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To achieve happiness our behavior should change, removed the negative and introducing positive attitudes. To do this we must have determination, action and effort, then we will develop our conviction. Key to do this is learn and education to help develop the conviction that we need to change, and increase our commitment to this internal process.

The conviction must be cultivated to convert it into determination. And then the determination is transformed into action, a firm determination allows us to make a sustained effort to implement a real change. This factor is decisive.

For example, if you want to quit smoking, you must first be aware that smoking is harmful to the body. Therefore, we have to educate ourselves on the harmful effects of the tobacco, that it has allowed to modify the behaviors of many people. But this education is not enough if we do not increase our awareness to lead to a conviction about how damaging it is to the health of the addict, and the environment. This strengthens the determination to change. Finally, we must make an effort to establish new habits. That is the process of change, whatever the purpose.

Regardless of trying to change any behavior, we need to develop a strong will or desire to do so. We need enthusiasm. In this aspect the sense of urgency is a key factor that helps to overcome the problems.  For example, the knowledge we have about the great effects of AIDS has created in many people the urgent need to change sexual behavior. Often when the adequate information is obtained, the seriousness and commitment arises.

To develop the enthusiasm, the first step is to stimulate awareness, left aside the apathy to change our lifestyle, for example, getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, abstain from alcohol, drugs, cigarettes helps keep the mind clear and alert. To overcome apathy and generate commitment and enthusiasm that enables us to change our behavior or negative mental states,

It is not easy because some negative behaviors and ways of thinking are deeply rooted, there is resistance to change, even though people want to make positive changes in your life, have healthier behaviors, but intervenes inertia or resistance. To do this we must try to overcome any negative conditioning and make positive changes, taking into account that these changes do not occur overnight, but comes through a gradual familiarization process. Only those with a strong will can do a immediately life change in a single act.

It is therefore essential for change and to achieve the objectives generate enthusiasm and decisions. as determinant factors in the art of attaining but develop as a clearer understanding of the factors that lead to true happiness. Consider that momentum and decision are not only used to search mundane success, but develop as a clear understanding of the factors that lead to true happiness. and are used in the pursuit of higher goals such as personal growth.

The effort is a decisive factor for establishing new conditions. The idea that we can change our negative thoughts and behaviors through a new conditioning is the fundamental today in conductive psychology, because people have learned to be as they are, so adopting new constraints can solve a wide range of problems.

Although science has recently revealed that the genetic predisposition of the person has a clear role in the individual responses to the world. Many psychologists believe that much of the way we behave, think and feel is determined by learning and conditioning, that is, by education, social and cultural forces. Since behaviors are reinforced by habit, we have the possibility of eradicating the harmful conditioning and reinstate a useful behavior.

Making a continued effort to change behavior is not only useful to overcome bad habits, but also to change our fundamental feelings. Experiments have shown that as well as our attitudes determine our behavior, commonly accepted idea, behavior can also change our attitudes. With a simple act of helping others we can develop genuine feelings of a true transformation, is necessary to perform this effort continuously since with these positive affirmations we discover our inner child.

When embarking on the path of change, it is important to set reasonable expectations, because if they are too high we would be heading for a disappointment, if they are too low can discourage our will to face limitations, and we will not be able to develop our potentials, is important to be sensitive and respectful to the reality of the situation as it progresses along the path of transformation. Is necessary to know the difficulties in which we are., and is essential to establish a clear distinction between the ideals and the methods by which progress is measured, perhaps time and consistent effort will be needed to overcome it. so always seek balance between expectation and hope, and we will modify the behaviors and negative attitudes to effortlessly eliminate what is harmful to our lives, so we get close to lasting happiness.

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