What is indispensable to understand is the Being owns by right the quality of a “true man”

Victor Manuel Guzmán Villena

Confucius teaches that there are two classes of wise people, by birth, while others do so through their efforts. We must remember here that the wise person as he understood, represents the highest degree of the Confucianism hierarchy and at the same time constitutes the first grade of the Taoist hierarchy, being placed thus in certain way in the limit point where the domains exoteric and esoteric meet.

In these conditions, we may wonder whether, when speaking of a wise person by birth, Confucius had wanted to designate in this way only the human who by nature own all the required qualifications to accede and without no other preparation to the hierarchy of knowledge, consequently, did not have any necessity to strive in climbing little by little, by means of more or less long and laborious studies to the degrees of exterior hierarchy. It is very possible effect and even constitutes the most likely interpretation; such sense is, by the way, so much more legitimate whatever that implies the recognition at least that there are beings who are destined, by his own possibilities, to move immediately beyond that exoteric dominion.

All effective knowledge constitutes a permanent acquisition obtained by the Being once and for all, and nothing could never make lose it. Therefore, if a being who has reached a certain degree of accomplishment in an existence state, that advance to another state, will take the knowledge that has been acquired, who will appear then like “innate” in that new state; this clearly, on the other hand, is a realization that remains incomplete, without the passage to another state would not have any conceivable sense, in the case of the being that happens to be in the human state, this is the one who has particularly interested in here, this one accomplishment has still not arrived at the overcoming of the conditions of the individual existence; this one can be extended from the most elementary degrees to the point nearest to those who in the human state are up to perfection. We say only to the closest point, because, if the perfection of an individual state indeed had been achieved, the being would not have to go through another individual state.

Also it is possible to be spoken of a being who already reached a certain degree of realization before being born to the human state, will own by birth the degree corresponding to this accomplishment in the human world, degree that can go from the one of wise person to the one of the “true man”. Nevertheless we would not have to think that in the present conditions of the terrestrial world, this innate wisdom can pronounce spontaneously, as happened at the primary time, because evidently is precise to consider the obstacles in our media . The Being will have then to overcome these obstacles, which means that absolutely he is not exempted, as it would be possible to be supposed erroneously, of the entailment to a “initiatory chain”, in the absence of which, in a human state, he would remain equal to as he were when entering, and as immersed in a species of spiritual "dream” that does not allow him to go more far towards his realization.

Could still be possible, with rigor, expressing externally wisdom without having necessity to develop a gradual an state of the wise person, because is still  in the upper limit of the exoteric dominion; but, for everything that is beyond, the initiation itself, at the moment, an indispensable condition, and, moreover, sufficient; in the unique case in which this condition does not exist is where the realization is descendant , since presupposes the ascending realization has been fulfilled until last term; then this case is evidently different from  that we are considered now.

This being apparently is going through the same degrees that the initiate who simply has started from the state of the ordinary man, but the reality is however very different; indeed, not only the initiation, instead of not being in the virtual beginning, will be immediately effective, but also “will recognize” these degrees, of a form that can be compared to the “platonic reminiscence” and even is without a doubt, one of the meaning of it.

This case would be comparable in the order of the theoretical knowledge, someone who already is aware of certain doctrinal truths, but is incapable to express them because does not have at his disposition the appropriate terms, and that, from the moment when he is resolute to announce them, recognize them in their sense without experiencing any difficulty for assimilation. It may even happen that, when is in the presence of the rites and initiatory symbols, these appear as a well-know, in a manner, somehow, “timeless”, because he owns everything further and independent of the particular forms, constitutes the own essence.

Another consequence of what we have said. is to walk on the initiatory road, a being as the one that we spoke does not have any necessity of aid from a exterior human Guru, since in fact the action of the true inner Guru operates in him from the beginning, making the intervention evidently unnecessary of all “provisional substitutes”.

Some being feel the need to look for the initiation, which only indicates that they are ready to enter this path and does not mean they have been in the same path in another state, these confusion is because, before all initiation, they have seen some “brilliance” more o less vague, of psychic order rather than spiritual, in sum does not have anything of extraordinary and no more special than any “premonition” which may occasionally have every man whose faculties are a little less limited than the present humanity, and that, for this reason, is less locked up in the corporal modality of his individuality, which on the other hand, of general way, not even implies necessarily that he is truly qualified for the initiation.

All this does not represent insufficient reasons to try to be able to do without a spiritual Teacher and yet to reach an effective initiation, not less than to exempt ourselves of all personal effort in views to this result; the truth to say that there is a possibility that exists, but also belong but to a very small minority, although, in sum, we practically must not even take into account. Who own this possibility will be always consciousness of it at the opportune moment, a certain and doubtless way, and that is to say, is the unique thing that matters; as far as the others, if they are let drag by theirs vain imaginations and they give credit to them, behaving consequently, they will be taken to the most annoying d

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