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It is said, written and speculated a lot in the media and social networks about Masonry, Common questions are; What is Freemasonry?. What Masons do? What purpose pursued? Speculation has often been influenced by secular critics, the theme is extended due to popular imagination that creates picturesque legends, gruesome tales of the mysterious and occult rites, always presided over by the devil and inspired by evil geniuses, as a platform to a contrary group of religious doctrines that prevail in society, and in a number of gruesome stories that are forming a bad version in the popular mind, creating a great scene in which we are represented in various ways the popular imagination conceives the brotherhood.

Our enemies are surprised to learn that everything they say and do against the order does not affect us, and instead has served to meditate and reflect on it, to draw positive conclusions that reassures our strengthens and principles, providing themes  for delight philosophical work and depth understanding of the Order by theirs members.

t is unfortunate to note that many people who has a vast culture, but completely blind dominated by a load of superstition and bigotry, ingrained in their homes.And if we go through the list of Masons, be found to their surprise that Freemasons remain the best and most distinguished exponents of humanity, in all fields, therefore if they form part of the Order select persons of such high moral character and skills, scientific, political, economic. By deduction and logical reason that institution can never be what critics believe, or what they told them to, but quite another, a true reflection of the quality of the members,

There are also members who do not fully understand the Order, Without Masonic understanding they remain in the shadows without a glimpse of the sky, even if they are highly educated, scholars and professionals, a deep meditation could pave the way to a proper understanding and direct them to the white light.

Perfection is based on harmony, and boundless beauty of things, so we try to make everything around us within of this principle for a world of vast understanding, tolerance, balance of form and content, of love and peace, for the clear spring water that take the shape of the glass that we drink wisdom. Masons are dedicated to find the relative perfection and imperfection in our own person.

Lot of persons begin in the order trying to climb social, political and economic position, that is to say they hope to find the paradise for unscrupulous personal ambition, or they think that they are going to find a propitious field for thirs modus vivendi. But how disappointed they feel when they discover that in fact the authentic Freemasons come to give and not to ask.

The Masonic help is especially spiritual and moral; since when a brother commits an offense, we do not hide or protect him against the laws and the morality, we are very far from all that, only we dismay ourselves that him has fallen from grace, hope that he should repent, helping in this case the family, but never supporting anyone in immoralities that inexorably have to lead to removing that person from the Institution and no keep traces of his step between us. This kind of brothers are admitted in the order from all parts of the world, is fortunately a very small number and they just got disillusioned to discover the truth, ashamed and even regenerated, but are separated by a natural Law, are definitely far from the Pillars of this Order of virtue and morality.

Pursuing spiritual perfection for ourselves; first of all of the humanity; the patient cultivation of the sciences, the supported practice of the virtues, the pure morality, tolerance, the implicit and absolute recognition of the value of any other person, so much like ours, the approach and cult to the friendship; with all the values of the human species and together to look for the biggest happiness in the world, pushing back egoism, envy, excessive ambitions, hypocrisy, constructing our spiritual cubic stone and that of other human beings in the universal love temple, giving well-being and peace to a humanity who eternally looks for this conquest that started with our first Big Masters.

Is necessary to enumerate some rules to better understand our order: To believe in the soul and its immortality. The question is: Where must we look for the soul? Inside the jumble of our actions, there is where the Freemasons we refine the Brute Stone with laboriousness of a perfect artist and turn in Useful Stone to construct our temple that will be permeable to the vibrations of  the virtues, in the morality and in love. Another question. What will we do when we find it? To polish it and to clean it of impurity with the chisel of the science and the virtue and with the sharp mallet of the reason and the love so that it is free, brilliant, beautiful and forceful. And that purpose chases with it? To do a useful piece as the cubic stone that fits in the big moral temple that we are constructing inside ours, where the freedom anthems are sung, hurras to the life, hosannas and hallelujahs to our own discoveries of our exceptional qualities that we possess to carry out the big work of love so that the peace and the love reigns especially.

How do we construct our internal temple? As the word Freemasons means bricklayers and everything in the Freemasonry is taught by means of symbols and allegory, our purpose has to be related to the office that we represent. The temple that we must construct is the temple of the Nature, in which the freedom must reign, the equality and the brotherhood dealt with the Masonic sense: temples in which there is taught the truth, the virtue, the morality and love. And we fight against the intolerance, fanaticism and ignorance.

Clarifying the term Nature, it means the ideal state of the man where the perfection and the happiness survives. That is to say to return to the human being these qualities all together with the freedom, equality and natural brotherhood.

The absolute and unlimited human independence to act as you think best, so it is accountable. Freedom has nature as a principle of justice by regulation, for safeguarding the law, the moral limits are contained in this sublime maxim "What you do not want for yourself, you do not want to another." Therefore freedom is identical to the sovereignty, where we cease to be subjects, and we respond to ourselves.

The Equality for the Freemasons is absolute in all kinds of rights be innate or acquired. “The human beings are equal in right and from any point of view they are of equal condition”.  No first or last, no strong or weak, big or small, but brothers. Por tanto en la Masonería hay la completa ausencia de privilegios, colocando al ciudadano en la misma categoría, bajo el concepto de los derechos. We recognize that all humans are born equal, therefore so we believe that there is no difference between commanding and obeying, between those who produce and those who consume between who pays and who charges: either formed by the same creative principle , subject to the same physical complaints and to the same causes of destruction. Only the merit of the knowledge, the talent, the virtue and the work are the only distinctions that adquiren voluntarily.  Without wanting to disorder the social balance, neither to equal fortunes, to deprive to some for the sake of all.

The brotherhood is the suppression of all inequality, of any distinction of rights, so that there does not have to be but only one universal family where the humanity will congregate to cultivate in brotherhood the most intimate and deep bond that the simple friendship,and the widest extension, should therefore include all those who recognize and profess, sharing ideals, goals and aspirations, even though their culture and ideas can be very different.

For this reason we must first shed the errors and false beliefs, to begin the path of truth, whose knowledge is understanding symbolically by a set of signs and allegories, that constitute the Masonic attitude and this way we will be qualified to be recognized universally like brothers, since we can only find the fraternity to the extent and degree to which we recognize and practice. Also we have in our bosom the brotherhood, in the sense restricted to the mutual help between the brothers.

Always trying that all brothers work to make the fraternity effective, be generalized and extend over the whole earth as a normal relationship between all human beings, peoples and nations. Everyone can be brother and must occur in the depths of our hearts.

That's the truth of the fraternity that much pronounced and little practiced. It is a communion with the principle of life, as a tool to bring down the illusory barriers that divide men. When the veil falls over the eyes of humanity, Masonry will spread its light on earth

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