forest with which we were acquainted by the ancient experiences. This way we will experience again the sounds, the smells, the mystery and feel as no noise will bother us feeling in calmness and wrapping ourselves of happiness and fascination for the life.

The water

For others,  relaxing is to sit down to the shore of a lake, of a river, in the beach, the sea. There we can spend hours sat listening to the symphony of the water that flows serenely. What has the water that makes it so sedative? It is soothing, the  flowing of a river, the murmur of a small creek addresses to the deepest strata of the soul. When we sit down to the shore of a lake and contemplate it, we contact our soul. That's why in the sleep, the water is usually the image of our unconscious. To the glance the water, on having felt it with our senses, we deepen ourselves in our unconscious one and symbolize that our life has not dried off.

To contemplate the movement of the water, the sound that it provokes, at once comes to us this sedative virtue, produces fascination to us of meditating and we establish associations of promises with the life and of the fruits that we will give to the humanity. Everything hard inside us comes alive,and is softened by the water, it transmits a protection sensation to us.  Perhaps remembers us the original state in the maternal bosom, where also we were sheltered by the water.

The water is fascinating because is soft, flexible and tolerant. It does not have marked edges. That's why it is a conciliation element. It occurs literally tangible, at least like sleep, what with so many vehemence is wished for us: the destruction of the walls that separate us from the others. A look to the lake, to the sea is a look to the distant horizons of a brotherhood without reservations. Also we can associate with a feeling of looking for the deep solitude. We can experience that on having gone to a solitary lake in the high mountains, which for the access roads are difficult to come. If we are alone with the lake thoughts will come to us like we are being observed by a eye of the nature. In those moments  we will live along with this solitary lake through our own experiences and will contact the proper soul. The lake looks at us and makes us open the eyes so that we appear to the depth of our being and to discover there the extract of our soul. It is an idyll between the lake and us. The same way the sea exercises in the persons a singular fascination.

We can remain hours and hours sat to the shore without getting tired of contemplating the extension and the force of the sea, especially when there are thunderstorms the waves they get up and then they break, producing a sublime spectacle. having seen as the water is waved, transmitting fabulous energies to us. Also to the gait for the beach and to exhibit us to the howls of the sea, it turns out to be relaxing, and healing since we are participants of the infinity.

But not only the lake or the sea have a distinctive fascination power, but also the river. When we contemplate the river flowing, diverse ideas occur to us, everything is played down, everything flows, we cannot retain anything and the same way the problems are played down. Before our eyes it keeps on flowing and disappearing and we receive conscience of which the river that we are contemplating is flowing by millenniums. We see its history and as it has survived. It flows and flows, nevertheless it supports the same personality, it is the same, although its waters are in constant change, and that leaves a lesson to us showing us the mystery of our lives, of my history, since it will keep on existing when we die. But also it is a promise of that ,it impels us towards the goal, which is to deliver generously its water to the sea. Flowing of the river has in itself  soothing effects. It calms the rough feelings. We reach the quietude and the flow of the waters that drag the whole ballast makes us think that we must eradicated from us all the problems, sorrows, worries and sufferings so that the water of the forget takes all, and this way remain purified and  loved unconditionally, to be able to come back home refreshed, purified, renewed like the water that flows without recess.

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